2010 Hard Winter Wheat Workers Workshop


Session I: Adventures in Wheat Breeding

  1. The ghosts of wheat breeding – past, present, and future. P. Stephen Baenziger and Friends.

  2. 2010, A Wheat Odyssey (reflections on private wheat breeding in the Southern Plains). Sid Perry.

  3. The search for broad adaptation and genetic diversity: the experience of an international breeding program. Alexey Morgounov.

Session II: Wheat Quality

  1. Association analysis of hard white wheat high- and low-molecular-weight glutenin subunits and their relationship to end-use functionality. Sarah Harmer, Bradford Seabourn, Paul St. Amand, and Guihua Bai.

  2. A new viscoelastic test for assessing wheat gluten strength. Steven Mulvaney, Patricia Rayas-Duarte, Bo Allvin, Stephen Delwiche, Bradford Seabourn, Patrick McCluskey, and Rangan Chinnaswamy.

  3. Induction of wheat antioxidants. Ronald Madl, Allan Fritz, C. Michael Smith, Brad Seabourn, and Tom Herald.

Session III: Abiotic Stresses

  1. Improving drought stress tolerance in wheat: A grand challenge for the 21st century. P.F. Byrne, M. Moragues, and S.D. Haley.

  2. Mid-season determinations of nitrogen need to maximize yield and optimize inputs. Daryl Brian Arnall.

  3. Wheat tolerance to aluminum toxicity in Asian and U.S. wheat. D.D. Zhang, G.H. Bai, B.F. Carver, C.S. Zhu, and J.M. Yu.

Session IV: Wheat Disease

  1. Exploring plant susceptibility genes in pest management. Ming-Shun Chen.

  2. Integrating genetic resistance and fungicides for Fusarium head blight management. Erick De Wolf.

  3. Genetic dissection of wheat–necrotrophic fungus interactions: breeder beware! Justin D. Faris, Timothy L. Friesen, and Steven S. Xu.

Session V: Viruses

  1. The status of wheat viruses in the Great Plains. Stephen Wegulo.

  2. Characterization of the Triticum mosaic virus genome and interactions between Triticum mosaic virus and wheat streak mosaic virus. S. Tatineni and R. French.

  3. Biology, phylogenetics, and distribution of wheat curl mite population. Gary L. Hein, Roy French, Benjawan Siriwetwiwat, and Abby Stilwell.

Session VI: Rusts

  1. Sources of stem rust resistance and potential for strategic deployment. Mike Pumphrey.

  2. Stripe rust resistance in hard winter wheat. R.L. Bowden.

  3. Virulence in Puccina triticina and leaf rust resistance in hard red winter wheat. James Kolmer and David Long.

Poster Session Abstracts.

  1. Identification of quantitative trait loci associated with maintenance of bread-making quality under heat stress in wheat (Triticum aestivum). F. Beecher, R.E. Mason, S. Mondal, A. Ibrahim, and D.B. Hays.

  2. A comparative study of clump vs. row planting geometry on dryland maize yield and harvest index. Suheb Mohammed, B.A. Stewart, B. Blaser, and B. Pendleton.

  3. Mapping of QTL associated with leaf cuticular waxes in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Suchismita Mondal, Richard Esten Mason, and Dirk Hays.

  4. Water availability and winter wheat yield in eastern Colorado. M. Moragues and S.D. Haley.

  5. Introgression and characterization of stem rust resistance from Aegilops tauschii Coss. Eric L. Olson, Michael Pumphrey, Matthew Rouse, Yue Jin, Robert L. Bowden, and Bikram S. Gill.

  6. Study of low-molecular-weight subunits of glutenin proteins in durum wheat. A. Salimi, M. Tahmaseb, and F. Mahdiyeh Najafabadi.

  7. The comparison between morphological and pasta-quality traits among some durum wheat lines in Iran. M. Tahmaseb, A. Salimi, and F. Mahdiyeh Najafabadi.

  8. Statistical analysis on pasta quality traits among durum wheat lines in Iran. A. Salimi, M. Tahmaseb, and F. Mahdiyeh Najafabadi.