GrainGenes CMap

CMap is the official map display for the new GrainGenes database, GrainGenes SQL. It also allows the maps to be compared side by side much more satisfactorily.

Currently GrainGenes CMap includes two Data Sources:

Data Source GrainGenes contains the same set of maps that can be viewed with the ACEDB map display in GrainGenes Classic. The two databases are synchronized weekly.

Data Source Wheat Composite contains the composite wheat map compiled by Rudi Appels, integrating twelve maps and 3700 loci. Nine of the component maps are also included so you can line them up next to the composite map and see the differences in marker order that exist. This is the same process Rudi is using to build and refine the composite map. Many more current maps are available at Rudi's Genica site.

We thank Ken Youens-Clark, Ben Faga, Gramene and GMOD for the fine comparative map display software CMap and for its ongoing improvements.

CMap is free software from the GMOD project.