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GrainGenes Trait Study Report: Winter Wheat PHS Evaluation, 2011-2014

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Trait Study
Winter Wheat PHS Evaluation, 2011-2014
Wheat sprouting
ReferenceLin M et al. (2016) Genome-wide association analysis on pre-harvest sprouting resistance and grain color in U.S. winter wheat BMC Genomics 17:794-810.
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Population Size
When wheat plants reached physiological maturity, spikes that lost green color were harvested from both greenhouse and field experiments, and evaluated for PHS in the lab. Five spikes per accession that were harvested from each replicate were air-dried for 5 d in a greenhouse, and then stored at -20 °C to maintain dormancy for PHS evaluation. After all accessions had been collected, the greenhouse- harvested spikes were air-dried 9 d and field-harvested spikes for 5 d at room temperature. The additional drying days were determined based on preliminary test results of randomly selected samples from field and greenhouse experiments that maximize phenotypic differences among genotypes. After the dried spikes had been immersed in de-ionized water for 12 h, they were enclosed in a moist chamber at 22 ± 1 °C with an attached humidifier that ran twice daily at 2 h each time to maintain high moisture in the chamber. After 7 d of incubation, the germinated and non-germinated kernels were hand-threshed and counted separately to calculate the percentage of germinated kernels from all five spikes of each replication.
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Trait Score
PHS of ANTELOPE in 2011Fall-mean
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