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 Map Options
 Map Options
Map Set Barley-Barley, OWB, OPA2008
(Reference Set)
Align Vertically
Maps Hordeum-OWB-OPA2008-4H
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 Feature Options
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Always Display
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 Correspondence Options
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Automated name-based
Aggregate Correspondences: No 1 Line 2 Lines
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View Intra-Slot Correspondences: No yes
Aggregate evidence types separately: No yes
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No Yes
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Map Details

Map Type: Genetic [ View Map Type Info ]
Map Set Name: Barley - Barley, OWB, OPA2008 [ View Map Set Info ]
Map Name: Hordeum-OWB-OPA2008-4H
Map Start: 0
Map Stop: 125.36
Features by Type:
286 locus
20 qtl
306 Total

Map Features

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Barley - Barley, OWB, OPA2008 - Hordeum-OWB-OPA2008-4H
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Comparative Maps
Feature Type Position () Map Feature Type Position Evidence Actions
QDp.DiMo-4H qtl 125.36 No other positions
QBa-GaHN-4H qtl 125.36 No other positions
QGwe.HaTR-4H qtl 96.36 No other positions
QKp.HaTR-4H.2 qtl 96.36 No other positions
QGpc.StMo-4H qtl 96.36 No other positions
QGpc.HaTR-4H.2 qtl 82.06 No other positions
QAa.StMo-4H.2 qtl 82.06 No other positions
QBgsg.StMo-4H qtl 54.44 No other positions
QKp.HaTR-4H.1 qtl 46.73 No other positions
QGpc.HaTR-4H.1 qtl 43.4 No other positions
QGpc.DiMo-4H qtl 43.4 No other positions
QMe.StMo-4H qtl 25.94 No other positions
QKp.HaMo-4H qtl 25.94 No other positions
QAa.StMo-4H.1 qtl 25.94 No other positions
QGpc.HaMo-4H qtl 25.94 No other positions
QTw.HaMo-4H.1 qtl 25.94 No other positions
QS/T.HaMo-4H qtl 25.94 No other positions
QAa.HaMo-4H qtl 25.94 No other positions
QDp.StMo-4H qtl 23.74 No other positions
QBgnm.StMo-4H qtl 6.78 No other positions
VRN-H2 locus 115.04 No other positions
bPb-1040 locus 109.6 No other positions
bPb-2677 locus 108.52 No other positions
bPb-5245 locus 93.08 No other positions
bPb-4214 locus 69.98 No other positions

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