Kasha, pp. 90-91

IV. 7. Coordinator's Report: Chromosome 6.

K.J. Kasha, Crop Science Department, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, N1G 2W1. "R"

The linkage map presented in BGN 9:121 has remained relatively unchanged in spite of the linkage data we are reporting elsewhere (Falk et al. BGN 10). The necrotic leaf spot gene (nec) can be added to the satellite end of the map and is probably about 25-30 crossover units from o and the centromere, distal to msg,,bk. Whether alb,,q is distal or proximal to msg,,bk or in the long arm remains to be clarified. We are now quite certain the gs4 is between o and uc2. The symbol pg has been replaced by fll and its location has been confirmed relative to uc2. Allelic tests indicate the fll and mt,,f are not allelic but we do not know their order on the map.

A much needed telotrisomic for the short arm of chromosome 6 has been reported by Seip and Tsuchiya (BGN 9:91-92) but seed is not yet available for other researchers.

Jensen (1979) reported that there are two recessive high-lysine mutants on chromosome 6. The one, Riso 13 is allelic to sex 1 and the other one, Riso 527, is not. Hauser and Fischbeck (BGN 9:26-27) report that there are two recessive necrotic leaf spot genes on chromosome 6. The one, 1339/62 has been located on the short arm of chromosome 6 with the symbol nec (Falk et al. BGN 10).

Linde-Laursen (1979) has shown that the Giemsa C-bands can be used as markers in cytogenetic studies. The band (6sl) at the centromere on the short arm of chromosome 6 was reported to give 26 + 5.5% recombination with the Amy 1 gene located on the long arm. This value is consistent with previous linkage data between o and Amy 1.

From our linkage studies, we have obtained some new multiple marker gene stocks for chromosome 6. Some available to other researchers are:

msg,,bk - o - uc2
msg,,bk - o - sex 1
msg 6 - o - sex 1
o - gs4
o - fll
alb,,t - sex 1
alb,,q - sex 1


Jensen, J. 1979. Chromosomal location of one dominant and four recessive high-lysine genes in barley mutants. In "Seed Protein Improvement in Cereals and Grain Legumes." IAEA. Vienna, Vol. I. pp. 89-96.

Linde-Laursen Ib. 1979. Giemsa C-banding of barley chromosomes. III. Segregation and Linkage of C-bands on chromosomes 3, 6 and 7. Hereditas 91:73-77.

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