Cytogenetic stocks in the Cereal Genebank of Martonvásár

Contact: Geza Kovacs

I.. Mironovskaja 808 monosomic series

A genome

Chromosome number
1. Mir. 808 mono 1A
available 41
2. Mir. 808 mono 2A
available 41
3. Mir. 808. mono 3A
available 41
4. Mir. 808. mono 4A
available 41
5. Mir. 808. mono 5A
available 41
6. Mir. 808. mono 6A
available 41
7. Mir. 808. mono 7A
available 41
B genome

8. Mir. 808. mono 1B
available 41
9. Mir. 808. mono 2B
only for research purposes 41
10. Mir. 808. mono 3B
available 41
11. Mir. 808. mono 4B
available 41
12. Mir. 808. mono 5B
available 41
13. Mir. 808. mono 6B
available 41
14. Mir. 808. mono 7B
available 41
D genome

Mir. 808. mono 1D
available 41

Mir. 808. mono 2D
available 41

Mir. 808. mono 3D
available 41

Mir. 808. mono 4D
available 41

Mir. 808. mono 5D
available 41

Mir. 808. mono 6D
available 41

Mir. 808. mono 7D
available 41

II. Rannaja 12 monosomic series

Chromosome no.: 41

Ran. 12. mono 1A-7A all available

Ran. 12. mono 1B-7B all available

Ran. 12. mono 1D-7D all available

III. Chinese Spring monosomic series

Chromosome no.: 41

Chinese Spring mono 1A-7A available, except 2A, which is under multiplication

Chinese Spring mono 1B-7B available

Chinese Spring mono 1D-7D available, except 2D which is available only for research purposes

IV. Capelle Despres monosomic

Chromosome no.: 41

Capelle Despres mono 1A-7A, available, except 3A and 6A

Capelle Despres mono 1B-7B, available, except 5B, 7B

Capelle Despres mono 1D-7D, available, except 3D

V. Cheyenne monosomic

Chromosome no.: 41

Cheyenne mono 1A-7A, available, except 2A, 5A

Cheyenne mono 1B-7B, available

Cheyene mono 1D-7D, available, except 2D, 5D, 7D

Substitution series

I. Chinese Spring/Capelle Despres

Chromosome no. 42

CS/Cap. Depr. 1A-7A, available

CS/Cap. Depr. 1B-7B, available

CS/Cap. Depr. 1D-7D, available

II. Chinese Spring/Hope

Chromosome no. 42

CS/Hope 1A-7A, available in a very limited quantity

CS/Hope 1B-7B, available in a very limited quantity

CS/Hope 1D-7D, available in a very limited quantity

III. Chinese Spring/ Cheyenne

Chromosome no. 42

CS/Chey 1A-7A, available

CS/Chey 1B-7B, available

CS/Chey 1D-7D, available

IV. Cheyenne/Wichita

CNN/WI 1A-7A, available

CNN/WI 1B-7B, available

CNN/WI 1D-7D, available, except 1D

V. Wichita/Cheyenne
Already not germinating,

WI/CNN 1A-7A, available, except 7A

WI/CNN 1B-7B, available, except 5B, 7B

WI/CNN 1D-7D, available except 2D, 3D, 6D

Individual 5A substitution lines

Saratovskaja 29 5A substitutions

C29 (Mir. 808 5A), available

C29(Albidum 11 5A), available

C29(Uljanovka 5A), available

C29(Ilicsovka 5A), available

C29(Jubilejnaja 5A), available

C29(Lutescens 230 5A), available

C29 (Miir. 10 5A), available

C29 (Kavkaz 5A), available

Diamant (Mir. 808 5A), available

Mv 0785 (Karcagi dwarf 5A), available

Mv 8 (Karcagi dwarf 5A), available

Mv 1685 (Karcagi dwarf 5A), available

Disomic addition lines

CS/Triticum elongatum 1E-7E, available

CS/Imperial 1R-7R, available

Telosomic lines

CSDDT 1A-7D, available

CSDT 1AL-7DS, available

There are also some recombinant lines based on 5A chromosome substitution, but it is only available for research cooperation

The deletion lines having in our genebank are similar that of the Kansas State University stock, originated from Gill and Firebe.