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Foreword, p. iii
Acknowledgment, p. iv
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Table of Contents, pp. v-vii (this file)

I. Special Notices (pp. 1-2)
1. The Fourth International Barley Genetics Symposium
2. Call for the manuscripts for Barley Genetics
Newsletter, Vol. 11, 1981

II. Research Notes
1. Further evidence on "nucleolar dominance" in barley translocation lines. M. Anastassova-Kristeva, R. Rieger, G. Künzel, H. Nicoloff and A. Hagberg, pp. 3-6
2. The mutagenic effect of proflavin on barley. P. Arenaz, A. Hodgdon, and R.A. Nilan, pp. 6-7
3. Influence of genotype on mutagenic variability in barley (H. vulgare L.) following colchicine treatment. Juliana Balkanjieva, pp. 7-10
4. Multifloret condition in barley. Avinash Chandra and K.H. Makde, pp. 10-11
5. Wild barley (Hordeum L.) collected by Agriculture Canada in Turkey, Iran and Greece. I.L. Craig and G. Fedak, pp. 11-13
6. Linkage data with genes near the centromere of barley chromosome 6. D.E. Falk, M.J. Swartz and K.J. Kasha, pp. 13-16
7. Microspore derived chromosome number and structural variants of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). Wolfgang Friedt and Barbel Foroughi-Wehr, pp. 16-20
8. Hybrid growth retardation due to two dominant complementary genes in barley. T. Fukuyama, pp. 20-22
9. Allelism of genes in the Ml-a locus. H. Giese, H.P. Jensen and J. Helms Jørgensen, pp. 22-24
10. Linkage mapping of several genes in the long arm of chromosome 4. A. Hang and T. Tsuchiya, p. 25
11. Evidence that two loci, Adh1 and Adh2, code for Alcohol dehydrogenase, the second being inducible by anaerobiosis. N. Harberd and K.J.R. Edwards, pp. 26-30
12. Genetic analysis of induced mutations. H. Häuser and G. Fischbeck, pp. 30-31
13. Fertility restoration of cytoplasmic male sterile barley. E.A. Hockett, pp. 31-33
14. Inheritance of earliness in Erbet. E.A. Hockett, p. 34
15. Azide metabolite experiments with barley. A.L. Hodgdon and R.A. Nilan, pp. 34-36
16. Forward and back mutations in the ligule-less (li) locus of barley. T. Konishi, pp. 36-38
17. Interallelic recombination at the ligule-less (li) locus in barley. T. Konishi, pp. 39-40
18. Screening for low acid-soluble beta-glucan barleys. R.C.M. Lance and R.A. Nilan, p. 41
19. Segregation and linkage of genes on barley chromosome 3 in one cross-combination tested by chromosome-doubled monoploids and by F2-data. Ib Linde-Laursen, pp. 42-44
20. Hordeum spontaneum C. Koch em. Bacht, collected in Southern Morocco. J.L. Molina-Cano and J. Conde, pp. 44-47
21. Linkage studies of three barley mutants. I. Moriya and R. Takahashi, pp. 47-51
22. Some characteristics for formation of quantity and quality of the crop within hybrid populations of different generations of spring barley. G.F. Nikitenko, M.A. Polukhin and V.A. Gorshkova, pp. 51-56
23. Induced asynapsis in barley. G. Prasad, S.N. Mathur and D.K. Tripathi, pp. 56-57
24. A sodium azide induced multipistillate mutant in barley. G. Prasad, S.N. Mathur and D.K. Tripathi, pp. 57-58
25. Evaluation of gamma-ray induced mutants and correlation studies in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). G. Prasad, S.N. Singh, D.P. Dwivedi and Hari Pal, pp. 58-61
26. Triploids in barley. Jens Sandfaer, pp. 61-63
27. Further studies on the telotrisomic plant for the short arm of chromosome 6, Triplo 6S, in barley. Lindy Seip and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 64-65
28. Telotrisomic analysis of an incompletely dominant short awn gene in barley. T. Tsuchiya and J. Fujigaki, pp. 65-66
29. Haploid production in Hordeum spontaneum x H. bulbosum crosses. E. Simpson and J.W. Snape, pp. 66-67
30. Translocations and inversions in barley induced by fast neutrons and N-nitroso-N-methylurea (MNUA). I. Szarejko and M. Maluszynski, pp. 67-69
31. The linkage of the genes mo5 and n in barley. O.T. Tazhin, pp. 69-72
32. Acrocentric chromosome 4S4L in barley. T. Tsuchiya and A. Hang, pp. 72-73
33. Linkage and effect of the earliness gene ea,,c, involved in Chinese cultivars on yield and yield components in barley. S. Yasuda and J. Hayashi, pp. 74-76
34. The utilization of barley plant and ear transposition in genetics and breeding. Jaroslav Spunar, pp. 76-80

III. Genetic and Cytological Techniques
1. A shrunken endosperm (sex 1), male sterile (msg 6) stock to facilitate crossing in barley. D.E. Falk and K.J. Kasha, pp. 81-83
2. The uses of trisomics in identifying inverted chromosomes (paracentric). T. Tsuchiya, pp. 83-86

IV. Reports from Coordinators
1. Overall coordinator's report, p. 87
2. Chromosome 1. R.F. Eslick, p. 87 (no report)
3. Chromosome 2. G.W.R. Walker, p. 87 (no report)
4. Chromosome 3. R. Takahashi, p. 87
5. Chromosome 4. T.E. Haus, p. 87
6. Chromosome 5. Jens Jensen, pp. 88-90
7. Chromosome 6. K.J. Kasha, pp. 90-91
8. Chromosome 7. George Fedak, pp. 91-92
9. Genetic Stock Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. T. Tsuchiya, p. 92
10. Trisomics and aneuploid stocks. T. Tsuchiya, p. 92
11. Translocations and balanced tertiary trisomics. R.T. Ramage, p. 92 (no report)
12. Inversion. R.A. Nilan, p. 93 (no report)
13. Autotetraploids. W. Friedt, p. 93
14. Pest resistant genes. J.G. Moseman, p. 93 (no report)
15. Erectoides, laxum genes. G. Persson and U. Lundqvist, p. 93 (no report)
16. Eceriferum genes. U. Lundqvist and B. Søgaard, p. 94 (no report)
17. Chloroplast genes. D. von Wettstein and K. Kristiansen, p. 94 (no report)
18. Genetic male sterile barley genes. E.A. Hockett, p. 94 (no report)
19. Aristatum and all other mutant genes. A. Gustafsson and U. Lundqvist, p. 94 (no report)

V. Current Linkage Maps of Barley
1. Linkage maps of barley, 1980. T. Tsuchiya, pp. 95-98

VI. Description of Genetic Stocks, pp. 99-131

VII. List of Genetic Stocks
1. Revised alphabetical list of genetic stocks in barley. T. Tsuchiya, pp. 132-140
2. List of genetics stocks for maternal chlorophyll mutations. T. Tsuchiya, pp. 141-143

VIII. List of Recent Publications on Barley Genetics
1. 1979 Publications R.J. Singh, pp. 144-146 (not included)

IX. Errata
1. Correction of barley genetics literature, p. 147 (no report)
2. Errata in Barley Genetics Newsletter, Volume 9, p. 147
2. Errata in Barley Genetics Newsletter, Volume 7, p. 147

X. Mailing List, Complete Revision, pp. 148-166 (not included)
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