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GrainGenes Trait Study Report: Red seedling, Souza88

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Trait Study
Red seedling, Souza88
Red seedling
ReferenceSouza E (1988) Measures and applications of genetic relationships in oats.
Six oat cultivars representing four levels of pigmentation were used in eight crosses to determine the inheritance of the red seedling trait. The parents used were: Ogle (C.I. 9401)(green pigmentation); Astro (C.I. 9160)(light red); Salem (C.I. 9204) and TAM O-301 CIav9198 (C.I. 9198 (red); and Chilocco (C.I. 8311) and Brooks (C.I. 9260)(Dark red). The pigment levels in the cultivar collection and F`2` plants were determined 2 days after seedling emergence using a visual score of 0 to 5, with 0 = green and 5 = dark red. Prior to analysis, visual scores were summarized into three classes: dark red (scores 4 and 5), red to light red (scores 1 to 3), and green (score 0). Pigmentation levels in F`2` seedlings in four classes were also measured by extracting the pigment and measuring the extracts' optical absorbance at a specified wavelength. The top 2 cm of the plumule (with coleoptile sheath removed) was sampled 2 days after emergence when the plumule had elongated 2 to 3 cm above the soil.
0 = green seedling
5 = dark red
Germplasm Description
Advance (oat)
0   green seedling
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