1. Comments on the 2009 Barley Newsletter


The Editorial Committee thanks all who submitted articles for the 2009 Barley Newsletter. The articles were in good condition, and appear as they were submitted. Because all submissions were either on disk or sent via email, and since Volume 52 will be available on-line via GrainGenes, fonts, spacings  etc. were left as each individual author provided them.


2. Publication


The Barley Newsletter is published electronically at


3. The 2010 (Volume 53) Barley Newsletter


The Barley Newsletter Editor is Dolores W. Mornhinweg, elected by the Barley Workers at the triennial North American Barley Researchers Workshop. Articles for 2010 Barley Newsletter, Volume 53, should be received by the editor by August 15, 2010. The editor encourages you to submit your contribution several weeks earlier than the deadline if you can do so. The Newsletter primarily is intended for informal communication among barley researchers. Information on any phase of barley research is welcomed, but contributions must conform to the following guidelines:


4. Instructions to Authors


a. Submit articles in English. Limit the length to no more than 3 or 4 pages, single spaced. Manuscripts must be submitted on disk or via email, see section c. below. If sending a disk an original hard copy on good quality paper would also be appreciated.


b. Manuscripts should be very carefully proofed. Occasionally where the author's native language is not English, and only minor changes are needed, an attempt to  edit may be made. Manuscripts considered unsuitable for inclusion will be returned to the author(s) for possible revision and re-submission for a future volume.


 c.  Acceptable Fonts: Please submit only in Arial or if not available use  Courier News. All materials including tables must be submitted in Portrait format - landscape format is not acceptable. Please submit manuscripts on a 31/2 diskette or via email to and indicate the  word-processing software used to prepare the file. MSWord 7.0 is preferred.  WordPerfect is acceptable, but if using WordPerfect please also include your manuscript as an ASCII/text only file.


d.  DO NOT include Tables created using tabs. Authors must use the Table Format in MSWord or WordPerfect when preparing tables. All materials including tables must be submitted in Portrait format - landscape format is not acceptable.   Authors submitting graphs or figures must send them as a separate GIF or JPG  iles.


e.   All pages must be in portrait format and have a left and right-hand margin of 3 cm, a top margin of 3.5 cm and a bottom margin of 3 cm. Do not number pages. Do not include headers or footers. 


Contributions should be titled as follows:


  State or Country





f. Omit contributions that are strictly of local interest and do not submit  manuscripts intended for publication or already published in recognized journals.


g. Examples of appropriate topics for the Newsletter are:


  i. Useful and interesting germplasm, including new cultivars and parental or genetic stocks that should be of interest to others.


  ii. New or innovative procedures for laboratory, greenhouse, or field use.


  iii. Cultivar tests or breeding nursery management procedures that are new, more efficient, effective, or improved in some way over old ones.


  iv. Objectives of your breeding program, including parental sources of    resistance or for other traits being emphasized.


  v. Screening procedures for diseases, insects, yield, or quality traits.


  vi. New breeding techniques, methodologies, or equipment.


  vii. Personnel changes.


  viii. Philosophies, ideas or comments that would be interesting or useful to other barley researchers.


  ix. An update on barley production or the cultivar complex in your area or country.


h. Contributions received after August 15, 2010 may not be included in Volume 53.


Volume 53 of the Barley Newsletter will be available on the internet at the GrainGenes web site.




  Dr. Dolores W. Mornhinweg

  Editor, Barley Newsletter

  USDA-ARS Wheat, Peanuts and other Field Crops Research Unit

  1301 N. Western Street


  Oklahoma 74075-2714


  OR emailed to her at


Questions concerning Volume 53 can be directed to Dolores at the following:


  Phone: 405-624-4141 ext.237

  FAX: 405-624-4142



5. Special thanks to Victoria Carollo Blake


Publication of Volume 52 of the Barley Newsletter on the internet was greatly facilitated by Victoria Carollo Blake. The editor of the Newsletter would like to thank the GrainGenes Team for their help in getting Volume 52 on the internet.



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