Jensen, pp. 88-90

IV. 6. Coordinator's report: Chromosome 5.

Jens Jensen, Agricultural Research Department, Risø National Laboratory, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark.

It has been indicated that one of the two complementary genes for covered smut resistance in the variety 'Himalaya' was linked with the grey pericap gene on chromosome 5 (Shrivastava and Shrivastava 1978).

The linkage relations of the loci Hor1 and Hor2, coding for polypeptides of the two storage protein fractions hordein-l and hordein-2, were studied with the locus Ml-a (Shewry et al. 1980) and with the loci Ml-a and Ml-k (Jensen et al. 1980). Thus, the loci Horl and Hor2 are now mapped on chromosome 5. The loci HrdA, -B, -C, -D, and -E were previously mapped in relation to each other (Sozinov et al. 1979). HrdA and HrdB correspond to Hor1 and Hor2, respectively. The linkage map in Figure 1 is prepared as usual on the basis of the maximum likelihood map estimation procedure described earlier (Jensen and Jørgensen 1975). Recombination percentages utilized in addition to those used last year (BGN 9:118-120, 1979) are the following: Hor1 x Hor2, 6.87 + 0.74, 6.34 + 0.90 (Sozinov et al. 1979), 4.58 + 1.83 (Shewry et al. 1978), 7.9 + 1.3 (Jensen et al. 1980); Hor2 x HrdC, 2.35 + 0.55; HrdC x HrdD, 0.36 + 0.21; HrdD x HrdE, 0.18 + 0.11 (Sozinov et al. 1979); Ml-k x Hor1, 4.0 + 2.3; Hor1 x Ml-a, 6.0 + 1.8 (Shewry et al. 1980), 5.3 + 1.1 (Jensen et al. 1980). In addition, information regarding the order of the loci obtained by recombination percentages of distances spanning more than two loci in a multi-point test (Sozinov et al. 1979, Shewry et al. 1980, Jensen et al. 1980) was utilized. The following recombination percentages were not utilized as they do not fit into the map: Hor1 x Hor2, 12.98 + 2.94 (Shewry et al. 1978); 11 + 2 (Doll and Brown 1979), 13.44 + 1.11, 13.93 + 1.13 (Netsvetaev 1978), 13.2 + 2.9 (Shewry et al. 1980); Ml-a x Hor2, 17.4 + 2.8 (Oram et al. 1975), 7.6 + 2 0 (Shewry et al. 1980), 6.1 + 1.2 (Jensen et al. 1980).

Figure 1. The barley chromosome 5 linkage map with the best fit to all available linkage data. The map positions are given in centimorgans (cM). The order and position of some Ml- loci and of some closely linked loci may not be definite. The position of the centromere is probably slightly above fs2.


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