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GrainGenes Trait Study Report: Leaf margin pubescence, Souza88

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Trait Study
Leaf margin pubescence, Souza88
Leaf margin pubescence
ReferenceSouza E (1988) Measures and applications of genetic relationships in oats.
Leaf margin pubescence was visually scored on the third and fourth true leaves. A visual rating of 0-3 was used: 0 = glabrous, 1 = few hairs present (less than 10), 2 = moderate pubescent (10-25 hairs), 3 = very pubescent (more than 30). If a cultivar was pubescent for one of the traits in at least one of the plantings, it was scored as pubescent for that trait and the average visual score of the two plantings assigned as the cultivar's phenotypic score.
0 glabrous
3 most pubescent
Germplasm Description
Advance CIav3845
0   glabrous
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