This seed is being distributed in accordance with the 'Wheat Workers' Code of Ethics for Distribution of Germplasm', developed and adopted by the National Wheat Improvement Committee on 5 November, 1994. Acceptance of this seed constitutes agreement.

1. The originating breeder, institution, or company has certain rights to the material. These rights are not waived with the distribution of seeds or plant material but remain with the originator.

2. The recipient of unreleased seeds or plant material shall make no secondary distributions of the germ plasm without the permission of the owner/breeder.

3. The owner/breeder in distributing unreleased seeds or other propagating material grants permission for its use in tests under the recipient's control or as a parent for making crosses from which selections will be made. Uses for which written approval of the owner/breeder is required include:

(a) Testing in regional or international nurseries;
(b) Increase and release as a cultivar;
(c) Reselection from within the stock;
(d) Use as a parent of a commercial F1 hybrid, synthetic, or multiline cultivar;
(e) Use as a recurrent parent in backcrossing;
(f) Mutation breeding;
(g) Selection of somaclonal variants; or
(h) Use as a recipient parent for asexual gene transfer, including gene transfer using molecular genetic techniques.

4. Plant materials of this nature entered in crop cultivar trials shall not be used for seed increase. Reasonable precautions to ensure retention or recovery of plant materials at harvest shall be taken.