OR Seed Breeding Company


Rua João Battisti, 71 - Passo Fundo, RS-CEP, 99050-380, Brazil.


O. S. Rosa and O. Rosa-Filho.

The 1999 crop in Brazil presented good yields in the south, which is the major wheat-growing region of Brazil. The states of Paraná (PR), Santa Catarina (SC), and Rio Grande do Sul (RS) make up this region. Favorable weather (La Niña) was an important factor for the good yields and high quality of the wheat in this season.

Our company began work in 1989, and we have released the following cultivars:

 OR-1  EMBRAPA-27/BAGULA's'  released in 1996, at PR, SC and RS
 Rubi  EMBRAPA-27/Klein h3450c3131  released in 1998, at PR, SC and RS
 Taurum  Bow/Nac//Vee/3/BJY/COC (Baviacora's')  released in 1998, at PR
 Granito  EMBRAPA-27/Klein h3450c3131  released in 1999, at RS
 Alcover  OCEPAR-16/EMBRAPA-27//OCEPAR-16  released in 2000, at PR.

These cultivars have moderate tolerance to Al and Mg toxicity, intermediate height (E1) (the exception is OR-1, which is E2), red grains, and moderate tolerance to sprouting. Most cultivars have a moderate tolerance to scab and leaf blotch, with the exception of Taurum (susceptible).

OR-1 was selected from an F3 bulk from CIMMYT and has been the major cultivar for the last 3 years in Brazil. Taurum is an introduction from CIMMYT and exhibited the highest yield potential in dryland conditions, with 7.8 ton/ha and 120 days from emergence to harvest.

André C. Rosa is working towards his Ph.D. degree at Kansas State University.