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GrainGenes Trait Study Report: Grain protein, Narasimhamoorthy06

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Trait Study
Grain protein, Narasimhamoorthy06
Grain protein content
ReferenceNarasimhamoorthy B et al. (2006) Advanced backcross QTL analysis of a hard winter wheat x synthetic wheat population. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 112:787-796.
Grain protein content (PROT) was recorded at Hutchinson and Manhattan, Kansas.
Grain protein content (PROT) was estimated from a 13 g sample by near-infrared reflectance using a Percon Inframatic 8620.
Map Data
Wheat, TA4152-4 x Karl92
Population Size
Population Type
BC2F2:4 lines
QTL Analysis Method
Single-marker regression. Positions of detected QTLs were determined approximately using simple interval mapping based on a BC2S1 model.
Markers Tested
Trait Score
PROT, Hutchinson 2003
PROT, Manhattan 2003
Data Source
Narasimhamoorthy, Brindha