National Wheat Genomics Conference - Table of Contents.


Session I: Marker-based Breeding Strategies

  1. Marker-assisted breeding and the harsh reality of cultivar development. Clay Sneller.

  2. Implementing marker-assisted selection in wheat variety development. Jamie Sherman and Luther Talbert.

  3. Breeding wheat somewhere between the poverty level and the 99% confidence level. Brett Carver and Liuling Yan.

  4. MAS and the future of cereal breeding: how should the genotyping centers fit in? Deven R. See.

Session II: Application of Physical Maps/genome Sequence to Breeding

  1. The future impact of genomics assisted approaches in maize breeding. Pierre Dubreuil, Mickaël Bosio, Laurent Décousset, Jeremy Derory, Morgan Renault, Marie-Hélène Tixier, Olivier Dugas, Frédéric Sapet, Jorge Duarte, and Sébastien Praud.

  2. Using genetic diversity to understand phenotypic variation in maize. Michael McMullen and the Maize Diversity Project.

Session III: Wheat Transformation

  1. Transgenic solutions to wheat biotic stresses. Harold N. Trick, J.P. Fellers, M.S. Chen, J. Shah, L. Cruz, X. Liu, and V. Nalam.

Session IV: Bioinformatics

  1. GrainGenes, the Triticeae Genome Database. David E. Matthews, Victoria L. Carollo, Gerard R. Lazo, David L. Hane, John P. Lee, and Olin D. Anderson.

  2. Brachypodium distachyon: a new model to study Triticeae genomes. Yong Q. Gu, John Vogel, Jiajie Wu, Jennifer Bragg, Gerard Lazo, Naxin Huo, Zhiyong Liu, and Olin D. Anderson.

Session V: Early Career Scientists

  1. Identification of a novel QTL for Fusarium head blight resistance on wheat chromosome 7A. D.V. Jayatilake and G-H. Bai.

  2. Wheat–rye T2BS·2BL-2RL recombinants conferring resistance to Hessian fly (H21). Joey C. Cainong, Lee Zavatsky, Ming-Shun Chen, Jerry Johnson, Bernd Friebe, Bikram S. Gill, and Adam Lukaszewski.

  3. An adult-plant resistance gene to stripe rust is located on chromosome 2AS in the hexaploid wheat cultivar Jagger. Tilin Fang, Kimberly G. Campbell, Shan Li, Xianming Chen, Anmin Wan, Ziji Liu, Zhiyong Liu, Shuanghe Cao, Yihua Chen, Brett F. Carver, and Liuling Yan.

  4. Toward cloning of a major QTL for preharvest sprouting resistance in white wheat. Shubing Liu, Sunish K. Sehgal, Guihua Bai, and Bikram S. Gill.

Poster Session Abstracts.

  1. Saturation and comparative mapping of the Tsc2 region in hexaploid wheat. Nilwala Abeysekara, Timothy L. Friesen, and Justin D. Faris.

  2. Development, mapping, and haplotype analysis of EST-based SNPs for wheat Fusarium head blight resistance QTL Fhb1. A.N. Bernardo, D-D. Zhang, H-X. Ma, and G-H. Bai.

  3. The International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium: a genome sequence-based platform to accelerate wheat improvement. Kellye Eversole.

  4. RNAi-mediated viral resistance in transgenic wheat. Luisa Cruz, John P. Fellers, and Harold N. Trick.

  5. QTL detection and factor analysis of yield and adaptive traits in winter wheat. R. Chris Gaynor, C. James Peterson, A.F. Heesacker, O. Riera-Lizarazu, and D.R. See.

  6. Establishment of a double-haploid production technique using microspore culture for Midwestern U.S. wheat varieties. S.L. Harvey, M. Santra, P. S. Baenziger, and D.K. Santra.

  7. Towards a sequence-ready, physical map of chromosomes 1D, 4D, and 6D of hexaploid wheat. Gaganpreet Kaur, Sunish K. Sehgal, Jaroslav Dolezel, and Bikram S. Gill.

  8. Threading the line between GrainGenes and other genome resources. Gerard R. Lazo, Yong Q. Gu, David E. Matthews, Victoria C. Blake, Frank M. You, Jennifer Bragg, Jiajie Wu, Naxin Huo, John P. Vogel, and Olin D. Anderson.

  9. Development and characterization of wheat–alien translocation lines conferring stem rust resistance from Aegilops searsii and Ae. geniculata. Wenxuan Liu, Bernd Friebe, Bikram Gill, and Mike Pumphrey.

  10. Reactive oxygen species are involved in plant defense against a gall midge. Xuming Liu, Christie E. Williams, Jill A. Nemacheck, Haiyan Wang, Subhashree Subramanyam, Cheng Zheng, and Ming-Shun Chen.

  11. Use of barley stripe mosaic virus for virus-induced gene silencing and gene expression in various wheat tissues. Jasdeep S. Mutti, H.S. Bennypaul, S. Rustgi, N. Kumar, and K.S. Gill.

  12. Characterizing the lignocellulose pathway in wheat by TILLING Triticum monococcum subsp. monococcum. Nolan Rothe, Nidhi Rawat, Sunish Sehgal, Wanlong Li, and Bikram S. Gill.

  13. Unraveling a meiotic gene complex on wheat chromosome arm 5BL. S. Rustgi, N. Kumar, and K.S. Gill.

  14. Virus-induced gene silencing for durable Russian wheat aphid resistance in wheat. Victoria A. Valdez, Scott D. Haley, Frank B. Peairs, Leon van Eck, Steven R. Scofield, and Nora L.V. Lapitan.

  15. Association analysis of wheat resistance to stem rust in U.S. winter wheat. Dadong Zhang, G. Bai, R. Bowden, Y. Jin, C. Zhu, and J. Yu.

  16. A gut transcriptome of the Hessian fly (Mayetiola destructor), a member of the gall midges. Shize Zhang, Richard Shukle, Omprakash Mittapalli, Yu Cheng Zhu, John C. Reese, Haiyan Wang, Bao-Zhen Hua, and Ming-Shun Chen.

  17. Two homoeologous wheat genes confer sensitivity to a single, host-selective toxin and susceptibility to Stagonospora nodorum blotch. Zengcui Zhang, Timothy L. Friesen, Steven S. Xu, Gongjun Shi, Jack B. Rasmussen, and Justin D. Faris.