Pierre Sourdille, Beatrice Gandon, Vincent Chiquet, Nathalie Nicot, Daryl Somers, Alain Murigneux and Michel Bernard

Wheat Génoplante  SSR mapping data release : a new set of markers and comprehensive Genetic and physical mapping data.

Génoplante recently contributed to the publication of the genetic – physical map relationships of wheat microsatellites established using the deletion bin system (Sourdille et al., 2004 ; Funct Integr Genomics 4 : 12-25). In order to make these data more easily available to the wheat scientific community, we deliver here the mapping data contained in the previous paper. We also provide the mapping position of 862 new wheat SSR markers developed and mapped by Génoplante. In addition, the SSR consensus map constructed by Somers et al. (2004, Theor Appl Genet 109: 1105-1114) by fusing several genetic maps is included to maximize the integration of genetic mapping informations from different sources. The data consist in seven Excel files (one for each homoeologous group) indicating the name of the genetic map (Somers’ map (Consensus Somers), ITMI map (ITMI RFLP + µsats) and the Courtot x Chinese Spring map (CtCS map)), the distances (in cM) for each locus from the top of the chromosome (Position/top) and the distances from the preceding anchor marker (markers in bold for ITMI and CtCS only, Position/anchor). The deletion bins and chromosome arms are colour coded. Each SSR locus assigned to a given deletion bin has the same colour code. Sizes of deletion bins and locations of the centromeres were arbitrarily defined according to the position of ITMI loci physically assigned. Common loci between two or three maps are related with a line.

The gpw SSRs can now be used for academic research. If you want to use some of them, please download and fill in carefully the joint agreement (address, names, list of the gpw SSRs, title and aims (5-10 lines) of the project), and send three signed copies to Pierre Sourdille (address below). As soon as the signed forms have been received, we will deliver an aliquot of the primer pairs sufficient for 200 amplifications. Request for a maximum of 25 SSRs will be considered. When more than 25 are needed, please send a specific request with justification. Génoplante will consider these request on a case by case. Note that the users will be charged for 100 euros to cover the cost of primers, aliquot preparation and shipment.


Address for correspondence : Pierre Sourdille, UMR INRA-UBP Amélioration et Santé des Plantes, 234 Avenue du Brézet, 63039 Clermont-Ferrand cedex 2 - FRANCE