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I. 1. The Fourth International Barley Genetics Symposium, July 22-29, 1981, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

The Fourth International Barley Genetics Symposium will be held in Edinburgh, from 22nd July to 29th July 1981. The meeting provides an important opportunity for plant breeders and research workers to meet and discuss the developments in breeding, genetics and related disciplines which have occurred since the last Symposium held in Munich in 1975.

Edinburgh offers a unique site for the Symposium as it is a centre for agricultural research, has long associations with the production of malt and is situated close to a barley growing area where some of the world's highest grain yields are regularly obtained. In addition to a programme of scientific papers and posters, delegates will have the opportunity of visiting research organizations, experimental and commercial farms, distilleries and other barley-related enterprises in Scotland. During the Symposium there will also be time for delegates to see a little of Scotland's heritage both in Edinburgh and through organized tours. There will be a post-conference tour to plant breeding stations in Great Britain.

Accommodation has been reserved for delegates and their families in Edinburgh University Halls of Residence. Delegates wishing to stay in hotel accommodation are required to make their own reservations and a list of hotels will be sent on request. A number of interesting activities and tours will be arranged for the families of delegates.

Papers will be grouped as far as possible in Sessions under the following headings:
Germplasm collection, phylogeny.
Chromosome mapping, genetic nomenclature.
Haploidy, anther culture, interspecific crosses.
Environmental stresses, pests.
Breeding and selection for nutritional quality.
Breeding and selection for malting quality.
Breeding methods, selection theory, yield.
Cytology, F1 hybrids, intergeneric crosses.

The second announcement and Registration Documents will only be sent to those who return the Preliminary Registration Form or who write to the Secretariat.

I. 2. Call for the manuscripts for Barley Genetics Newsletter, Vol. 11, 1981.

The BGN, Vol. 11 will be published in 1981. The editors will make every effort to publish and ship the BGN, Vol. 11 to reach all subscribers before they leave for the 4th International Barley Genetics Symposium, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 1981.

Please submit your manuscript before the deadline, January 31, 1981. In order to save postage, we will not send you a letter to call for manuscripts.

The manuscript should be carefully prepared and proofread before it is submitted. Rules and regulations for preparing manuscripts have been published several times. Please refer to the following:
BGN 7:2-3
BGN 6:3
BGN 5:2-4
BGN 4:3-4
BGN 3:2-3

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