Newdale Two-row Malting Barley

W.G. Legge
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Research Centre, Brandon, MB

    Newdale, a new two-row malting barley variety from the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Brandon Research Centre tested as TR258 and BM9123-34, received full registration in December 2001. It has been released to Quality Assured Seeds Inc. for seed production and marketing with availability of commercial seed targeted for 2004. The most outstanding feature of Newdale is its agronomic performance, in particular its yielding capability. Being especially well adapted to Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Newdale outyielded Harrington by 24% and Manley by 6% across western Canada during two years of evaluation in the Western Cooperative Two-row Barley Registration Test.  Newdale has one day later maturity than Harrington and three days earlier maturity than Manley, shorter height than Harrington and Manley, and good lodging resistance.

    Newdale is one of the first two-row malting barley varieties in western Canada to have moderate resistance to spot blotch, which has recently become an important disease in Manitoba. It also has moderate resistance to net blotch, common root rot, stem rust (except for race QCCJ), and the surface-borne smuts. Newdale has an intermediate level of resistance to fusarium head blight. It is susceptible to scald, septoria, loose smut, and barley yellow dwarf.

    Its malting quality resembles Harrington, except that Newdale has higher friability, and lower hull peeling, viscosity, beta glucan content and ratio of soluble to total protein content than Harrington which are positive attributes. However, Newdale has lower alpha amylase and diastatic power and slightly higher grain protein content than Harrington. Its lower enzyme activity may be desired by maltsters and brewers who find new varieties like AC Metcalfe and CDC Kendall too "hot" for their purposes.  Newdale will undergo plant-scale testing by the malting and brewing industry to further evaluate its quality and determine market acceptability.  If Newdale fails to gain acceptance as a malting variety, it will make an excellent feed variety given its high yielding capability and good disease resistance package.

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