Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms in 52 Winter Wheat, 9 Spring Wheat and 20 Spelt Cultivars

Data contributed 7 April 1997 by Monika Messmer
Swiss Federal Research Station for Agroecology and Agriculture
Reckenholzstr. 191
CH-8046 Zurich
Tel.: xx41 1 3777 445
FAX: xx41 1 3777 201

From H. Siedler, M.M. Messmer, G.M. Schachermayr, H. Winzeler, M. Winzeler and B. Keller. 1994. "Genetic diversity in European wheat and spelt breeding material based on RFLP data." Theor. Appl. Genet. 88:994-1003.

Passport data for the wheat and spelt lines tested.

Sample of the polymorphism data

Download full dataset (58 probes, 270 RFLP bands) as Excel 5.0 Workbook, 190 KB.

Note: For technical reasons this download works well or ill depending on which Web browser you're using. If clicking on "Download full dataset" just gives you a screen of gibberish instead of offering to save the file to your disk, try holding down the Shift key while you click, or clicking with the right mouse button instead. Neither of these tricks works on older versions of Macintosh Netscape. The other option is to download the file from the French mirror server WWW GRAIN, which seems to work for all browsers though it may be slow for Western Hemisphere users at some times of day.

Dendrogram of the winter wheats

Principal coordinate analysis of the wheat and spelt lines

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