Volume 50 manuscript guidelines.


Manuscript guidelines for the Annual Wheat Newsletter, volume 50. The required format for Volume 50 of the Annual Wheat Newsletter will be similar to Volume 49.


  • Current activities on your projects.
  • New cultivars and germplasm released.
  • Special reports of particular interest, new ideas, etc., normally not acceptable for scientific journals.
  • A list of recent publications.
  • News: new positions, advancements, retirements, necrology.
  • Wheat stocks; lines for distribution, special equipment, computer software, breeding procedures, techniques, etc.


Follow the format of previous volumes (47-49) of the Newsletter in coordinating and preparing your contribution, particularly for state, station, contributor names, and headings. Limited editing is done. Use a wordprocessing program, preferrably Word, or send an ASCII file that can be converted. Please be sure to include a hard copy of the contribution in case of disk problems. Use Courier 12 CPI and margins of 0.5" (left) and 0.8" (right). Table problems can be avoided by not using the table settings or column setting functions, just tabs and spaces to create. Double-space the text of your contribution if you must use a typewriter. If possible, avoid the use of special characters (i.e., tildes, Greek letters, etc.).

All text will be entered in computer files; therefore, please submit manuscript in any of the above formats. Mail a file on a disk to John Raupp, Department of Plant Pathology, Throckmorton Hall, Kansas State University, Manhattan KS 66506-5502. If submitting by E-mail, send contributions to jraupp@ksu.edu.


Beginning with volume 47 of the Newsletter, we will be able to print illustrations provided that they are sent as JPG or GIF files. GIF files are the preferred file type. Please include these illustrations as separate attachments to a regular contribution and submit by E-mail or on diskette. If you would like me to consider your illustration for the front cover, please indicate so.


The primary method of distribution of Volume 50 will be CD-ROM in the HTML format. A hard copy will be sent only if requested by 1 March, 2004, and will cost $40.

The Annual Wheat Newsletter will continue to be available (Vol. 37-49) through the Internet on the USDA-ARS Wheat Database and Internet gopher access at greengenes.cit.cornell.edu.


The cost of publishing the Annual Wheat Newsletter is financed by voluntary contributions from individuals, commercial companies, international programs, and organizations with a direct or indirect interest in wheat. Funds on hand and contributions have been insufficient to pay for hard copies.

In the interest of remaining solvent, the NWIC has approved future distribution primarily by computer diskette. We are asking that you renew your contribution or, if you have not contributed in the past, to join the growing list of contributors. Contributions from individuals in the range of $15 to $30 play a significant role in financing the Newsletter. An increase in the number of individual contributors is very important, and we are confident that, with continued corporate support, we will be able to meet our financial obligations in 2004.