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GrainGenes Trait Study Report: Stripe rust, Singh99

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Trait Study
Stripe rust, Singh99
Pathogenic disease reaction
Stripe Rust
ReferenceSingh RP et al. (2000) Mapping Yr28 and Other Genes for Resistance to Stripe Rust in Wheat Crop Science 40:1148-1155.
Stripe rust resistance genes were mapped in the Synthetic x Opata RI population, using seedling and adult inoculation tests, at three locations in Mexico.
Seedling inoculation tests were performed in the greenhouse at El Batan and adult inoculations in the field at Toluca and Celaya.
Celaya Synthetic/Opata Yr
Greenhouse Synthetic/Opata, El Batan Yr
Toluca Synthetic/Opata Yr
Map Data
Wheat, Synthetic x Opata
Population Size
Population Type
F7 single-seed-descent lines
QTL Analysis Method
Seedling IT tests: Chi square of pooled resistance classes, interval regression
Adult field tests: Interval regression analysis
About 450 markers were used for mapping, with an average spacing of 8 cM.
Markers Tested
Interval maps for stripe rust resistance on chromosomes 3B, 3D, 4D, and 7D
Trait Score
Stripe rust, 14E14 IT 1996
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Data Source
Nelson, James C.