Wheat Gene Catalog - 2003 supplement.


R.A. McIntosh 1 , G.E. Hart 2 , K.M. Devos 3, C.F. Morris 4, and W.J. Rogers 5.

1 Plant Breeding Institute, The University of Sydney, 107 Cobbitty Rd., Cobbitty, N.S.W., Australia, 2570.
2 Department of Soil & Crop Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA, 77843.
3 John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park, Colney, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7UH, UK.

4 Western Wheat Quality Laboratory, USDA-ARS, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-6394, U.S.A.
5 Catedra de Genetica y Fitotecnia, Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, 7300 Azul,

The most recent edition of the Catalog appeared in the Proceedings of the 9th International Wheat Genetics Symposium Vol. 5 (Slinkard AE ed, University Extension Press, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada). A modified version is displayed on the Graingenes Website http://wheat.pw.usda.gov/

The 2000, 2001, and 2002 supplements are included in Annual Wheat Newsletters and Wheat Information Service and are listed in the Graingenes Website. The present Supplement will be offered to editors/curators for similar listing.

2003 Supplement


10. Laboratory Designators for DNA markers

Langridge, P.
Department of Plant Science
Waite Campus
University of Adelaide
Glen Osmond
South Australia 5064
 bfc Nomura, T.
Biofunction Chemistry
Division of Applied Life Sciences
Graduate School of Agriculture
Kyoto University
Kyoto 606-8502
 DuPw Wolters, Petra
DuPont Company
P.O. Box 6104
Newark, DE 19714-6104
 scu Henry, R.J.
Centre for Plant Conservation Genetics
Southern Cross University
P.O. Box 157
Lismore, NSW 2480
 acfd Bernard, M.
UMR Amélioration et Santé des Plantes
INRA-UBP63039 Clermont-Ferrand
Cedex 2
 iag Wricke, G.
Institut für Angewandte Genetic
Universitat Hannover
Herrenhauser Strasse 23000
Hannover 21
 whs Mohler, V.
Lehrstuhl für Pflanzenbau und Pflanzenzüchtung
Wissenschaftszentrum Weihenstephan
Technische Universität München
Am Hogancher
285350 Freising


Morphological, Physiological, Molecular and DNA Traits

Gross Morphology: Spike characteristics

1. Squarehead/spelt

Q. ma: Fine mapping of the 20-cM region possessing Q and delimited by deletions 5AL-7 and-23 is reported in {0324}.

5. Elongated glume
According to {0254} the loci of T. polonicum, T. petropavlovsky, and T. isphanicum are allelic ('homoeoallelic'), whereas other workers had claimed genes in the first two forms were not allelic. Wang et al. {0254} however concluded that loci bearing alleles for elongated glumes in T. turanicum and T. durum conv. falcatum were not part of the above series.
P1. 7A. ma: Xgwm260-7AS - 2.3cM - P1pol - 5.6cM - Xgwm1083-7AL {0254}; Xgwm890-7AS - 2.1cM - P1pet {0254}.

1. Dominant Inhibitors
1.1. Hooded
Add at the end of ma: 'Hd was mapped as a QTL with a peak on Xfba78-4A in {0309}.'.

1.2. Tipped 1
At the end of section add: 'The postulation of B1 in both CS and Courtot {0309} based on the phenotype of a CS deletion stock is not supported by genetic observations.'.

1.3. Tipped 2
Add at the end of ma: 'B1 was mapped as a QTL with a peak on Xwmc182-6B {0309}.'.

DNA Markers

Group 1S


  • XgbxG746-1B. Add '(1BL).' in the last column.
  • Xutv1518-1A,B. Revise the first column to 'Xutv1518-1A,B {9959}2, 1D {0360}1.'.


 Xabg53-1A,B,D {0252}.    ABG53.  
 Xcsl106(NBS-LRR)1-1D [{0360}].  [rga5.2a {0360}].  Rga5.2.  (1DS).
 Xcsl106(NBS-LRR)2-1D [{0135}].  [rga5.2b {0135}].  Rga5.2.  (1DS).
 Xcsl106(NBS-LRR)3-1D [{0360}].  [rga5.2c {0360}].  Rga5.2.  (1DS).
 Xiag95-1D {0360}.    IAG95.  
 Xunl11-1B {0373}.    UNL11.  
 Xunl12-1B {0373}.    UNL12.  
 Xunl13-1B {0373}.    UNL13.  
 Xunl14-1B {0373}    UNL14.  
 Xunl15-1B {0373}.    UNL15.  
 Xunl16-1B {0373}.    UNL16.  
 Xunl17-1B {0373}.    UNL17.  
 Xunl24-1B {0373}.    UNL24.  
 Xunl27-1B {0373}.    UNL27.  
 Xunl31-1B {0373}.    UNL31.  
 Xwhs2001-1D [{0370}].  [XaAXT/CAA-1D {0370}]  aACT/CAA-1/aACT/CAA-2.  
 Xwmc49-1B {0348}.    WMC 49F/WMC 49R.  
 Xwmc51-1B {0348}.    WMC 51F/WMC 51R.  
 Xwmc329-1B,D {0348}.    WMC 329F/WMC 329R.  

Group 1L


  • Xbcd200-1A,B. Add '(7A).' in the last column.
  • Xbcd454-1A. Revise the first column to 'Xbcd454-1A {1529}5, 1B {0354}.'.
  • Xbcd1495-1B. Revise the last column to '(6A,B,D).'.
  • Xgbx3581-1B. Revise the last column to '(2A, 4B).'.
  • XgbxG177-1D. Revise the first column to 'XgbxG177-1A,B {0354}, 1D {9958}.'.
  • XgbxG557-1A. Add '(4A).' in the last column.
  • Xwg180-1A. Revise the first column to 'Xwg180-1A {280}5, 1B {0354}.'.
  • Xwg241-1A,B,D. Add '(6B, 7D.).' in the last column.


 Xcdo57-1A [{0354}].  [Xcdo57a-1A {9354}].    (2A, 5A,B,D, 7A,B,D)
 XgbxG263-1B {0354}.    gbxG263.  
 XgbxG542-1A {0354}.    gbxG542.  (2A, 3D, 4A).
 XgbxG597-1A {0354}.    gbxG597.  
 XgbxG746-1B {0354}.      (1BS).
 Xwmc44-1B {0153,0348}.    WMC 44F/WMC 44R.  
 Xwmc156-1B {0348}.    WMC 156F/WMC 156R.  
 Xwmc216-1D {0348}.    WMC 216F/WMC 216R.  (7B).
 Xwmc254-1A {0348}.    WMC 254F/WMC 254R.  (4B).

Group 1


  • Xgbx3076-1A. Revise the first column to 'Xgbx3076-1A {9958}, 1B {0354}.'
  • Xwmc44-1B. Delete (moved to 1L).
  • Xwmc120-1A {0153}. Add '(6B).' in the last column.


 TaMlo-A1,B1,D1 {0336}.    Mlo  
 Note: Sequences from each of these genes were identical with those from T. urartu, Ae. speltoides, and Ae. tauschii, respectively (0336).
 Xabc310-1B [{0354}].  [Xabc310a-1B {0354}.].  ABC310.  (3B, 4A,5B, 7A,B).
 Xcfd15-1A {0349}.    CFD 15F/CFD 15R.  
 Xcfd19-1D {0349}.    CFD 19F/CFD 19R.  (5B, 6D).
 Xcfd20-1B {0349}.    CFD 20F/CFD 20R.  
 Xcfd21-1D {0349}.    CFD 21F/CFD 21R.  (7D).
 Xcfd27-1D {0349}.    CFD 27F/CFD 27R.  
 Xcfd28-1D {0349}.    CFD 28F/CFD 28R.  
 Xcfd32-1D {0349}.    CFD 32F/CFD 32R.  
 Xcfd48-1B {0349}.    CFD 48F/CFD 48R.  
 Xcfd58-1D {0349}.    CFD 58F/CFD 58R.  
 Xcfd59-1B {0349}.    CFD 59F/CFD 59R.  (1D).
 Xcfd59-1D {0349}.    CFD 59F/CFD 59R.  (1B).
 Xcfd61-1D {0349}.    CFD 61F/CFD 61R.  
 Xcfd63-1D {0349}.    CFD 63F/CFD 63R.  
 Xcfd65-1B {0349}.    CFD 65F/CFD 65R.  (1D).
 Xcfd65-1D {0349}.    CFD 65F/CFD 65R.  (1B).
 Xcfd72-1D {0349}    CFD 72F/CFD 72R.  
 Xcfd83-1D {0349}.    CFD 83F/CFD 83R.  
 XDuPw38-1A {0366}.    DUPW 38F/DUPW 38R.  
 Xgbx3321-1A,B [{0354}].  [Xgbx3321a-1A, Xgbx3321b-1B {0354}].  gbx3321.  (6A,B).
 Xgwm325-1D [{0354}].  [Xgwm325b-1D {0354}].  WMS 325F/WMS 325R.  (6D).
 Xscu2-1D [{0368}].    SFR002.B09 F/R.  
 Xscu4-1A,B,D [{0368}].    HWM004.H07 F/R.  
 Xscu7-1B [{0368}].    SFR007.D06 F/R.  
 Xscu19-1A,B,D [{0368}].    HWM019cc.05 F/R.  
 XscuTAE-1D [{0368}].    TAE F/TAE R.  
 Xunl18-1B {0373}.    UNL18.  
 Xunl19-1B {0373}.    UNL19.  
 Xunl20-1B {0373}.    UNL20.  
 Xunl26-1B {0373}.    UNL26.  
 Xunl29-1B {0373}.    UNL29.  
 Xunl30-1B {0373}.    UNL30.  
 Xunl32-1B {0373}.    UNL32.  
 Xwmc106-1A {0366}.    WMC 106F/WMC 106R.  


Group 2S


  • Xbcd102-2D. Revise the last column to '(5B, 6A,B).'.
  • Xcdo57-2A. Revise the last column to '(1A, 5A,B,D, 7A,B,D).'.
  • Xgbx3832-2A. Revise the last column to '(2DL, 4A, 5A).'.
  • XgbxG35-2B. Revise the first column to 'XgbxG35-2B.1 [{9958,0354}].', revise the second column to '[XgbxG035c-2B {9958}, XgbxG035a-2B {0354}].' and revise the last column to '(2BL, 4A, 7B).'.
  • XgbxG36-2A. Revise the last column to '(4A, 6A, 7B).'.


 Xbcd438-2D {0354}.    BCD438.  
 Xbcd1069-2D {0354}.    BCD1069.  
 Xbcd1086-2B [{0074}],{0354}.  [Xbcd1086b-2B {0074}].  BCD1086.  
 Xfba127-2B [{0354}].  [Xfba127a-2B {0354}].  FBA127.  (3A, 5B, 6B, 7A).
 Xfbb67-2A {0354}.    FBB67.  (4B, 7AS, 7BL).
 Xgbx3581-2A {0354}.    gbx3581.  (1B, 4B).
 Xwmc166-2D {0348}.    WMC 166F/WMC 166R.  (7B).
 Xwmc177-2A {0348}    WMC 177F/WMC 177R.  
 Xwmc213-2B {0348}.    WMC 213F/WMC 213R.  
 Xwmc243-2B {0348}.    WMC 243F/WMC 243R.  
 Xwmc257-2B {0348}.    WMC 258F/WMC 258R.  
 Xwmc265-2B {0348}.    WMC 265F/WMC 265R.  
 Xwmc272-2B {0348}.    WMC 272F/WMC 272R.  

Group 2L


  • Xbcd135-2B,D. Revise the first column to 'Xbcd135-2A {0354}, 2B {1060}, 2D {864}.'.
  • Xgbx3832-2D. Revise the last column to '(2AS, 4A, 5A).'.


 Xgbx3110-2A [{0354}].  [Xgbx3110a,b-2A {0354}].  gbx3110.  (7A,B).
 Xgwm82-2A {0354}.    WMS 82F/WMS 82R.  (6A).
 Xwmc167-2D {0153,0348}.    WMC 167F/WMC 167R.  
 Xwmc175-2B,D {0348}.    WMC 175F/WMC 175R.  
 Xwmc181-2A,D {0348}.    WMC 181F/WMC 181R.  
 Xwmc261-2A {0348}.    WMC 261F/WMC 261R.  

Group 2


  • bcd1086-2B. Delete (moved to 2S).
  • XgbxG542-2A. Revise the last column to '(1A, 3D, 4A).'.
  • XgbxR635-2D. Revise the first column to 'XgbxR635-2A {0354}, 2D {9958}.'.
  • Xwmc25-2D. Delete (moved to 2S).
  • Xwmc167-2D. Delete (moved to 2L).


 Xcfd2-2A {0349}.    CFD 2F/CFD 2R.  (4A, 5B).
 Xcfd11-2B {0349}.    CFD 11F/CFD 11R.  (2D).
 Xcfd11-2D {0349}.    CFD 11F/CFD 11R.  (2B).
 Xcfd17-2D {0349}.    CFD 17F/CFD 17R.  
 Xcfd25-2B {0349}.    CFD 25F/CFD 25R.  
 Xcfd36-2D {0349}    CFD 36F/CFD 36R.  
 Xcfd43-2D {0349}.    CFD 43F/CFD 43R.  
 Xcfd44-2D {0349}.    CFD 44F/CFD 44R.  
 Xcfd50-2D {0349}.    CFD 50F/CFD 50R.  
 Xcfd51-2D {0349}.    CFD 51F/CFD 51R.  
 Xcfd53-2D {0349}.    CFD 53F/CFD 53R.  
 Xcfd56-2D {0349}.    CFD 56F/CFD 56R.  
 Xcfd62-2D {0349}.    CFD 62F/CFD 62R.  (7A).
 Xcfd73-2B {0349}.    CFD 73F/CFD 73R.  
 Xcfd77-2D {0349}.    CFD 77F/CFD 77R.  
 XDuPw207-2B {0366}.    DUPW 207F/DUPW 207R.  
 XDuPw210-2A {0366}.    DUPW 210F/DUPW 210R.  
 XgbxG35-2B.2 [{0354}].  [XgbxG035b-2B {0354}].  gbxG035.  (2BS, 4A, 7B).
 Xscu6-2A,B,D [{0368}].    CSB006.H05 F/R.  

Group 3S


  • Xbcd15-3A. Revise the last column to '(4A,D, 4B,D).'.
  • Xfba127-3A. Revise the last column to '(2B, 5B, 6B, 7A).'.
  • Xwmc43-3B. Revise the first column to 'Xwmc43-3B [{0242}],{0348}, 3D {0348}.'.


 Xaww1(Msh7)-3A,B,D [{0345}].  [TaMSH7-3A,B,D {0345}].  TaMSH7.  
 XgbxGx71-3B [{0354}].  [XgbxGx71d-3B {0354}].  gbxGx71.  (2B).

Group 3L


  • Xfbb283-3B. Revise the last column to '(6A, 6D).'.
  • Xgbx3864-3D. Revise the first column to 'Xgbx3864-3B [{0354}], 3D {9958}.' and revise the second column to '[Xgbx3864a-3B {0354}, Xgbx3864a-3D {9958}].'.
  • XgbxG65-3B. Revise the first column to 'XgbxG65-3B {9958}, 3D [{0354}].' and add '[XgbxG065-3D {0354}].' in the second column.
  • XgbxG305-3D. Revise the first column to 'XgbxG305-3A {0354}, 3D {9958}.'.
  • XgbxG542-3D. Revise the last column to '(1A, 2A, 4A).'.
  • XgbxG773-3B. Revise the first column to 'XgbxG773-3A {0354}, 3B {9958}.'.


 XgbxG147-3D {0354}.    gbxG147.  (4B).
 XgbxG541-3D {0354}.    gbxG541.  (3B, 5B).
 Xwmc153-3A {0348}.    WMC 153F/WMC 153R.  
 Xwmc264-3A {0348}.    WMC 264F/WMC 264R.  
 Xwmc322-3B {0348}.    WMC 322F/WMC 322R.  
 Xwmc326-3B {0348}.    WMC 326F/WMC 326R.  


Group 3


  • Xwg178-3D. Revise the first column to 'Xwg178-3B {0354}, 3D {9926}4.'


 Xabc158-3D {0354}.    ABC158.  (7A,B).
 Xabc310-3B {0354}.    ABC310.  (1B, 4A,5B, 7A,B).
 Xcfd4-3B {0349}.    CFD 4F/CFD 4R.  
 Xcfd9-3D {0349}.    CFD 9F/CFD 9R.  
 Xcfd34-3D {0349}.    CFD 34F/CFD 34R.  
 Xcfd35-3D {0349}.    CFD 35F/CFD 35R.  
 Xcfd55-3D {0349}.    CFD 55F/CFD 55R.  
 Xcfd64-3D {0349}.    CFD 64F/CFD 64R.  
 Xcfd70-3D {0349}.    CFD 70F/CFD 70R.  
 Xcfd79-3B {0349}.    CFD 79F/CFD 79R.  (3D).
 Xcfd79-3D {0349}.    CFD 79F/CFD 79R.  (3B).
 XDuPw173-3D {0366}.    DUPW 173F/DUPW 173R.  
 XDuPw227-3A {0366}.    DUPW 227F/DUPW 227R.  
 Xgbx3793-3B {0354}.    gbx3793.  
 XgbxG83-3D [{0354}].  [XgbxG083b-3D {0354}].  gbxG083.  (4D, 5D, 6B).
 XgbxG276-3B [{0354}].  [XgbxG276a-3B {0354}].  gbxG276.  (5A,4B).
 XgbxG541-3B [{0354}].  [XgbxG541a-3B {0354}].  gbxG541.  (3D, 5B).


Group 4S (4AL:4BS:4DS)


  • Xcdo1338-4A. Revise the first column to 'Xcdo1338-4A {1008}, 4B {0354}.'.
  • Xcn110(Lpx)-4B. Revise the first column to 'Xcn110(Lpx-1)-4B [{0269}]2.'.


 XcsME1-4B {0379}.    csME1.  
 Xksu919(Lpx-1)-4A [{0091}].  [Lpx-4A {0091}].  6C02E12 {0094}.  
 Note: KSU919 cross-hybridizes to the Xksu919(Lpx-2)-5A,B loci.
 Xwmc52-4D {0348}.    WMC 52F/WMC 52R.  
 Xwmc238-4B {0348}.    WMC 238F/WMC 238R.  


Group 4L (4AS:4BL:4DL)


  • XgbxG147-4B. Add '(3D).' in the last column.
  • XgbxR866-4A. Revise the first column to 'XgbxR866-4A {9958}, 4B [{0354}].', add '[XgbxR866c-4B {0354}].' in the second column and add '(5A).' in the last column.


 Xbcd15-4A,D [{0354}].  [Xbcd015c,a-3A,D {0354}].  BCD15.  (3A, 4B,D).
 XgbxG83-4D [{0354}].  [XgbxG083a-4D {0354}].  gbxG083.  (3D, 5D, 6B).
 It is not known whether XgbxG83-4D belongs to Group 4AS:4BL:4DL or 5AL:4BL:4DL.
 Xwmc96-4A {0348}.    WMC 96F/WMC 96R  (5A).
 Xwmc173-4A {0348}.    WMC 173F/WMC 173R.  
 Xwmc331-4D {0348}.    WMC 331F/WMC 331R.  


Group 5AL:4BL:4DL


  • Xbcd15-4B,D. Revise the last column to '(3A, 4A,D).'.
  • Xfbb67-4B. Revise the last column to '(2A, 7AS, 7BL).'.
  • Xgbx3581-4B. Revise the last column to '(1B, 2A).'.
  • XgbxG276-4B. Revise the first column to 'XgbxG276-5A [{0354}], 4B {9958}.', add '[XgbxG276a,b-5A {0354}].' in the second column and add '(3B).' in the last column.
  • XgbxG367-4D. Revise the last column to '(4B, 6A, 6B, 7A).'.

Group 4


  • Xwg180-4B. Revise the last columnt to '(1A,B, 7BS,L).'.
  • Xwmc254-4B. Add '(1A).' in the last column.


 Xbfc9v(cyp71C)-4A, B, D [{0371}].  [Cyp71C9v-4A,B,D {0371}].  CYP71C9v {0371}.  
 Xcfd2-4A {0349}.    CFD 2F/CFD 2R.  (2A, 5B).
 Xcfd16-4A {0349}.    CFD 16F/CFD 16R.  
 Xcfd22-4B {0349}.    CFD 22F/CFD 22R.  
 Xcfd23-4D {0349}.    CFD 23F/CFD 23R.  
 Xcfd24-4A {0349}.    CFD 24F/CFD 24R.  
 Xcfd39-4B {0349}.    CFD 39F/CFD 39R.  
 Xcfd54-4B {0349}.    CFD 54F/CFD 54R.  
 Xcfd71-4A {0349}.    CFD 71F/CFD 71R.  (4D).
 Xcfd71-4D {0349}.    CFD 71F/CFD 71R.  (4A).
 Xcfd84-4D {0349}.    CFD 84F/CFD 84R.  
 XDuPw4-4A {0366}.    DUPW 4F/DUPW 4R.  
 XDuPw23-4B {0366}.    DUPW 23F/DUPW 23R.  
 XDuPw43-4B {0366}.    DUPW 43F/DUPW 43R.  
 XDuPw108-4A {0366}.    DUPW 108F/DUPW 108R.  
 XDuPw238-4D {0366}.    DUPW 238F/DUPW 238R.  
 Xfba248-4B [{0354}].  [Xfba248b-4B {0354}].  FBA248.  (7A).
 XgbxG36-4A [{0354}].  [XgbxG036-4A {0354}].  gbxG036.  (2A, 6A, 7B).
 XgbxG102-4D {0354}.    gbxG102.  
 XgbxG328-4D {0354}.    gbxG328.  
 XgbxG367-4B [{0354}].  [XgbxG367a-4B {0354}].  gbxG367.  (4D, 6A, 6B, 7A).
 XgbxG542-4A {0354}.    gbxG542.  (1A, 2A, 3D).
 XgbxG557-4A {0354}.    gbxG557.  (1A).
 Xscu6465-4A [{0368}].    PSR6465 F/PSR6465 R.  
 XSut1-4A,B,D {0361}.    TaSUT1D.  (4A,B,D).

Group 5S


  • Xcdo1338-5A,B,D. Revise the last column to '(4A,B).'.
  • XgbxG625-5A. Revise the first column to 'XgbxG625-5A {9958}, 5B [{0354}].' and add '[XgbxG625b-5B {0354}].' in the second column.

Group 5L


  • Xbcd454-5A. Revise the last column to '(1A,B).'.
  • Xcdo57-5A,B,D. Revise the last column to '(1A, 2A, 7A,B,D).'.
  • Xcdo412-5A,B,D. Add '(7B).' in the last column.
  • Xcn111(Lpx)-5B. Revise the first column to 'Xcn111(Lpx-2)-5B [{0269}]^2^.'.
  • Xfba127-5B. Revise the last column to '(2B, 3A, 6B, 7A).'.
  • XgbxG70-5D. Revise the first column to 'XgbxG70-5A [{0354}], 5D {9958}.' and the second column to '[XgbxG070a-5A {0354}, XgbxG070-5D {9958}].'.
  • XgbxG134-5D. Revise the first column to 'XgbxG134-5B {0354}, 5D {9958}.'.
  • XgbxG541-5B. Add (3B, 3D).' in the last column.
  • XgbxR33-5A. Revise the first column to 'XgbxR33-5A [{9958}], 5B [{0354}].' and revise the second column to '[XgbxR033-5A {9958}, XgbxR033-5B {0354}].'.
  • XgbxR678-5D. Revise the first column to 'XgbxR678-5B {0354}, 5D {9958}.'.
  • Xksu919(Lpx)-5A,B. Revise the first column to 'Xksu919(Lpx-2)-5A,B [{0091}], 5D [{0148}].', revise the second column to [Lpx-5A,B {0091}, 5D {0148}].', delete '(4A).' from the last column and add 'Note: The probe KSU919 cross-hybridizes to the Xksu919(Lpx-1)-4A locus.'.


 Xbcd102-5B {0354}.    BCD102.  (2D, 6A,B).
 Xcdo475-5B {0354}.    CDO475.  (4A,7A,D).
 Xcfd7-5D [{0354}].  [Xcfd4A6-5D {0354}].  CFD 7F/CFD 7R.  
 Xfba340-5D [{0354}].  [Xfba340b-5D {0354}].  FBA340.  (6B, 7A).
 It is not known whether Xfba340-5D belongs to group 5L or 4AL:5BL:5DL.
 Xgbx3832-5A [{0354}].  [Xgbx3832c-5A {0354}].  gbx3832.  (2A, 2D, 4A).
 XgbxG83-5D [{0354}].  [XgbxG083c-5D {0354}].  gbxG083.  (3D, 4D, 6B).
 Xgwm44-5A {0354}.    WMS 44F/WMS 44R.  (7D).
 Xocs(CK2a)-5A,B,D [{0369}].    tck2a.  
 Xwmc97-5D {0348}.    WMC 97F/WMC 97R.  
 Xwmc215-5A {0348}.    WMC 215F/WMC 215R.  
 Xwmc327-5A {0348}.    WMC 327F/WMC 327R.  




  • Xabc310-4A,5B. Revise the last column to '(1B, 3B, 7A,B).'.

Group 5


  • Xbcd135-5D. Revise the last column to '(2A,B,D, 7A,4A).'.
  • Xwmc96-5A. Add '(4A).' in the last column.


 Xbfc6(cyp71C)-5A, B, D [{0371}].  [Cyp71C6-5A,B,D {0371}].  CYP71C6.  
 Xbfc7v2(cyp71C)-5A, B, D [{0371}].  [Cyp71C7v2-5A,B,D {0371}].  CYP71C7v2.  
 Xbfc8v2(cyp71C)-5A, B, D [{0371}].  [Cyp71C8v2-5A,B,D {0371}].  CYP71C8v2.  
 Xcfd2-2A {0349}.    CFD 2F/CFD 2R.  (4A, 5B).
 Xcfd3-5D {0349}.    CFD 3F/CFD 3R.  
 Xcfd8-5D {0349}.    CFD 8F/CFD 8R.  
 Xcfd10-5D {0349}.    CFD 10F/CFD 10R.  
 Xcfd12-5D {0349}.    CFD 12F/CFD 12R.  
 Xcfd18-5D {0349}.    CFD 18F/CFD 18R.  
 Xcfd19-5B {0349}.    CFD 19F/CFD 19R.  (1D, 6D).
 Xcfd26-5D {0349}.    CFD 26F/CFD 26R.  
 Xcfd29-5D {0349}.    CFD 29F/CFD 29R.  
 Xcfd40-5D {0349}.    CFD 40F/CFD 40R.  
 Xcfd52-5D {0349}.    CFD 52F/CFD 52R.  
 Xcfd57-5D {0349}.    CFD 57F/CFD 57R.  
 Xcfd67-5D {0349}.    CFD 67F/CFD 67R.  
 Xcfd78-5D {0349}.    CFD 78F/CFD 78R.  
 Xcfd81-5D {0349}.    CFD 81F/CFD 81R.  
 XDuPw115-5B {0366}.    DUPW 115F/DUPW 115R.  
 XDuPw205-5B {0366}.    DUPW 205F/DUPW 205R.  
 XgbxR866-5A [{0354}].  [XgbxR866-5A {0354}].  gbxR866.  (4A,B).
 Xscu6394-5D [{0368}].    PSR6394 F/PSR6394 R.  
 Xwmc27-5B {0348}.    WMC 27F/WMC 27R.  


Group 6S


  • Xabg466-6A,D. Revise the first column to 'Xabg466-6A {282}^3^, 6B {0351}^1^, 6D {900}^1^.'.
  • Xbcd1383-6B. Revise the first column to 'Xbcd1383-6B {900}, 6D {0351}.'.
  • Xbcd1495-6B. Revise the first column to 'Xbcd1495-6A,B,D {0351}, 6B {865}.'.
  • Xbcd1882-6B. Revise the first column to 'Xbcd1882-6A,B,D {0351}, 6B {865}.'.
  • Xcdo476-6A,B. Revise the first column to 'Xcdo476-6A,B {900}, 6D {0351}.'.
  • Xcdo524-6B. Revise the first column to 'Xcdo524-6A,B,D {0351}, 6B {900}.'.
  • Xcdo1380-6B. Revise the first column to 'Xcdo1380-6A {0351}, 6B {9927}^2^,{0351}.' and add '(6BL).' in the last column.
  • Xfba148-6A,D. Revise the first column to 'Xfba148-6A {900}, 6B {0351}, 6D {0081}.'.
  • Xfba399-6B. Revise the first column to 'Xfba399-6A,B,D {0351}, 6B {900}.'.
  • Xfbb194-6A. Revise the first column to 'Xfbb194-6A {900}, 6D {0351}.'.
  • Xgbx3165-6B,D. Revise the first column to 'Xgbx3165-6A [{0354}], 6B,D [{9958}].' and revise the second column to '[Xgbx3165a-6A {0354}, Xgbx3165a,b-6B,D {9958}].'.
  • XgbxG36-6A. Revise the last column to '(2A, 4A, 7B).'.
  • XgbxG83-6B. Add '(3D, 4D, 5D).' in the last column.
  • XgbxR593-6A. Revise the first column to 'XgbxR593-6A {9958}, 6B {0354}.'.
  • Xgwm82-6A. Add '(2A).' in the last column.
  • XksuI28-6B,D. Revise the first column to 'XksuI28-6A {0351}^1^, 6B {444,860}^1^, 6D {448}^4^, {444}^1^.'.
  • Xmwg59-6A,B. Revise the first column to 'Xmwg59-6A,B {9926}^2^,{0351}^1^, 6D {0351}^1^.'.
  • Xmwg887-6A.1. Revise the first column to 'Xmwg887-6A.1 {9927}^2^,[{0351}]^1^, 6D {0351}^1^.' and the second column to '[Xmwg887-6A {0351}].'.
  • Xmwg916-6A,D. Revise the first column to 'Xmwg916-6A {9927}^2^,{0351}^1^, 6B {0351}^1^, 6D {900}^1^.'.
  • Xmwg966-6A,B. Revise the first column to 'Xwmg966-6A {9927}^2^, 6B {0081}^1^, 6D {0351}^1^.'.
  • Xpsr962-6B,D. Revise the first column to 'Xpsr962-6A {0351}, 6B,D {598}.'.
  • Xtam60-6A,B. Revise the first column to 'Xtam60-6A {187}^2^,{0351}^1^, 6B {187}^2^, {245}^1^, 6D {0351}.'.


 Xfba340-6B [{0354}].  [Xfba340b-6B {0354}].  FBA340.  (5D, 7A).
 Xfbb283-6D {0351}.    FBB283.  (3B, 6AL).
 XgbxG367-6B [{0354}].  [XgbxG367b-6B {0354}].  gbxG367.  (4B, 4D, 6BL, 7A).
 XksuM95-6A,B,D {0351}.    pTtksuM95.  
 Xmwg2218-6B,D {0351}.    MWG2218.  
 Xwg241-6B [{0354]].  [Xwg241d-6B {0354}].  WG241.  (1A,B,D, 7D).
 Xwmc95-6B {0248}.    WMC 95F/WMC 95R.  
 Xwmc105-6B {0348}.    WMC 105F/WMC 105R.  

Group 6L


  • Xbcd102-6A,B. Revise the last column to '(2D, 5A).'.
  • Xcdo1380-6B. Add '(6AS,BS).' in the last column.
  • Xfba127-6B. Revise the last column to '(2B, 3A, 5B, 7A).'.
  • Xfbb283-6B. Revise the last column to '(3B, 6DS).'.
  • Xgbx3864-6A. Revise the last column to '(3B,D).'.
  • Xgbx3317-6D. Revise the first column to 'Xgbx3317-6A {0354}, 6D {9958}.'.
  • Xgbx4071-6A. Revise the first column to 'Xgbx4071-6A {9958}, 6D [{0354}].' and add '[Xgbx4071a-6D {0354}].' in the second column.
  • Xmwg887-6A.2. Revise the last column to '(6AS,DS).'.


 XgbxG367-6A [{0354}].  [XgbxG367b-6A {0354}].  gbxG367.  (4B, 4D, 6BS, 7A).
 Xgwm494-6A {9929}, [{0354}].  [Xgwm494a,b-6A {0354}].  WMS 494F/WMS 494R.  
 Xwmc182-6B {0348}.    WMC 182F/WMC 182R.  


Group 6


  • Xcdo1380-6B. Add '(6AS,BS, 6BL).' in the last column.
  • Xgbx3321-6A,B. Add '(1A,B).' in the last column.
  • XgbxR4-6A. Revise the first column to 'XgbxR4-6A [{9958}], 6B [{0354}].' and revise the second column to '[XgbxR004-6A {9958}, XgbxR004-6B {0354}].'.
  • Xgwm325-6D. Add '(1D).' in the last column.
  • Xgwm494-6A. Delete (moved to 6L).


 Xcfd1-6A {0349}.    CFD 1F/CFD 1R.  
 Xcfd5-6D {0349}.    CFD 5F/CFD 5R.  
 Xcfd13-6B {0349}.    CFD 13F/CFD 13R.  
 Xcfd19-6D {0349}.    CFD 19F/CFD 19R.  (1D, 5B).
 Xcfd30-6A {0349}.    CFD 30F/CFD 30R.  
 Xcfd33-6D {0349}.    CFD 33F/CFD 33R.  
 Xcfd37-6D {0349}.    CFD 37F/CFD 37R.  
 Xcfd38-6D {0349}.    CFD 38F/CFD 38R.  
 Xcfd42-6D {0349}.    CFD 42F/CFD 42R.  
 Xcfd45-6D {0349}.    CFD 45F/CFD 45R.  
 Xcfd47-6D {0349}.    CFD 47F/CFD 47R.  
 Xcfd49-6D {0349}.    CFD 49F/CFD 49R.  
 Xcfd60-6D {0349}.    CFD 60F/CFD 60R.  
 Xcfd75-6D {0349}.    CFD 75F/CFD 75R.  
 Xcfd76-6D {0349}.    CFD 76F/CFD 76R.  
 Xcfd80-6D {0349}.    CFD 80F/CFD 80R.  
 Xcfd82-6A {0349}.    CFD 82F/CFD 82R.  
 XDuPw167-6A {0366}.    DUPW 167F/DUPW 167R.  
 XDuPw216-6B {0366}.    DUPW 216F/DUPW 216R.  
 XDuPw217-6B {0366}.    DUPW 217F/DUPW 217R.  
 Xscu1-6D [{0368}].    HWM001.F10 F/R.  
 Xscu4-6D [{0368}].    HWM004.B10 F/R.  


Group 7S


  • Xabc158-7A,B. Add '(3D}.' in the last column.
  • Xcdo57-7A,B,D. Revise the last column to '(1A, 2A, 5A,B,D).'.
  • Xfba248-7A. Add '(4B).' in the last column.
  • Xfba340-7A. Add '(5D, 6B).' in the last column.
  • Xgbx3110-7B. Revise the first column to 'Xgbx3110-7A [{0354}], 7B {9958}.', add '[Xgbx3110b-7A {0354}]' in the second column, and add '(2A).' in the last column.
  • XgbxG367-7A. Revise the last column to '(4B, 4D, 6A, 6B).'.
  • Xgwm44-7D. Add '(5A).' in the last column.
  • Xwg180-7B. Revise the last column to '(1A,B, 4B, 7BL).'.


 Xbcd130-7B {0354}.    BCD130.  (4A,7A,D).



  • Xbcd130-7A,4A,7D. Add '(7B).' in the last column.
  • Xbcd135-7A,4A. Revise the last column to '(2A,B,D, 5D).'.
  • Xcdo475-7A,4A,7D. Add '(5B).' in the last column.
  • Xfba109-7A. Revise the first column to 'Xfba109-7A {1059}, 4A {0354}.'.
  • Xfbb67-7A. Revise the last column to '(2A, 4B, 7BL).'.
  • Xfbb194-4A. Revise the last column to '(6A,D).'.
  • Xgbx3832-4A. Revise the last column to '(2A, 2D, 5A).'.
  • XgbxG141-4A. Add '(7B).' in the last column.
  • Xksu919(Lpx)-4A. Delete (modified and moved to 4AL:4BS:4DS).
  • Xwg834-7A,D. Revise the first column to 'Xwg834-4A {0354}, 7A,D {553}.'.


 Xbcd200-7A {0354}.    BCD200.  (1A,B).
 Xwmc168-7A {0348}.    WMC 168F/WMC 168R.  
 Xwmc232-4A {0348}.    WMC 232F/WMC 232R.  


Group 7L


  • Xabc310-7A,B. Revise the last column to '(1B, 3B, 4A,5B).'.
  • Xcdo347-7A. Revise the first column to 'Xcdo347-7A {1059}, 7D [{0354}].' and revise the second column to '[Xcdo347a-7D {0354}].'.
  • Xfba127-7A. Revise the last column to '(2B, 3A, 5B, 6B).'.
  • Xfbb67-7B. Revise the last column to '(2A, 4B, 7AS).'.
  • Xgbx4046-7B. Revise the first column to 'Xgbx4046-7A {0354}, 7B {9958}.'.
  • XgbxG218-7A,B. Revise the first column to 'XgbxG218-7A,B [{9958}], 7D [{0354}].' and revise the second column to '[XgbxG218c,a-7A,B {9958}, XgbxG218b-7D {0354}].'.
  • XgbxR35-7A. Revise the first column to 'XgbxR35-7A [{9958}], 7B,D [{0354}].' and revise the second column to '[XgbxR035b-7A {9958}, XgbxR035b,a-7B,D {0354}].'.
  • XgbxR138-7B. Revise the first column to 'XgbxR138-7A {9958}, 7B,D [{0354}].' and add '[XgbxR138a,b-7B {0354}].' in the second column.
  • Xutv1518-7A. Revise the last column to '(1A,B,D).'.
  • Xwg180-7B. Revise the last column to '(1A,B, 4B, 7BS).'.
  • Xwg514-7B. Revise the first column to 'Xwg514-7A {0354}, 7B {1059}.'.


 Xcdo412-7B {0354}.    CDO412.  (5A,B,D).
 Xcnl1-7B [{0354}].  [XPDAC01-7B {0354}].  CNL 1F/CNL 1R.  
 Xcnl2-7B [{0354}].  [XBDAC14-7B {0354}].  CNL 2F/CNL 2R.  
 XgbxG36-7B [{0354}].  [XgbxG026a-7B {0354}].  gbxG036.  (2A, 4A, 6A).
 XgbxG141-7B {0354}.    gbxG141.  (4A).
 XgbxR570-7D [{0354}].  [XgbxR570b-7D {0354}].  gbxR570.  (5B).
 Xpur1-7A [{0323}].  [STS637-7A {0323}].  STS638-L/STS638-R {570}.  
 Xrgc607-7A [{0323}].  [C607-7A {0323}].  RGC607.  
 Xrgs11239-7A [{0323}].  [S11239-7A {0323}].  RGS11239.  
 Xrz884-7A [{0323}].  [RZ884-7A {0323}].  RZ884.  
 Xsfr325-7A [{0323}].  [325D4L-7A {0323}].  325D4L.  
 Xwg241-D [{0354}].  [Xwg241a-7D {0354}].  WG241.  (1A,B,D, 6B).
 Xwhs178-7A [{0323}].  [WHS178-7A {0323}].  WHS178.  
 Xwmc94-7D {0242,0348}.  [Xwmc094-7D {0242}]  WMC 94F/WMC 94R.  
 Xwmc166-7B {0348}.    WMC 166F/WMC 166R.  (2D).
 Xwmc273-7A {0348}.    WMC 273F/WMC 273R.  
 Xwmc276-7B {0348}.    WMC 276F/WMC 276R.  


Group 7


  • XgbxG161-7D. Revise the first column to 'XgbxG161-7B {0354}, 7D {9958}.' and add '{XgbxG161b-7B {0354}].' in the second column.
  • XgbxG732-7A. Revise the first column to 'XgbxG732-7A {9958}, 7B {0354}.'.
  • Xwmc94-7D. Delete (moved to 7L).
  • Xwmc216-7B. Add '(1D).' to the last column.


 Xcfd6-7A {0349}.    CFD 6F/CFD 6R.  
 Xcfd14-7D {0349}.    CFD 14F/CFD 14R.  
 Xcfd21-7D {0349}.    CFD 21F/CFD 21R.  (1D).
 Xcfd31-7D {0349}.    CFD 31F/CFD 31R.  
 Xcfd41-7D {0349}.    CFD 41F/CFD 41R.  
 Xcfd46-7D {0349}.    CFD 46F/CFD 46R.  
 Xcfd62-7A {0349}.    CFD 62F/CFD 62R.  (2D).
 Xcfd66-7D {0349}.    CFD 66F/CFD 66R.  
 Xcfd68-7D {0349}.    CFD 68F/CFD 68R.  
 Xcfd69-7D {0349}.    CFD 69F/CFD 69R.  
 Xcfd74-7B {0349}.    CFD 74F/CFD 74R.  
 XDuPw254-7A {0366}.    DUPW 254F/DUPW 254R.  
 XDuPw398-7B {0366}.    DUPW 398F/DUPW 398R.  
 XgbxR53-7A [{0354}].  [XgbxR053b-7A {0354}].  gbxR053.  
 Xscu55-7D [{0368}].  [55-TH.2e7-7D {0368}].  55-TH.2e7 F/R.  


Dormancy (seed)

Delete Phs 7D {9960} and associated text and replace with:
Phs {9960}. 4AL v: Soleil {0346}.
ma: Associated with Xpsr1327-4A {0346}.

QTL: QTL for preharverst sprouting were identified on chromosomes 3A (associated with Xfbb293-3A at P<0.01), 3B (associated with Xgwm403-3B and Xbcd131-3B at P<0.001), 3D (associated with Xgwm3-3D at P<0.001) and 5A (associated with Xbcd1871-5A at P<0.001) in the population Renan x Récital {0347}. The resistant alleles on the group 3 chromosomes and on 5A were contributed by Renan and Récital, respectively. All QTL for preharvest sprouting co-located with QTL for grain colour {0347}.

Earliness per se

Eps-1Am {0364}. 1AL {0364} [Eps-Am1]. dv: T. monococcum {0364}. DV92 allele for late flowering, G3116 early flowering.
0.8 cM distal to Xwg241 {0364}.

Grain hardness / Endosperm texture
This section was revised by Craig F. Morris, and is included in its entirety below.

Grain hardness or endosperm texture significantly influences flour milling, flour properties and end-use. The difference in particle size index between a hard wheat (Falcon) and a soft wheat (Heron) was reported by Symes {1452} to be due to a single major gene. Symes {1452} also found evidence for 'different major genes or alleles' that explained differences among the hard wheats Falcon, Gabo, and Spica. Using Cheyenne (CNN) substitution lines in CS and a Brabender laboratory mill, Mattern et al. {915} showed that the hard wheat milling and flour properties of Cheyenne were associated with 5D. Using Hope 5D substitution line in CS [CS(Hope 5D)] crossed to CS, and CS(Hope 5D) crossed to CS ditelosomic 5DL, Law et al. {777} showed that grain hardness was controlled by alleles at a single locus on 5DS. The dominant allele, Ha, controlling softness was present in Chinese Spring and the allele for hardness, ha, was present in the other varieties mentioned. A similar study using 'CS (CNN5D)/CS recombinant-inbred lines' was reported by Morris et al. {03106}.

A pleiotropic result of hardness is the decreased level of a 15-kD starch-granule protein, friabilin, on the surface of water-isolated starch {470}. In endosperm, soft and hard wheats have similar amounts of friabilin, consequently the distinction between the two textural types depends upon the manner in which the friabilin co-purifies with starch. Friabilin also is referred to by the name 'Grain Softness Protein' (GSP) {0380}, and later was shown to be comprised primarily of puroindoline a and puroindoline b {0295}. Grain hardness of reciprocal 'soft x hard' F1 kernels was well correlated with friabilin occurrence on starch in triploid endosperm {0381}. See IV, Proteins: 5.8 Puroindoline. GSP-1 genes, which are closely related to puroindolines, are also listed in section 5.8.

Ha {777}. 5DS {777}. Soft phenotype
i: Falcon/7*Heron, Heron/7*Falcon {03109}; Paha*2//Early Blackhull/5*Paha {0203, 0298}; Early Blackhull Derivative/5*Nugaines {0203, 0298}.
v: Chinese Spring {777,03106}; Cappelle Desprez {470}; Heron {1452, 470}; Paha, Nugaines{0203, 0298}; NY6432-18 {0241}.

ha {777}. Hard phenotype.
i: Falcon/7*Heron, Heron/7*Falcon {03109}; Paha*2//Early Blackhull/5*Paha {0203, 0298}; Early Blackhull Derivative/5*Nugaines {0203,0298}.
s: CS*6/Cheyenne 5D {915}; CS*6/Hope 5D {777}. Cappelle Desprez(Besostaya 5D) {470}.
v: Falcon {1452, 470}; Holdfast {470}; Early Blackhull, Early Blackhull Derivative{0203, 0298}; Cheyenne {03106}; Clark's Cream {0241}.
ma: Ha was closely linked to Xmta9(Puil)-5D {1414}.

Single-factor effects on hardness were found for chromosome 2A, 2D, 5B, and 6D, and interactive effects were found for chromosomes 5A, 6D, and 7A {1414}.

The addition of King II rye chromosome 5R converted Holdfast wheat from hard to soft {470}. A 14.5-kD rye analogue also was isolated from 6x triticales which have soft texture {470}. All ryes are thought to have soft texture.

Two genes for grain hardness were reported in {055}.

Hard and soft NILs are listed in {0298}.

QTL: In a DH population of 'Courtot/CS' a major locus in chromosome 5DS coincided with Ha; minor QTL mapped in chromosomes 1A (associated with Xfba92) and 6D (associated with Xgwm55) {0141}. Ten QTL for kernel hardness (54 % of the variation) were mapped in a cross 'Forno/Oberkulmer spelt' {0280}.


Grain Quality Parameters

2. Flour colour
Revise title 'Flour colour' to 'Flour, semolina and pasta colour'.
QTL: A major QTL was detected in the distal region of chromosome 7BL in the cross 'Omrabi5/T. turgidum subsp. dicoccoides 600545'. The QTL explained 53 % of the variation and was completely linked to microsatellite marker Xgwm344-7B. Omrabi5 contributed the allele for high level of yellow pigment. Two additional small QTL were detected on 7AL {0365}.

7. Starch characteristics (new catagory)
QTL: QTLs for starch viscosity and swelling were associated with the Wx-B1 locus in the cross 'Cranbrook (Wx-B1a)/Halberd (null Wx-B1b)'. An additional QTL for starch viscosity was found on 7BL between markers Xgwm344-7B and Xwg420-7B in the first cross. This QTL disappeared when amylase activity was inhibited, indicating that it was determined by the late maturing alpha-amylase activity contributed by Cranbrook. A QTL for starch viscosity was associated with the Wx-A1 locus in the cross 'CD87/Katepwa' {0362}.


Hairy Leaf
{0316}. Hl.

Hl2 {0316}. 7BS {0316}. v: Hong-mang-mai {0316}.


Heat Tolerance (new category)
QTL: QTL contributing to grain-filling duration (GFD) under high temperatures were associated with Xgwm11-1BS (11 % of variability) and Xgwm293-5AS (23 % of variability) in 'Ventnor (tolerant)/Karl 92 (nontolerant)' {0327}.

Reduced Height

Add: 'The development of allele-specific primers for Rht-B1b has been reported in {0378}.'.

QTL: QTL for reduced plant height, peduncle length and coleoptile length contributed by Cranbrook were associated with XcsMe1-4B (up to 49 % of variability for plant height and peduncle length and 27-45 % of variability for coleoptile length) in the cross 'Cranbrook (dwarf)/Halberd (tall)'. The dwarfing effect underlying the QTL is caused by the Rht-B1b allele {0379}.

Add: 'The development of allele-specific primers for Rht-D1b was reported in {0378}.'.

Integrate alphabetically in the v: section: Klasic {0341}; Hartog {0341}; Neepawa {0341}; Millbrook {0341}; Otane {0341}; Monad {0341}; Karamu {0341}; Puma Rye {0341}; Oberkulmer {0341}; CAH106 {0341}; TAM107 {0341}; Pioneer Var25W33 {0341}; Karl {0341}; Thatcher {0341}; Century {0341}; Grandin {0341}; AC Reed {0341}; Opata {0341}; Elite Lepeuple {0341}.

Rht8b. Integrate alphabetically in the v: section: Devoy {0341}; Era {0341}; Regency {0341}; Augusta {0341}; NYBatavia {0341}; Mendon {0341}; Geneva {0341}; Stephens {0341}; Bavaria {0341}; Houser {0341}; NY6432-18 {0341}; Foster {0341}; Caledonia {0341}; Ramrod {0341}; Chelsea {0341}; Frankenmuth {0341}; Cayuga {0341}; Yorkstar {0341}; NY85020-395 {0341}; NY85020-139 {0341}; NY87048W-7387 {0341}; Greer {0341}; Pioneer Var2548 {0341}; Superior {0341}; Cornell 595 {0341}; NY86003-106 {0341}; Clarks Cream {0341}; Genesee {0341}; Brevor {0341}; Losprout {0341}; Marilee {0341}; Harus {0341}; OAC Ariss {0341}; Cadoux {0341}; Heines VIII {0341}; Jennah Katifa {0341}.

Rht8c Integrate alphabetically in the v: section: Pioneer Var2510 {0341}; Bai Huo {0341}; Kanto {0341};

Associated with a 180-bp fragment of WMS261 {0341}. v: Madison {0341}.

Rht8j. Associated with a 198-bp fragment of WMS261 {0341}. v: W7984 Synthetic {0341}; TAM200 {0341}.

Rht8k. Associated with a 200-bp fragment of WMS261 {0341}. v: Tiritea {0341}.

Rht8l. Associated with a 204-bp fragment of WMS261 {0341}. v: Pioneer Var2550 {0341}; Pioneer Var2545 {0341}; Pioneer Var2737W {0341}.

QTL: QTL for reduced plant height, peduncle length and coleoptile length corresponding to Rht-B1 were identified in the cross 'Cranbrook (dwarf)/Halberd (tall)'. These QTL explained up to 49 % of variability for plant height and peduncle length and 27-45 % of variability for coleoptile length. A QTL for coleoptile length (reduced coleoptile length was contributed by Cranbrook) also was identified on 4BL, associated with XksuC2-4B and explaining 15-27 % of the phenotypic variation. The influence of this QTL was greatest at 19 C and decreased with cooler temperatures. This QTL also affected leaf size and coleoptile-tiller size and presence. QTL of smaller effect were identified on 2D, 3D, and 6B for peduncle length and 2B, 3B, 5A, and 6B for coleoptile length {0379}.


Male sterility

Sterility in hybrids with wheat
{0331}. 1HL {0331}. ad: Additions of 1H and 1HL to wheat and certain translocation lines {0331}.
ma: Located in a 16.4 cM interval flanked by Xmwg800 and Xmwg943 {0331}. A possible relationship with Ncc genes is discussed {0331}.


Manganese Efficiency (new category)
1. Mangenese deficiency

QTL: Variation associated with Xcdo583-4B explained 42 % of the variation for Mn efficiency in the durum cross 'Stojocri 2 (Mn efficient)/Hazar (MN inefficient)' {0320}.

Meiotic characteristics

2. Pairing homeologous

Ph1. ma: Add {0359} as reference for 'PCR-based assays for presence and absence of Ph1 were described {0214, 0217, 9965}'.

Polyphenol Oxidase (PPO) Activity (new category)
3,4 dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA) was used as a substrate in a nondestructive test of polyphenol oxidase activity in seeds. Chromosome 2D was shown to carry PPO gene(s) based on Langdon/Chinese Spring (2D) substitution lines and nullisomic-tetrasomic analysis {0342}.

QTL: A QTL on 2D, associated with Xfba314-2D was identified in an 'M6/Opata 85' population using the L-DOPA assay. The high PPO activity was contributed by M6 {0344}. Markers significantly associated with PPO activity were also detected on chromosomes 2A, 2B, 3B, 3D, and 6B in the population 'NY18/Clark's Cream' {0344}.


1. Grain Protein Content

QPro.mgb-5A: Add 'and Xcdo412-5A {0343}2.'.
QPro.mgb-6A.2: Add 'and Xpsr627-6A {0343}2.'.
QPro.mgb-6B: Add 'and Nor-2 {0343}2.'.
QPro.mgb-7B: Add 'and Xutv913-7B {0343}2.'.

QPro.mgb-7A associated at P < 0.01 with Pan2 {0343}2.'.


2. Enzymes

2.11 Lipoxygenase
[{516}]. ma: Xksu919(Lpx-1)-4A {0091}.
Lpx-B1 [{516}]. ma: Xcn110(Lpx-1)-4B {0269} {0367}.
Lpx-A2 [{516}]. ma: Xksu919(Lpx-2)-5A {0091}.
Lpx-B2 [{516}]. ma: Xksu919(Lpx-2)-5B {0091}, Xcn111(Lpx-2)-5B {0269}.

2.22. NADH dehydrogenase
Add at the bottom of the Ndh-1 section:
'Based on the correspondence of the electrophoretic patterns, isoelectric points (pIs) and chromosomal location, it was proposed that the Ndh1 (NADH dehydrogenase) and Dia3 (diaphorase) represent the same locus {0356}.'

Add at the bottom of the Ndh-2 section:
'Based on the correspondence of the electrophoretic patterns, isoelectric points (pIs) and chromosomal location, it was proposed that the Ndh2 (NADH dehydrogenase) and Dia2 (diaphorase) represent the same locus {0356}.'

Add at the bottom of the Ndh-3 section:
'Based on the correspondence of the electrophoretic patterns, isoelectric points (pIs) and chromosomal location, it was proposed that the Ndh3 (NADH dehydrogenase), Dia1 (diaphorase) and Mnr1 (menadione reductase) represent the same locus {0356}.'

3. Endosperm Storage Proteins

3.1. Glutenins

Add to the end of the preamble:
'Using proteomic analysis of 2D gels of seed storage proteins in 39 ditelocentric lines of cv. Chinese Spring, 105 protein spots were resolved {03129}. Locations of structural genes controlling 26 spots were identified in 10 chromosomal arms (4 on 1BL, 5 on 1BS, 4 on 1DL, 4 on 1DS, 2 on 6AS, 3 on 6BS, 1 on 6DL, 1 on 6DS, 1 on 3BS, and 1 on 3BL). Multiple regulators of the same protein located on various chromosome arms were observed. Two novel subunits, named 1Bz and 1BDz, were found to have very similar structures to HMW-glutenin subunit 12 (encoded by Glu-D1-2a - see the relevant list below) and were located to chromosome arms 1BL and 1DL, respectively.'


Glu-A1v [{03137}]. [Glu-A1-VII {03137}]. VII {03137}. v: PI-308879 emmer wheat accession {03137}.

Glu-B1e {1116}. 20 {1116}. v: Federation.
Glu-B1e {1116}. 20 {1116}; 20+20y {03133}. v: Federation.

Glu-B1j {1116}. 21 {1116}. v: Dunav (rare).
Glu-B1j {1116}. 21 {1116}; 21x+21y {03116} v: Dunav (rare); Foison {03116}.

Glu-B1av [{03116}]. [Glu-B1r {03116}]. 7-18 {03116}. v: Triticor hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-B1aw [{03116}]. [Glu-B1s {03116}]. 6.8-20y {03116}. v: Carnac hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-B1ax [{03137}]. [Glu-B1-XV {03137}]. XV {03137}. v: PI 190922, BG-012302 emmer wheat accessions {03137}.
Glu-B1ay [{03137}]. [Glu-B1-XVI {03137}]. XVI {03137}. v: PI 277681 emmer wheat accession {03137}.
Glu-B1az [{03137}]. [Glu-B1-XVII {03137}]. XVII {03137}. v: PI 348620 emmer wheat accession {03137}.
Glu-B1ba [{03122}]. [Glu-B1-XVIII {03122}]. 13*+16 {03122}. v: PI 348767 spelt wheat accession {03122}.
Glu-B1bb [{03122}]. [Glu-B1-XIX {03122}]. 6+18´ {03122}. v: PI 348631 spelt wheat accession {03122}.
Glu-B1bc [{03138}]. 6+17 {03138}. v: ICDW 20975 {03138}.
Glu-B1bd [{03140}]. 20+8 {03140}. v: Abadía {03140}.

[{755}]. 2+T1+T2 {755} dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 5*+10 {03124}. v: Fiorello {03124}.

[{755}]. 2+T2 {755}. dv: T. tauschii.
[{755}]. 2+T2 {755}; 2t+12.2t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.

[{755}]. 3+T2 {755}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{755}]. 3+T2 {755}; 3t+12.2t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.

[{1578}]. 2.1+T1+T2 {1578}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{1578}]. 2.1+T2 [{1578}]; 2.1t+12.2t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.

[{1578}]. 3+T1+T2 {1578}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
Designation reserved by WJR.

Glu-D1ag [{1578}]. 1.5+T1+T2 {1578}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{1578}]. 1.5+T2 [{1578}]; 1.5t+12.2t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.

[{03122}]. [Glu-D1-I {03122}]. 2+12´ {03122}. v: PI 348495 spelt wheat accession {03122}.
[{03122}]. [Glu-D1-II {03122}]. 2+12* {03122}. v: PI 348672 spelt wheat accession {03122}.
[{03122}]. [Glu-D1-III {03122}]. 2.4+12 {03122}. v: PI 348473 spelt wheat accession {03122}.
[{03122}]. [Glu-D1-IV {03122}]. 2.5+12 {03122}. v: PI 348572 spelt wheat accession {03122}.
[{03124}]. 1.5t+10.1t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 2t+10.1t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}].1.5t+10.2t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}].3t+10.1t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}].2.1t+10.2t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}].2t+12.3t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}].1t+10t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}].1t+12t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}].1t+10.1t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.

Glu-D1az [{03124}]. 4t+12.2t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 1t+12.3t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 1.5t+11t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 1.5t+10.3t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 1t+11t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 2.1t+12.4t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 2t+12.1t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 3t+10.2t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 4t+10.1t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 4t+10.2t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 5t+11t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 5t+10.1t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 5t+12.2t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 5*t-null {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 5*t+12 {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.

To the end of the paragraph at the end of the Glu-D1 section concluding, after an amendment in the 2002 Supplement, with the sentence 'The authors named the locus Gli-DT1 (see below, section '3.2 Gliadins').', add this sentence:
'Reference to T1 has, consequently, been removed from the Glu-D1 list.'

After this change, add the following paragraphs:
'In {03124}, null alleles were observed for both Glu-D1-1 and Glu-D1-2, which, naturally, are not necessarily the same as those previously reported for this locus, meaning that composite alleles involving them in this study and corresponding to combinations apparently already listed in the Catalogue, may, in fact, represent novel alleles. It also was found that certain subunits of apparently identical relative mobility in SDS-PAGE showed different surface hydrophobicities in RP-HPLC; and the reverse situation was also observed (the same hydrophobicity but different electrophoretic mobilities).

It has been shown {03126} that the relatively small size of a y-type HMW glutenin subunit, named 12.4t (encoded by Glu-D1-1t [{03124}] - see the relevant list below) and carried by accession CPI110750 of Ae. tauschii, is due to the deletion of blocks of repetitive motifs, amounting to approximately 200 amino acids, probably caused by unequal crossing-over.

Note that the cultivar Fiorello is given as a standard for Glu-D1h encoding subunits 5+12 and for Glu-D1w encoding subunits 5*+10. An attempt to resolve this apparent conflict will be made in a future update.'


Glu-B1-1i. 21. v: Dunav.
Glu-B1-1i. 21; 21x {03116}. v: Dunav; Foison {03116}.

Glu-B1-1ac [{03116}]. 6.8 {03116}. v: Carnac hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-B1-1ad [{03122}]. 13* {03122}. v: PI-348767 spelt wheat accession {03122}.


Glu-B1-2z [{03116}]. 20y {03116}. v: Carnac hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-B1-2aa [{03122}]. 18´ {03122}. v: PI 348631 spelt wheat accession {03122}.
Glu-B1-2ab [{03116}]. 21y {03116}. v: Foison {03116}.


Glu-D1-1n [{03122}]. 2.4 {03122}. v: PI 348473 spelt wheat accession {03122}.
Glu-D1-1o [{03122}]. 2.5 {03122}. v: PI 348572 spelt wheat accession {03122}.
Glu-D1-1p [{03124}]. 1t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 5*t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.


Glu-D1-2q [{03122}]. 12´ {03122}. v: PI 348495 spelt wheat accession {03122}.
Glu-D1-2r [{03124}]. 12.1t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 12.3t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.
[{03124}]. 12.4t {03124}. dv: Ae. tauschii.


Glu-Hch1a {03114}. 1Hch {03114}. al: Accession H1 H. chilense {03114}.
Glu-Hch1b {03114}. 2Hch {03114}. al: Accession H11 H.chilense {03114}.
Glu-Hch1c {03114}. 3Hch {03114}. al: Accession H7 H. chilense {03114}.
Glu-Hch1d {03114}. 4Hch {03114}. al: Accession H16 H. chilense {03114}.
Glu-Hch1e {03114}. 5Hch {03114}. al: Accession H47 H. chilense {03114}.
Glu-Hch1f {03114}. 6Hch {03114}. al: Accession H220 H. chilense {03114}.
Glu-Hch1g {03114}. 7Hch {03114}. al: Accession H293 H. chilense {03114}.
Glu-Hch1h {03114}. 8Hch {03114}. al: Accession H297 H. chilense {03114}.
Glu-Hch1i {03114}. 9Hch {03114}. al: Accession H252 H. chilense {03114}.
Glu-Hch1j {03114}. 10Hch {03114}. al: Accession H210 H. chilense {03114}.

Follow this entry with the paragraph:
'38 accessions (natural populations) of Hordeum chilense carrying these 10 subunits have been used as the maternal parents of 121 lines of primary tritordeum, and evaluations for associations with bread-making quality initiated {03114}. Subunits 1Hch, 2Hch, and 3Hch were previously referred to as Hcha, Hchb, and Hchc {03112}.'


Glu-R1a {03116}. 1r-4r {03116}. v: Indiana hexaploid Triticale {03116}.

Glu-R1b {03116}. 2r-6.5r {03116}. v: Graâl hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-R1c {03116}. 6r-13r {03116}. v: Alamo hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-R1d {03116}. 2r-9r {03116}. v: Olympus hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-R1e {03116}. 6.5r {03116}. v: Clercal hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-R1f {03115}. 0.8r-6r {03115}. v: Carmara hexaploid Triticale {03115}.
Glu-R1g {03115}. 5.8r {03115}. v: Arrayan hexaploid Triticale {03115}.

Add the following two lists after the Glu-R1 list:
Glu-R1-1. 1R, 1RL.
Glu-R1-1a {03116}. 1r {03116}. v: Indiana hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-R1-1b {03116}. 2r {03116}. v: Graâl hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-R1-1c {03116}. 6r {03116}. v: Alamo hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-R1-1d {03115}. 0.8r {03115}. v: Carmara hexaploid Triticale {03115}.
Glu-R1-1e {03115}. 5.8r {03115}. v: Arrayan hexaploid Triticale {03115}.

Glu-R1-2. 1R, 1RL.
Glu-R1-2a {03116}. 4r {03116}. v: Indiana hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-R1-2b {03116}. 6.5r {03116}. v: Graâl hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-R1-2c {03116}. 13r {03116}. v: Alamo hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-R1-2d {03116}. 9r {03116}. v: Olympus hexaploid Triticale {03116}.

Followed by:
'There is a difficulty in the assignment of subunit 6r in the Glu-R1-1 and Glu-R1-2 lists, since it appears as an omega-type subunit in allele Glu-R1c and as a gamma-type subunit in allele Glu-R1f. It is currently provisionally assigned to the Glu-R1-1 list since, based upon its relative electrophoretic mobility, it is considered more likely to be an omega-type subunit. Some of the remaining designations should also be considered as provisional since they too are not free of ambiguity.

From study of chromosome substitutions in bread wheat {03117}, it was found that a chromosome 1R carrying HMW-secalin subunit 6.5r (Glu-R1e), originally derived from the 'Petkus' rye population, was associated with bread-making quality (i) intermediate between chromosome 1A carrying the null allele Glu-A1c and chromosome 1A carrying HMW-glutenin subunit 2* encoded by Glu-A1b; (ii) equivalent to a chromosome carrying HMW-glutenin subunit 7 encoded by Glu-B1a; and (iii) inferior to chromosomes 1D with distinct alleles.

A nomenclature system for prolamin banding patterns of triticale has been proposed in {03139}. Extensive allelic variation in triticale at the Glu-A1, Glu-B1, Glu-R1, and Gli-R2 loci has been reported in {03121}.'

At the end of the preamble to the Glu-3 section, which reads: 'it has now been demonstrated that, although the majority of the subunits are indeed controlled by genes on this group, some of the C subunits must be controlled by loci elsewhere in the genome {482}.', add the following paragraphs:

'A novel type of polymeric protein (Mr approx. 71000) has been reported in the Australian advanced breeding line DD-118 {03125}. It participates in the polymeric structure of glutenin (possibly as a chain terminator), and, with an Mr of approximately 71,000, could be considered as a D-subunit of LMW glutenin. However, N-terminal sequencing suggests it to be a Gli-B1-type w-gliadin that has acquired a cysteine residue through mutation.

In an electrophoretic survey of 51 primary tritordeums {03113}, 20 distinct whole-banding patterns (a­t), each consisting of between one and three bands, were observed for D-zone prolamins exhibiting glutenin-like solubility characteristics.

In 85 Japanese bread wheat cultivars and 61 elite, F6-breeding lines, three alleles were observed at each of Glu-A3 and Glu-B3, and two alleles at Glu-D3, named according to their parental origin in three doubled-haploid mapping populations {03135}.

C-type LMW-glutenin subunits in Chinese Spring have been assigned to chromosome groups 1 and 6, and shown to have sequences very similar to those of alpha- and gamma-gliadins {03134}. The authors suggest that they may be encoded by novel genes at loci tightly linked or present within the Gli-1 and Gli-2 loci, unlike other LMW-glutenin subunits encoded by the Glu-3 loci.

The HMW- and LMW-glutenin subunits carried by chromosome 1A^m^ of T. monococcum accession G1777 have been characterised electrophoretically and evaluated for quality characteristics using recombinant chromosome substitution lines with chromosome 1A of Chinese Spring {03142}. The HMW- subunits from G1777 are promising for bread-making quality, while its LMW-subunits are promising for biscuit-making quality.

The bread wheat cv. Salmone has been shown to carry two DNA fragments designated as SF720 and SF750 located on the chromosome 1B satellite and associated with the presence of two LMW-glutenin subunits {03143}. However, the authors suggest that they occur at a locus other than Glu-B3 due to their relatively high frequency of recombination with Gli-B3.

A naming system in which roman numerals are assigned to whole banding patterns for the LMW-glutenin subunits is given in {03131} as an alternative to the LMW-1/-2 system described in {03136}. A further system naming whole banding patterns from LMW-1 to LMW-23 in emmer wheat is described in {03137}.'


Glu-A3 (original bread wheat listing)
Glu-A3g {00113}.
Glu-A3h [{03116}]. [Glu-A3d´ {03116}]. v: Magistral hexaploid Triticale {03116}.

Add after this Glu-A3 list:
'In 112 bread wheat cultivars from Argentina, 11 microsatellite alleles plus a null allele were found at the Glu-A3 locus {03123}.'


Glu-B3 (original bread wheat listing)
Glu-B3m [{03120}]. [Glu-B3b´ {03120}]. v: Soissons {03120}.
Glu-B3n [{03120}]. [Glu-B3c´ {03120}]. v: Courtot {03120}.
Glu-B3o [{03116}]. [Glu-B3i´ {03116}]. v: Olympus hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-B3p [{03116}]. [Glu-B3k {03116}]. v: Alamo hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Glu-B3q [{03115}]. [Glu-B3h´ {03115}]. b Torote hexaploid Triticale {03115}.

Add after this Glu-B3 list:
'Currently there are two nomenclature systems described in the Catalogue for the B-LMW-glutenin subunits encoded by Glu-A3 and Glu-B3, one for bread wheat and triticale (above) and one for durum wheat {00114, 02110} (see separate lists below). In {03116}, it has been suggested that Glu-B3d in bread wheat is equivalent to Glu-B3a in durum wheat, and that (referring to article {03127}) B-LMW subunits observed in some Portuguese triticales can be of the durum type. There would appear, therefore, to be room for unifying the distinct nomenclature systems currently in use.'


Add at the bottom of the section:
'The isolation of a new LMW-glutenin subunit gene, located on chromosome 1D, was reported in {0350}.'.

3.2. Gliadins

At the end of the preamble, which, after an amendment made in the 2001 Supplement, reads: 'The authors placed some of the results in the context of the possible ancestor of the B genome and relationships with the barley C-hordeins and rye w-secalins.', add the following paragraph:
'11 new gliadin alleles have been found in a collection of 52 Spanish landraces of bread wheat {03141}; these will be incorporated into the Gli-1 and Gli-2 allelic lists in the next Supplement.'

After the Gli-A1 list, add:
'An allele Gli-A1f* is mentioned in {03130}.'

After the Gli-B1 list, add:
'In 112 bread wheat cultivars from Argentina, 12 microsatellite alleles plus a null allele were found at the Gli-B1 locus tightly linked to Glu-B3 {03123}.'

After the entry for Gli-R1, add the comment:
'Sec-12 and Sec-13 are given as allelic alternatives in T1BL·1RS translocation lines by {03132}.'


Gli-R2a {03116}. d1 {03116}. v: Carnac hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Gli-R2b {03116}. d2 {03116}. v: Mostral hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Gli-R2c {03116}. t1 {03116}. v: Alamo hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Gli-R2d {03116}. null {03116}. v: Triticor hexaploid Triticale {03116}.
Gli-R2e {03115}. t2 {03115}. v: Tornado hexaploid {03116}.

5. Other proteins

5.6. Waxy Proteins

Wx-A1b. tv: MG 826 {03101}.
Add at the end of Wx-A1 section: 'A variant allele was present in one Iranian and one Italian accession {03101}.'.

Wx- B1. tv: A variant allele was present in three accessions {03101}.
Wx-D1d. v: One Iranian and one Italian accession {03101}.

At the end of section insert: 'Various hard and soft wheats with the alleles Wx-A1b, Wx-B1b and Wx-D1b are listed in {0304}.

5.8. Puroindolines
This section was revised by Craig F. Morris, and is included in its entirety below.

Puroindoline a and b are the major components of friabilin, a protein complex that is associated with grain texture (see 'Grain Hardness'). The name 'puroindoline' and the complete amino-acid sequence of puroindoline a were given in {0382} from cv. Camp Rémy. Hard grain texture in hexaploid wheat results from unique changes in the puroindoline amino acid sequence or, currently, four null forms {0295} of the completely linked genes (max. map distance 4.3 cM) {452}. Tetraploid (AABB and AAGG) wheats lack puroindolines and are consequently very hard {03103}. A searchable database of wheat varieties and their puroindoline genotype is available at http://www.wsu.edu/~wwql/php/puroindoline.php. Grain softness protein-1 is a closely related gene that is closely located to the puroindoline genes {03111, 1185}. 'GenBank' and 'dbEST' refer to sequence databases available at NCBI (also available through EMBL and DDBJ).

Pina-A1 {03103, 03108, 03104}.dv: T. urartu unspecified accession {03103}; TA763 (GenBank AJ302094) {03108, 03104}; TA808 (GenBank AJ302095) {03108, 03104}.

Pina-D1. 5DS {452}. v: CS {452}; Capitole (GenBank X69914) {03110}.
Pina-D1a {452}. v: Aurelio Pinb-D1a {0249}; Bellevue {0249}; Bezostaja Pinb-D1b {0249}; Bilancia
Pinb-D1a {0249}; Bolero Pinb-D1a {0249}; Brasilia Pinb-D1b {0249}; Centauro Pinb-D1a {0249}; Cerere Pinb-D1b {0249}; Chinese Spring Pinb-D1a {452,0249}; Colfiorito Pinb-D1b {0249}; Cologna 21 Pinb-D1b {0249}; Courtot {0249}; David Pinb-D1b {0249}; Democrat Pinb-D1b {0249}; Etruria Pinb-D1b {0249}; Fortuna {0249}; Francia Pinb-D1b {0249}; Galaxie {0249}; Gemini Pinb-D1b {0249}; Genio Pinb-D1b {0249}; Gladio Pinb-D1b {0249}; Heron {1035}; Lampo Pinb-D1a {0249}; Leone Pinb-D1a {0249}; Leopardo Pinb-D1a {0249}; Libero Pinb-D1a {0249}; Livio Pinb-D1a {0249}; Marberg Pinb-D1b {0249}; Mentana Pinb-D1a {0249}; Mieti Pinb-D1b {0249}; Mosè Pinb-D1a {0249}; Neviana Pinb-D1a {0249}; Newana Pinb-D1b {0249}; Oscar Pinb-D1a {0249}; Pandas Pinb-D1b {0249}; Pascal Pinb-D1b {0249}; Penawawa Pinb-D1a {03104}; Sagittario Pinb-D1b {0249}; Salgemma Pinb-D1b {0249}; Saliente Pinb-D1b {0249}; Salmone Pinb-D1b {0249}; Serena Pinb-D1a {0249}; Serio Pinb-D1b {0249}; Soissons {0249}; Veda Pinb-D1b {0249}; Zena Pinb-D1b {0249}.

Pina-D1a is present in all soft hexaploid wheats and possibly all hard hexaploid wheats that carry a hardness mutation in puroindoline b {452, 1035, 0082, 0204, 0295}.
dv: Ae. tauschii unspecified accession (GenBank AJ249935) {03103}; TA1583 (GenBank AY252029) Pinb-D1a, Gsp-D1b {03105}; TA2475 (GenBank AY252037) Pinb-D1i, Gsp-D1b {03105}; TA1599 (GenBank AY252011) Pinb-D1j, Gsp-D1g {03105}; TA1691 (GenBank AY252013) Pinb-D1j, Gsp-D1h {03105}.

Pina-D1b {1035}. Null allele v: Amidon Pinb-D1a {0249}; Barra Pinb-D1a {0249}; Butte 86 {1035}; Ciano Pinb-D1a {0249}; Dorico Pinb-D1a {0249}; Eridano {0249}; Falcon {1035}; Fortuna (USA) Pinb-D1a {0249}; Glenman Pinb-D1a {0249}; Golia Pinb-D1a {0249}; Guadalupe Pinb-D1a {0249}; Inia 66 Pinb-D1a {0249}; Jecora Pinb-D1a {0249}; Indice Pinb-D1a {0249}; Kalyansona {0249}; Manital Pinb-D1a {0249}; Mendos Pinb-D1a {0249}; Padus Pinb-D1a {0249}; Prinqual Pinb-D1a {0249}; Sibilia Pinb-D1a {0249}; Super X {0249}; Yecora Rojo {0204}.
i: Falcon/7*Heron, Heron/7*Falcon {03109}; Heron/7*Falcon sel.{0298,0203}; Gamenya sib {0298,0203}.

Present only in some hard hexaploid wheats. Pina-D1b is associated with harder texture than Pinb-D1b {0177, 0206}.

Pina-D1c {03105}. dv: Ae. tauschii TA2369 (GenBank AY252031) Pinb-D1h, Gsp-D1c; TA2527 (GenBank AY252015) Pinb-D1h, Gsp-D1e; TA2536 (GenBank AY251998) Pinb-D1i, Gsp-D1d {03105}.
Pina-D1d {03105}. dv: Ae. tauschii PI452131 (GenBank AJ302098) Pinb-D1i {03104}; PI554318 (GenBank AJ302099) Pinb-D1k {03104}; TA1649 (GenBank AY251963) Pinb-D1h, Gsp-D1f {03105}; TA2374 (GenBank AY251948) Pinb-D1i, Gsp-D1d {03105}; TA2512 (GenBank AY252042) Pinb-D1i, Gsp-D1e {03105}; TA2455 (GenBank AY252022) Pinb-D1i, Gsp-D1f {03105}.
Pina-D1e {03105}. dv: Ae. tauschii TA2458 (GenBank AY252034) Pinb-D1i, Gsp-D1d {03105}; TA2495 (GenBank AY252041) Pinb-D1i, Gsp-D1e {03105}.
Pina-D1f {03105}. dv: Ae. tauschii TA2436 (GenBank AY1998) Pinb-D1i, Gsp-D1d {03105}.

Pina-A^m^1 {0083}. 5A^m^S {0083}. dv: T. monococcum DV92 (cultivated), G3116 (subsp. aegilopoides) (GenBank AJ242715) {0083}; unspecified accession (GenBank AJ249933) {03103}; PI277138 (GenBank AJ302093) {03104}; PI418582 (GenBank AJ302092) {03104}; T. monococcum subsp. monococcum TA2025, TA2026, TA2037 {03108}; T. monococcum subsp. aegilopoides TA183, TA291, TA546, TA581 {03108}.

In T. monococcum Pina-A^m^1 is completely linked to Gsp-A^m^1 {0083}.

Pina-S1 {03108}. dv: Ae. speltoides PI393494 (GenBank AJ302096) {03104}; PI369616 (GenBank AJ302097) {03104}; Ae. speltoides var. speltoides TA2368, TA1789 {03108}; Ae. speltoides var.ligustica TA1777 {03108}.
Pina-Sb1 {03108}. dv: Ae. bicornis var. typica TA1954, TA1942 {03108}.
Pina-Sl1 {03108}. dv: Ae. longissima var. longissima TA1912 {03108}; Ae. longissima var. nova TA1921 {03108}.
Pina-Ss1 {03108}. dv: Ae. searsii TA1837, TA1355 {03108}.
Pina-Ssh1 {03108}. dv: Ae. sharonensis TA1999 {03108}.

Pinb-A1 {03108, 03104}. dv: T. urartu TA763 (GenBank AJ302103) {03108, 03104}; TA808 (GenBank AJ302104){03108, 03104}
Pinb-D1. 5DS {452}. v: CS {452}; Capitole (GenBank X69912) {03110}.
Pinb-D1a {452}. v: Adder Pina-D1a {0317}; Amidon Pina-D1b {0249}; Aurelio Pina-D1a {0249}; Barra Pina-D1b {0249}; Bilancia Pina-D1a {0249}; Bolero Pina-D1a {0249}; Centauro Pina-D1a {0249}; Chinese Spring Pina-D1a {452,0249}; Ciano Pina-D1b {0249}; Dorico Pina-D1b {0249}; Fortuna (USA) Pina-D1b {0249}; Glenman Pina-D1b {0249}; Golia Pina-D1b {0249}; Guadalupe Pina-D1b {0249}; Hill 81 {452}; Inia 66 Pina-D1b {0249}; Jecora Pina-D1b {0249}; Idice Pina-D1b {0249}; Karl Pina-D1a {0317}; Lampo Pina-D1a {0249}; Leone Pina-D1a {0249}; Leopardo Pina-D1a {0249}; Libero Pina-D1a {0249}; Livio Pina-D1a {0249}; Manital Pina-D1b {0249}; Mendos Pina-D1b {0249}; Mentana Pina-D1a {0249}; Mosè Pina-D1a {0249}; Neviano Pina-D1a {0249}; Oscar Pina-D1a {0249}; Padus Pina-D1b {0249}; Penawawa Pina-D1a {03104}; Prinqual Pina-D1b {0249}; Serena Pina-D1a {0249}; Sibilia Pina-D1b {0249} Sigyn II Pina-D1a {0317}.

Pinb-D1a is present in all soft hexaploid wheats and possibly all hard hexaploid wheats carrying the Pina-D1b, -D1c, -D1d, -D1e, -D1f, and -D1g mutations {452, 1035, 0082, 0204, 0295}.

dv: Ae. tauschii unspecified accession (GenBank AJ249936) {03103}; TA1583 (GenBank AY1981) Pina-D1a, Gsp-D1b {03105}.

Pinb-D1b {452}. 5DS {452} i: Paha*2//Early Blackhull/5*Paha {0203,0298}; Early Blackhull der./5*Nugaines sel. {0203,0298}; hard sib sel. from Weston {03107}.
s: CS*7/Cheyenne 5D {452}.
v: Bastion Pina-D1a {0317}; Bezostaya Pina-D1a {0249}; Brasilia Pina-D1a {0249}; Cerere Pina-D1a {0249}; Colfiorito Pina-D1a {0249}; Cologna 21 Pina-D1a {0249}; David Pina-D1a {0249}; Democrat Pina-D1a {0249}; Etruria Pina-D1a {0249}; Francia Pina-D1a {0249}; Gemini Pina-D1a {0249}; Genio Pina-D1a {0249}; Gladio Pina-D1a {0249}; Marberg Pina-D1a {0249}; Mieti Pina-D1a {0249}; Newana Pina-D1a {0249}; Pandas Pina-D1a {0249}; Pascal Pina-D1a {0249}; Sagittario Pina-D1a {0249}; Salgemma Pina-D1a {0249}; Saliente Pina-D1a {0249}; Salmone Pina-D1a {0249}; Serio Pina-D1a {0249}; Thatcher {0204}; Veda Pina-D1a {0249}; Wanser {452}; Zena Pina-D1a {0249}; hard component of Turkey {0204}.

Pinb-D1b is a 'loss-of-function' mutation resulting from the replacement of a glycine by a serine at position 46 {452}.

Pinb-D1c {0082}. v: Avle {0082}; Reno {0082}; Tjalve {0082}; Bjorke {0082}; Portal {0082}.

Pinb-D1c is a 'loss-of-function' mutation resulting from the replacement of a leucine by a proline at position 60 {0082}.

Pinb-D1d {0082}. v: Bercy {0082}; Mjolner {0082}.

Pinb-D1d is a 'loss-of-function' mutation resulting from the replacement of a tryptophan by an arginine at position 44 {0082}.

Pinb-D1e {0204}. v: Gehun {0204}; Canadian Red {0204}; Chiefkan {0204}.

Pinb-D1e is a 'loss-of-function' mutation resulting from the replacement of a tryptophan by a stop codon at position 39 {0204}.

Pinb-D1f {0204}. v: The hard component of Utac {0204}.

Pinb-D1f is a 'loss-of-function' mutation resulting from the replacement of a tryptophan by a stop codon at position 44 {0204}.

Pinb-D1g {0204}. v: Andrews {0204}.

Pinb-D1g is a 'loss-of-function' mutation resulting from the replacement of a cysteine by a stop codon at position 56 {0204}.

Pinb-D1h {03105}. dv: Ae. tauschii TA2369 Pina-D1c, Gsp-D1c {03105}; TA2527 Pina-D1c, Gsp-D1e {03105};
TA1649 Pina-D1d, Gsp-D1f {03105}.

Pinb-D1i {03105}. dv: Ae. tauschii TA2475 (GenBank AY251989) Pina-D1a, Gsp-D1b {03105}; TA2536 (GenBank AY251993) Pina-D1c, Gsp-D1d {03105}; TA2374 (GenBank AY1948) Pina-D1d, Gsp-D1d {03105}; TA2512 (GenBank AY251992) Pina-D1d, Gsp-D1e {03105}; TA2455 (GenBank AY251972) Pina-D1d, Gsp-D1f {03105}; TA2458 (GenBank AY1986) Pina-D1e, Gsp-D1d {03105}; TA2495 (GenBank AY1991) Pina-D1e, Gsp-D1e; TA2436 Pina-D1f, Gsp-D1d{03105}.

Pinb-D1j {03105}. dv: Ae. tauschii TA1599 Pina-D1a, Gsp-D1g {03105}; TA1691 Pina-D1a, Gsp-D1h {03105}.

Pinb-D1k. dv: Ae. tauschii PI554318 (GenBank AJ302108) Pina-D1d {03104}.

Pinb-A^m^1 {0083}. 5A^m^S {0083}. dv: T. monococcum DV92 (cultivated), G3116 (subsp. aegilopoides) (GenBank AJ242716){0083}; unspecified accession (GenBank AJ249934){03103} is identical to allele Pina-D1h {03105}; PI277138 (GenBank AJ302102) {03104}; PI418582 (GenBank AJ302101) {03104}.

In T. monococcum Pinb-A^m^1 is 0.1 cM proximal to Pina-A^m^1 and both loci are less than 36 kb apart {0083}.

Pinb-S1 {03108}. dv: Ae. speltoides PI393494 (GenBank AJ302105) {03104}; PI369616 (GenBank AJ302106) {03104}; Ae. speltoides var. speltoides TA2368, TA1789 {03108}; Ae. speltoides var. ligustica TA1777 {03108}.

Pinb-S^b^1 {03108}. dv: Ae. bicornis var. typica TA1954, TA1942 {03105}.
Pinb-S^l^1 {03108}. dv: Ae. longissima var. longissima TA1912 {03108}; Ae. longissima var. nova TA1921 {03108}.
Pinb-S^s^1 {03108}. dv: Ae. searsii TA1837, TA1355 {03105}.
Pinb-S^sh^1 {03108}. dv: Ae. sharonensis TA1999 {03105}.

Pinb-D1b, Pinb-D1c, Pinb-D1d, Pinb-D1e, Pinb-D1f, or Pinb-D1g were present in hard hexaploid wheats not carrying the Pina-D1b (null) mutation {452, 1035, 0082, 0204, 0295}.

Wheats with Pinb-D1b were slightly softer and slightly superior to those with Pina-D1b in milling and bread-making characteristics although there was considerable overlap {0206}.

Transgenic rice with the Pina-D1a and Pinb-D1a alleles possessed softer grain {0207}.

Genotypes for a selection of North American wheats are given in {0204}.

Gsp-1 {1185}.
Gsp-A1 {614}. 5A {614, 0383}. v: CS {614, 0383}; Rosella (GenBank AF177218) {0383}.
In {1185} partial-sequence clone TSF61 from cv. Soft Falcon (GenBank X80380) is identical to this allele.
Gsp-B1 {614}. 5B {614}. v: CS {614}; Glenlea {0385}.
In {1185} sequence of clone TSF33 from cv. Soft Falcon (GenBank X80379) is identical to this allele, as are ESTs for cv. CS (dbEST BJ235798) and cv. CNN (dbEST BE423845).
Gsp-D1 {614}. 5DS {614}. v: CS {614}; Glenlea {0385}.
ma: Cosegregation of Gsp-D1 and Ha {614}.
dv: Ae. tauschii CPI110799 (GenBank AF177219) {0383}.
In {1185} sequence of clone TSF69 from cv. Soft Falcon (GenBank S72696) is identical, as are ESTs for cv. CS (dbEST BJ237450) and cv. CNN (dbEST BE422565).

Gsp-D1b {03105}. dv: Ae. tauschii TA1583 (GenBank AY252079) Pina-D1a, Pinb-D1a {03105}; TA2475 (GenBank AY252087) Pina-D1a, Pina-D1i {03105}.
Gsp-D1c {03105}. dv: Ae. tauschii TA2369 (GenBank AY252081) Pina-D1c, Pinb-D1h {03105}; CPI110799 (GenBank AF177219) {0383}.
Gsp-D1d {03105}. dv: Ae. tauschii TA2536 (GenBank AY252093) Pina-D1c, Pinb-D1i {03105}; TA2374 (GenBank AY252046) Pina-D1d, Pinb-D1i {03105}; TA2458 (GenBank AY252084) Pina-D1e, Pinb-D1i {03105}; TA2436 (GenBank AY252048) Pina-D1f, Pinb-D1i {03105}.
Gsp-D1e. dv: Ae. tauschii TA2527 (GenBank AY252066) Pina-D1c, Pinb-D1h {03105}; TA2512 (GenBank AY252092) Pina-D1d, Pinb-D1i {03105}; TA2495 (GenBank AY252091) Pina-D1e, Pinb-D1i {03105}.
Gsp-D1f. dv: Ae. tauschii TA1649 (GenBank AY252063) Pina-D1d, Pinb-D1h {03105}; TA2455 (GenBank AY252073) Pina-D1d, Pinb-D1i {03105}.
Gsp-D1g. dv: Ae. tauschii TA1599 (GenBank AY252062) Pina-D1a, Pinb-D1j {03105}.
Gsp-D1h. dv: Ae. tauschii TA1691 (GenBank AY252064) Pina-D1a, Pinb-D1j {03105}.


Response to Vernalization

At the end of the introductory paragraph add: 'On the other hand Japanese workers {0305} claim that Vrn-B1 corresponds only to the former Vrn2 and not to Vrn4.'.

At the end of the second paragraph add: 'Vrn-Am1 was mapped to the Xcdo504-5A - Xpsr426-5A region {0312}. In the opinion of the curators this location may not be correct.

At the bottom of the section add: 'The development of a dCAPS marker from RFLP marker WG644 as a molecular tag for Vrn-B1 was reported in {0305}.'.
ma: Xwg644-5B - 1.7 cM - Vrn-B1 {0305}; Vrn-B1 - 2.5 cM - Xgwm408-5B {0337}.

At the end of the first paragraph add: 'Vrn-Am2 was mapped to the distally located Xwg114-5A - Xwec87-5A region {0312}.'.

Restorers for Cytoplasmic Male Sterility

3. Restorers for photoperiod-sensitive Aegilops crassa cytoplasm

At end of section add: 'Several Japanese wheats carry a similar or equally effective gene combination {0335}.'.

Pathogenic Disease/Pest Reaction

Reaction to Blumeria tritici (formerly Erysiphe graminis)
Pm1a. ma:
Complete cosegregation of several markers including Xcdo347-7A, Xpsr121-7A, Xpsr680-7A, Xpsr687-7A, Xbzh232(Tha)-7A, Xrgc607-7A, and Xsts638-7A with Pm1 and Lr20 was reported in {0323}.

Pm1e {0322}. v: See earlier listings under Pm22.

Pm3. ma: Xgdm33-1A - 2.3cM - Pm3/Xpsp2999-1A {0313}. Genotype list: {0313}.

Pm3d. v: Axona {0313}; Cornette {0313}; Indian 4 {0313}; Kadett {0313}; Kleiber {0313}.

Pm3g. 1AS (0363} v: Champêtre {0313}; Lutin {0313}; Oradian {0313}: Rubens {0313}; Soissons {0313}; Valois {0313}.
Add: 'Pm3g is completely linked to microsatellite Xpsp2999 in {0363}.'.

Pm4b. ma:
Xgwm382-2A - ±10 cM - Pm4b - ±2 cM - XgbxG303 [{0354}].

Pm22 {1134}. 1D {1134}. Transfer v: listings to Pm1e and delete comment at the end of Pm22 section.

Pm29. ma: i co-segregates with several markers {0129}.

Pm31 {0301}. v: G-305-M/781//3*Jing 411 {0301}. tv: T. dicoccoides G-305-M {0301}.

mljy {0339}. 7B {0339}. v: Jieyan 94-1-1 Pm8 {0339}. Recessive, hemizygous-effective {0339}.

mlsy {0339}. 7B {0339}. v: Siyan 94-2-1 {0339}. Recessive, hemizygous-effective {0339}.

QTL: QTL on chromosomes 1A, 2A, 2B, 3A, 5D, 6A, and 7B were detected in a RE714/Festin population in multiple locations and over multiple years. The QTL on chromosome 5D was detected in all environments and all years and is associated with markers Xgwm639-5D and Xgwm174-5D. Resistance was contributed by RE714. A QTL coinciding with MlRE on 6A also was detected in all environments. The QTL on chromosomes 5D and 6A accounted for 45 % to 61 % of the phenotypic variation {0354}.


Reaction to Diuraphis noxia

Dn2. ma: Add 'XksuA1-7D - 9.9 cM - Dn2 - 2.8 cM - Xgwm437-7D {0353}.'.
Add 'Xgwm106-1D - 7.4 cM - Dn4 - 12.9 cM - Xgwm337-1D {0352}.'.
Add 'Dn6 - 3.0 cM - Xgwm111 {0352}.'.

Reaction to Fusarium graminearum

QFhs.ndsu-3AS{0372}. 3AS {0372}. tv: T. turgidum subsp. dicoccoides. Recombinant substitution lines LDN and LDN(Dic-3A). The resistant allele was contributed by dicoccoides {0372}.
ma: Associated with Xgwm2-3A (explained 37 % of the phenotypic variation) {0372}.

QTL: QTLs were located in 3BS, 2BL and 2AS in Ning 7840/Clark. The most effective QTL was probably in an interval, flanked by deletions 3BS-3 and -8 and was close to Xgwm533-3B and Xbarc147-3B {0328}.

Reaction to Heterodena avenae

CreR {0318}. 6RL. ad: Wheat + 6R {0318}; Wheat + 6RL {0318}; Various deletion stocks {0318}.
al: Triticale T-701
ma: Deletion mapping indicated CreR was located near Got-R2 {0318}.

Reaction to Magnaporthe grisea

M. grisea is a pathogen of blast on many graminaceous species, the best known of which is rice. In Brazil it has become a pathogen of wheat. The wheat pathotype(s) is different from those attacking other species such as rice, oats, millets, and weeping lovegrass.

Rmg1 {0333}. Rwt4 {0302}. v: Norin 4 {0302}.
A second gene designated Rwt3 {0302} was present in Chinese Spring and Norin 4. Genes Rwt3 and Rwt4 were detected using hybrids of Triticum-virulent and Avena-virulent pathogen isolates.


Reaction to Mayetiola destructor

H21. ma: A STS primer set SJ07 was developed to identify 2RL, and hence H21 {0233}.

H30 {0256}. Derived from Ae. triuncialis {0256}.v: TR-3531 {0256}. al: Ae. triuncialis {0256}.

H31 {0332}. 5BS {0332}. v: P961696 {0332}. tv: CI3984 {0332}.
ma: STS marker Xupw148-5B - 3 cM - H31 {0332}.


Reaction to Mycosphaerella graminicola

Stb6. v: Add: 'Bezostaya {0187}; Hereward {0187}; Shafir {0187}; Vivant {0187}.'
ma: Stb6 - 2cM - Xwgm369-3A {0187}.

Stb7 {0311}. 4AL {0311}. v: ST6 = Estanzuela Federal {0310,0311}.
ma: Xwmc219-4A ­ 0.8cM ­ Xwmc-4A ­ 0.3cM ­ Stb7 {0311}.

Stb8 {0326}. 7BL {0326}. v: Synthetic hexaploid W7984 (parent of ITMI population) {0326}.
ma: Xgwm146 - 3.5cM - Stb8 - 5.3cM - Xgwm577 {0326}.

Reaction to Pratylenchus spp.
1. Reaction to Pratylenchus neglectus

Rlnn1. ma: Mapped between markers Xpsr121-7A and Xgwm344-7A and 9 cM proximal to Lr20 {0374}.

Reaction to Puccinia graminis

Sr2. ma: Xgwm389-3B - 2.7 cM - Sr2 - 1.1 cM - Xglk683 {0358}.

Sr15. ma: Associated with clustered markers {0323}.

Sr24. 3DL. v: At the end of section add: 'List of Australian genotypes {0340}.'.

Sr31. ma: Several markers tightly linked with Sr31 were identified in {0377}.

Sr33. ma: Xmwg60-1D - 5.8 cM - Sr33 - 2.2 cM - Xwmg2083-1D {0360}.

SrR. ma: Several markers tightly linked with SrR were identified in {0377}.

Reaction to Puccinia striiformis Westend.

Yr5. v: By 33 {03102}.
ma: Yr5 - 10.5 & 13.3 cM - Xgwm501-2B {03102}.

Yr9. ma: Several markers tightly linked with Yr9 were identified in {0377}.

Yr10. ma: Yr10 - 1.2 cM - Xpsp3000-1B - 4.0 cM - Gli-B1 {0321}.Cosegregation between a RGA marker RgaYr10a and Yr10 was reported in {0376}.

Yr15. v: Add: 'Boson {0330}; Agrestis {0330}.'

Yr25. v: Add: 'Tugela {0314}; Tugela-DN {0314}.'

Yr29 {0119}. Add: 'See Lr46.'.

Yr31 {0325}. 2BS {0325}. v: Pastor {0325}.
ma: recombination values: Yr31 - Yr27 0.148; Yr31 - Lr23 0.295; Yr27 - Lr23 0.131 {0325}.

YrMor. ma: The development of an STS marker, derived from an AFLP fragment, that co-segregates with YrMor was reported in {0357}.

Add at the end of this section:
QTL: Two QTL in 'Camp Remy/Michigan Amber' were located on chromosomes 2BL (QYR1, LOD score 12) and 2AL (QYR2, 2.2) {0304}. Four QTL were scored in the ITMI population. The most effective (QYR3, 7.4) on chromosome 2BS was probably Yr27, the others were located on 7DS (QYR4, 3.4), 5A (QYR5, 2.8), 3D (QYR6, 2.8), and 6DL (QYR7, 2.4) {0304}.

Reaction to Puccinia triticina (formerly P. recondita tritici)

Lr10. v: At the end of section add: 'See also {0337}.'.

Lr17a. v: Jagger {0338}.
At the end of Lr17 section add: ' {0337} (European cultivars).

Lr20. ma: Complete cosegregation of several markers including Xcdo347-7A, Xpsr121-7A, Xpsr680-7A, Xpsr687-7A, Xbzh232(Tha)-7A, Xrgc607-7A, and Xsts638-7A with Pm1 and Lr20 was reported in {0323}.

Lr21. ma: Add at the end of the sentence starting 'All members of the Lr21 family ':'XksuD14-1D was reported to map 1.8 cM proximal to Lr21 in {0375}.'Lr21 - 0 cM - rgaYr10b - 0.6 cM - Xgdm33-1D {0360}.

Lr24. 3DL. v: At the end of section add: 'List of Australian genotypes {0340}.'.

Lr26. ma: Several markers tightly linked with Lr26 were identified in {0377}.

Lr46. ma: An AFLP marker associated with Lr46 with a recombination value of about 10% was identified in {0119}.

Lr48 4BL {0329}. v: Dove Lr34 {0329}.

Lr49. 2AS (0329}.v: Tonichi Lr34 { 0329}.
{0308}. 1BL {0308}. i: Express*7/T1 {0308}; Kern*7/T1 {0308}; UC1037*7/T2 {0308}.
v: Neepawa*6/ Ae. speltoides F-7, selections 3 and 12 {0306}. Interstitial translocations T1AS·1AL-1S#F7-12L-1AL {0308} = T1; T1BS·1BL-1S#F7L-1BL {0306}.
al: Ae. speltoides F-7 selections 3 and 12 {0306}.

ma: linked with RFLP markers Xmwg710 - XAga7 {0308}.

Genotype lists: Add {0334} to (U.S.A. cultivars).


Reaction to Pyrenophora tritici-repentis

2. Resistance to chlorosis induction

Tsc1. Add: 'Tsc1, or a closely associated gene, confers insensitivity to Ptr ToxC {see 0315}'. Inoculation with purified toxin Ptr ToxC was used to map this locus 5.7 cM proximal to XGli-1A {0315}.
ma: Gli1 - 5.7cM - Tsc1 ('Ptr ToxC') {0315}.


Reaction to Schizaphis graminum
7DL {0319}. v: TAM110 {0319}; TXGBE373 {0319}.
ma: Completely associated with 2 AFLP markers {0319}. These also were present in germ plasm line KS89WGRC4, implying the likelihood of Gb3 or a closely linked resistance gene {0319}.

Reaction to Sitodiplosis mosellana

Pest: Add at the end of the pest common names: 'This pest should not be confused with Contarinia tritici, the yellow blossom wheat midge.'.


Reaction to Tapesia yallundae (formerly Pseudocosporella herpotrichoides)

Pch2. Add after the present entry: 'According to {0380}, this gene is not effective at the adult plant stage. Instead, the adult resistance of Cappelle-Desprez was controlled by a gene on chromosome 5A with the possibility of two less effective genes on 1A and 2B.



To the references in the first paragraph in the 2001 Supplement, add: '187'.

 Chromosome 1BS
  Gli-B1  - Xgwm11/Xgwm18-1B   .  20.7 cM {0321}
 Chromosome 1BL
 Centromere  -  Lr51  0.41 {0307},  50 ­ 86 cM {0308}.
 Chromosome 7BS
 Hl2  -  centromere  0.143 ± 0,035 {0316}.  
 Chromosome 7DL
 Centromere . . . Xgwm111-7D  -  Gb3    22.5 cM {0319}.
 Gb3  -  Xgwm428-7D    33.1 cM {0319}.
 Pm29  -  Pm19    Independent {0129}.

Additions to Summary Table 1


 CK2a  Casein Kinase 2a subunit.
 Cyp71C  Cytochrome P450 mono-oxygenase CYP71C subfamily.
 Msh7  DNA mismatch repair gene.
 Sut-1  Sucrose transporter-1.





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