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GrainGenes Trait Study Report: Tiller number, Li02

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Trait Study
Tiller number, Li02
Tiller development
Tiller number was scored in the Synthetic x Opata RI population.
Number of tillers per plant was counted prior to heading on at least 10 plants of each line and the scores adjusted, before final averaging, by removal of plants more than two SD from the raw mean.
Jiangpu Synthetic/Opata 1999
Nanjing Synthetic/Opata 1999
Nanjing Synthetic/Opata 2000
Yangzhou Synthetic/Opata 1999
Yangzhou Synthetic/Opata 2000
Map Data
Wheat, Synthetic x Opata
Population Size
Population Type
F7+ single-seed-descent lines
QTL Analysis Method
Interval regression analysis
About 450 markers were used for mapping, with an average spacing of 8 cM.
Markers Tested
Loci for days to heading and associated traits on 2D
Tiller and growth-habit loci on 6A and 1D
Trait Score
Tiller number at Jiangpu 1999
Tiller number at Nanjing 1999
Tiller number at Nanjing 2000
Tiller number at Yangzhou 1999
Tiller number at Yangzhou 2000
Data Source
Nelson, James C.