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GrainGenes Trait Study Report: Avenin, Souza88

Trait Study
Avenin, Souza88
ReferenceSouza E (1988) Measures and applications of genetic relationships in oats.
The inheritance of the proteins in the first zone (Rf 0.66-Rf 1.00) appears to be controlled by a single locus Av-1 with five alternate alleles Av1`1.0`, Av1`0.83`, Av1`0.70`, Av1`0.67`, and Av1`0.66/0.70` designating the Rf values of proteins present in Lancer, Bates, Fidler, Ogle, and Astro, respectively. The Coker 716 phenotype (proteins at Rf 0.66 and 0.83) may be a sixth alternate allele at the Av1 locus. Segregation tests for allelism revealed the presence and absence of a protein migrating at Rf 0.64 in crosses segregating at the Av-2 locus and Rf 0.60 for Av-3 locus segregation. The proteins at Rf 0.58 and 0.61 segregated as alternate alleles in the crosses Ogle/Bates, Ogle/Clintford, and Ogle/Fidler and were designated Av4`0.58` and Av4`0.61`, alternate alleles at the Av-4 locus.
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1.00 = Av1`1.0`
0.83 = Av1`0.83`
0.70 = Av1`0.70`
0.67 = Av1`0.67`
0.66/0.70 = Av1`0.66/0.70`
Av2 = presence at Rf 0.64
av2 = absence at Rf 0.64
Av3 = presence at Rf 0.60
av3 = absence at Rf 0.60
0.61 = Av4`0.61`
0.58 = Av4`0.58`
Germplasm Description
Advance CIav3845
0.67,0.83   heterogeneous
Av2   presence at Rf 0.64
av3,Av3   heterogeneous
0.61   Av4`0.61`
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