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GrainGenes Trait Study Report: alpha-Esterase activity, Souza88

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Trait Study
alpha-Esterase activity, Souza88
alpha-esterase activity
ReferenceSouza E (1988) Measures and applications of genetic relationships in oats.
Diaphorase and esterase stains were assayed on horizontal slices of a single gel. Alpha and beta esterases were distinguished in separate gel slices by their relative specificity for alpha-napthyl acetate, and beta-napthyl acetate (Marshall and Allard 1970). Of the alpha esterase zones commonly observed in cultivars, the Rf 0.90, 0.70, 0.65 and 0.42 zones were found to be invariant among the cultivars surveyed. Activity at the Rf 0.79 zone and intense activity staining at Rf 0.85 did not occur together in homozygous cultivars and appears to be controlled by alternate alleles. The cultivar shows more intense activity at Rf 0.85 while Salem has the alternative Rf 0.79 allozyme. In the Astro/Salem crosses these two forms segregate in an approximate 1:2:1 ration as alternate codominant alleles and were designated as alleles E11`0.85` and E11`0.79` at locus E-11. There were no correlations between the absence of activity at Rf 0.75 and the presence of activity in other parts of the electrophoretic profile to indicate an alternate allele with a different mobility. Based on this segregation, Ogle and Astro were designated as having the E12 allele and Salem, Brooks and Windsor the e12 allele for the E-12 locus. A second locus segregated in the Ogle/Brooks cross at the Rf 0.58 and Rf 0.54 zones. Brooks, with a fast migrating allele, E13`0.58`, had a phenotype of high activity at the Rf 0.58 zone and null activity at Rf 0.54; Ogle, with a slow migrating allele, E13`0.54`, had activity at both zones but the Rf 0.58 zone was much less intense. Variation at the E-11 locus was initially observed as an activity variant, However, segregation studies indicated that this variation was due to allozyme electrophoretic mobility variation.
0.79 = E11`0.79`
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Germplasm Description
Advance (oat)
0.79   E11`0.79`
0.58   E13`0.58`
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