Dr. Warren E. Kronstad.

The Oregon State University Distinguished Professor died on Sunday, 20 May, 2000, after a 2-year battle with pancreatic cancer. A memorial service was held on Thursday, 25 May at the First United Methodist Church, Corvallis, OR.

Warren E. Kronstad was born 3 March, 1932, in Bellingham, Washington. Following active military service from 1952-54, he attended Washington State University receiving a BS degree in Agronomy in 1957. In 1959, he was awarded an
MS degree in plant breeding and genetics from the same institution. He then joined the USDA-ARS wheat breeding program at Washington State University as a research assistant with the late Dr. O.A. Vogel. From 1959 to 1963, Dr. Kronstad served as an instructor in the Farm Crops Department at Oregon State University and received his PhD degree in 1963. He remained at Oregon State University and was appointed project leader for cereal breeding and genetics in 1963. He continued to serve in this role, and many others, until his retirement on 31 December, 1998. His indomitable enthusiasm for life and heartfelt desire to help the hungry people of this world will be missed.


Dr. Norman D. Williams.

The retired research leader of the USDA-ARS Cereal Crops Research Unit in Fargo, ND, died quietly at home on the morning of 31 March, 2000. He was 75. A native of Nebraska, Dr. Williams earned a PhD in genetics from the University of Nebraska. He began his research career as a research associate at Argonne National Laboratory from 1954 to 1956, where he investigated the mutagenic effects of radioactive carbon incorporated into plant tissue. He joined ARS in 1956 to investigate the genetics of bread wheat and durum with emphasis on resistance to stem rust. He also was an adjunct professor in the North Dakota State University Department of Plant Sciences and taught graduate level courses in genetics and cytogenetics from 1960-1982. Dr. Williams was appointed research leader in 1972 and served in that capacity until his retirement on 3 July, 1999, after more than 44 years of government service. Dr. Williams was elected a Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy, the Crop Science Society of America, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Norm is survived by his wife Elaine (809 South Drive, Fargo 58103); two sons, Curt (Deb), David, both of Fargo; a brother, Ervin, Firth, NE; and a sister, Mary (John) Ronhovde, Eagle, NE. The funeral was held on Tuesday, 4 April, 2000, at the First Presbyterian Church, Fargo.