Announcement of the Wheat Fingerprinting Database.

Announcement of the Wheat Fingerprinting Database [p. 13]

CIMMYT is pleased to announce the release of the Wheat Fingerprinting Database, a Microsoft Access™ Database containing molecular-marker characterization data from wheat germ plasm. This germ plasm includes CIMMYT cultivars, breeding lines, and landraces. A simple user's manual is included as an additional Microsoft WORD™ file. Both files are downloadable from the CIMMYT website at If your internet connection does not support downloading large files, you may obtain a free CD-ROM version from CIMMYT by contacting Liliana Villaseñor ( Microsoft Access must already be installed on your computer in order to open and run the database.

The database was constructed around linked tables containing information on the studies that generated the data, the genotypes that were fingerprinted, the markers used in fingerprinting, and the marker data itself. Users may input or receive data in various formats through the use of forms provided with the program, and query functions allow subsets of data to be generated. Currently, all data are from individuals from heterogenous populations or pure lines, but a second table that handles population data (with multiple alleles and allele frequencies) is available and marker data will be available in this table in the near future. The CIMMYT Wheat Fingerprinting Database currently holds 32,518 data points, which are all SSR marker loci scored in five separate studies, which analyzed between 40 and 240 individuals or pure lines; marker data for 494 genotypes total are currently available. Both the functionalities (form tools and queries) and the data are expected to increase in the future, and the database on the CIMMYT website will be updated periodically.

This data is freely available without restrictions, however, please use the citation below when referring to the database in published works and posters. Comments and questions about the database and its contents may be referred to Marilyn Warburton ( We are particularly interested in receiving feedback about the usefulness of the data and how it is being utilized.

Correct citation. Warburton M, Norgaard J, Lopez C, and Alarcon JC. 2004. CIMMYT Molecular Characterization Data for Wheat (CD-ROM). Mexico D.F.: CIMMYT.

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