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Map Set Barley-Barley, CxH
(Reference Set)
Barley-Barley, Integrated, Marcel 2009
Align Vertically
Maps Hordeum-CxH-7H Hv-Integrated2009-7H
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Map Details

Map Type: Genetic [ View Map Type Info ]
Map Set Name: Barley - Barley, CxH [ View Map Set Info ]
Map Name: Hordeum-CxH-7H
Map Start: 0.00
Map Stop: 228.65
Features by Type:
1 chromband
50 locus
51 Total

Map Features

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Barley - Barley, CxH - Hordeum-CxH-7H
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Comparative Maps
Feature Type Position () Map Feature Type Position Evidence Actions
AWBMA16 locus 131.39 Barley - Barley consensus 2003 - Barley-consensus-2003-7H AWBMA16 locus 94.90 () Automated name-based View Maps
Barley - Barley, CxS - Hordeum-CxS-6H AWBMA16 locus 151.30 () Automated name-based View Maps
Barley - Barley, Consensus 2006, DArT - Hordeum-Consensus2006-DArT-6H AWBMA16 locus 115.60 () Automated name-based View Maps
Barley - Barley, GxH - Hordeum-GxH-3H AWBMA16 locus 87.28 () Automated name-based View Maps
ksuE19 locus 144.79 Barley - Barley, BinMap 2005 - Hordeum-Bins-1H ksuE19 locus 31.00 () Automated name-based View Maps
Barley - Barley, GxH - Hordeum-GxH-1H ksuE19 locus 41.87 () Automated name-based View Maps
Wheat ABD - Wheat, Yr genes and QTL - Wheat, Yr genes and QTL 1B ksuE19 locus 22.50 () Automated name-based View Maps
ABC152 locus 34.62 Barley - Barley consensus 2003 - Barley-consensus-2003-7H ABC152 locus 26.70 () Automated name-based View Maps
Barley - Barley consensus 2 - Barley-Consensus2-1H ABC152B locus 73.60 () Automated name-based View Maps
PSR160 locus 7.16 Barley - Barley consensus - Barley-Consensus-7H Plc locus -68.40 () Automated name-based View Maps
Barley - Barley consensus 2003 - Barley-consensus-2003-7H PSR160 locus 7.60 () Automated name-based View Maps
Oat - Oat-2006-OxT_Pc58 - Oat-2006-OxT_Pc58_1 PSR160 locus 64.20 (cM) Automated name-based View Maps
LD locus 84.48 Barley - Barley consensus 2003 - Barley-consensus-2003-7H LD locus 54.80 () Automated name-based View Maps
PSR637(A) locus 3.60 No other positions
AWWM1(B) locus 12.05 Barley - Barley, CxS - Hordeum-CxS-3H AWWM1(B) locus 50.67 () Automated name-based View Maps
Barley - Barley, GxH - Hordeum-GxH-3H AWWM1(B) locus 0.00 () Automated name-based View Maps
BCD15(A) locus 15.88 No other positions
BCD339(B) locus 24.49 Barley - Barley, GxH - Hordeum-GxH-2H BCD339(B) locus 259.37 () Automated name-based View Maps
WG789(A) locus 38.62 Barley - Barley, CxS - Hordeum-CxS-1H WG789(A) locus 134.60 () Automated name-based View Maps
ABG497(A) locus 62.73 Barley - Barley, GxH - Hordeum-GxH-5H ABG497(A) locus 65.94 () Automated name-based View Maps
PSR108(B) locus 106.82 No other positions
PSR929(B) locus 109.65 Barley - Barley, GxH - Hordeum-GxH-3H PSR929(B) locus 61.96 () Automated name-based View Maps
ABC308(B) locus 114.30 No other positions
CDO57(B) locus 115.22 No other positions
WG789(B) locus 119.02 Barley - Barley, CxS - Hordeum-CxS-2H WG789(B) locus 79.46 () Automated name-based View Maps
ksuA1(A) locus 120.08 No other positions
BCD147(A) locus 122.01 No other positions
PSR637(B) locus 152.73 No other positions
ksuE18(B) locus 175.02 Barley - Barley, CxS - Hordeum-CxS-7H ksuE18(B) locus 120.53 () Automated name-based View Maps
ABG497(B) locus 188.13 Barley - Barley, GxH - Hordeum-GxH-6H ABG497(B) locus 111.37 () Automated name-based View Maps
Mne(C) locus 202.42 Barley - Barley, CxS - Hordeum-CxS-4H Mne(C) locus 96.07 () Automated name-based View Maps
csRCH4(4) locus 205.20 No other positions
csRCH4(3) locus 222.99 No other positions
ABC308(A) locus 228.65 No other positions

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