SQPR: Sequence Quality Plate Reader

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Lazo, G.R., Tong, J., Miller, R., Hsia, C., Rausch, C., Kang, Y., and Anderson, O.D. 2001.
Software scripts for quality checking of high-throughput nucleic acid sequencers.
BioTechniques 30(6):1300-1305.


We have developed a graphical interface to allow the researcher to view and assess
the quality of sequencing results using a series of program scripts developed to
process data generated by automated sequencers. The scripts are written in Perl
programming language and are executable under the cgi-bin directory of a world-wide-web
(WWW) server environment. The scripts direct nucleic acid sequencing trace file data
output from automated sequencers to be analyzed by the phred molecular biology program
and are displayed as graphical hypertext mark-up language (HTML) pages. The scripts are
mainly designed to handle 96-well formatted microtiter dish samples, but the scripts are
also able to read data from 384-well formatted microtiter dishes 96 samples at a time.
The scripts may be customized for different laboratory environments and computer
configurations. WWW links to the sources and discussion page are provided.

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