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Feature Search Help

  • The Feature Search page allows a user to search for particular features. Simply type in one or more names in the "Feature Names" box, separating them with whitespace or commas.
  • If the feature you are searching for has spaces in the name, then enclose the feature name in double quotes. You can use "*" or "%" as wildcards.
  • By default, both the feature name and alternate name fields will be searched, but this may be restricted to one or the other.
  • You can filter the results by species and by feature type.
  • Click on any of the hyperlinked column headers will resort the search by that column.
  • If too many results are returned, then you will see several pages of results. You can navigate the results using the "Previous" and "Next" links or by providing on a specific page number.
  • For each name found, all the maps on which they occur will be displayed. Clicking on "View On Map" will take you to the map details page with the appropriate feature highlighted, and the "Feature Details" link will take you directly to the detailed information on the feature.

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