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GrainGenes Trait Study Report: Stripe Rust Worldwide Spring Wheat 2011-2013

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Trait Study
Stripe Rust Worldwide Spring Wheat 2011-2013
Reaction to Puccinia striiformis Westend.
Stripe Rust
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Map Data
Wheat, Yr genes and QTL
Population Size
In the field, stripe rust response was evaluated twice during the mid- to advanced-phases of disease development to limit the number of escapes. These evaluations were performed between plant heading (Zadoks 50) and grain filling stage (Zadoks 80), when most flag leaves of the susceptible checks displayed a disease severity of at least 50%. Only the evaluation showing the highest average disease pressure between the two stages (usually the second one) was used in the GWAS analysis. The infection type (IT) was scored using a 0-9 scale. Disease severity (SEV) was scored as percentage of infected leaf area In the greenhouse, ITs were scored 18-20 d after inoculation when the rust was developed fully on the susceptible checks. ITs were scored using a 0-9 scale. Accessions with resistant to moderately resistant IT scores of 0-6 were retested with each respective Pst race.
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