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Foreword, p. iii
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Table of Contents, pp. v-vii (this file)

I. Special Notices
1. Proposal for a revised system of nomenclature and symbolization of barley genes by the Barley Genetics Committee, American Barley Research Workers' Conference, pp. 1-16

II. Research Notes
1. Ethyl methane sulfonate induced short awned mutations. A.S. Khalatkar, R.J. Thengane and Y.R. Bhargava, pp. 17-18
2. Glossy-eared cultivars. P.T. Gymer, p. 19
3. Propagation of barley by in vitro culturing of lateral primordia of shoots and of fragments of rosette shoots. M.D. Gaj, M. Matuszynski, and M. Gaj, pp. 19-21
4. Re-evaluating the protein heterosis in hybrids of erectoides mutants in cv. Union. H. Ahokas, pp. 21-23
5. Cytoplasmic male sterility in barley. IX. Supplementary list of unrestoring barley genotypes in msml cytoplasm. H. Ahokas, pp. 23-25
6. Branching spike mutants from two loci in two-row barley. H.E.B. Larsson, pp. 25-28
7. A new type of trisomic for chromosome 6 (metatrisomic 6A) in barley. J. Fujigaki and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 28-29
8. A proposed gene symbol for defective endosperm mutants that express xenia. R.T. Ramage and Chere L. Crandall, pp. 30-31
9. Defective endosperm xenia (dex) mutants. R.T. Ramage and Chere L. Crandall, pp. 32-33
10. Shrunken endosperm mutant seg8. R.T. Ramage and Chere L. Crandall, p. 34
11. Allele tests and BTT establishment of seedling lethal mutants on chromosome 2. R.T. Ramage and M. P. Scoles, p. 35
12. Allele tests and chromosome location of two male sterile mutants in Ingrid. R.T. Ramage and J.E. Flora, pp. 36-37
13. A light green, dwarf mutant located on chromosome 2. R.T. Ramage and P. Curtis, pp. 37-38
14. Comparison of yield and some yield components among strains with different genetic combinations of spring genes in barley. S. Yasuda, pp. 38-40
15. Relative DNA contents of Hannchen barley (C.I. 531) megagametes at the pre- and peri-fertilization stages. Christy MacKinnon and L.W. Mericle, pp. 41-42
16. Alleles present in loci Horl and Hor2 in a pedigree of European barley. Ib Linde-Laursen and Hans Doll, pp. 43-45
17. Location of the high-lysine locus Lys4d on barley chromosome 5. Jens Jensen, pp. 45-47
18. Time, pattern and genetic control of chromosome elimination in interspecific hybrids between 4X Hordeum bulbosum L. and 4X H. vulgare. L. T. Fukuyama and H. Hosoya, pp. 47-50
19. Responsiveness to anther culture of Hordeum vulgare cv. 'Dissa' and its parents. Bärbel Foroughi-Wehr and Wolfgang Friedt, pp. 50-53
20. Related response of barley cultivars to the "bulbosum-" and anther-culture techniques of haploid production. Bärbel Foroughi-Wehr, R. Pickering and W. Friedt 54-59
21. Genetic analysis with acrotrisomic lLlS. T. Tsuchiya and J. Fujigaki, pp. 59-60
22. Back mutation of multiple mutants in the cer-cqu region. B. Søgaard and P. von Wettstein-Knowles, pp. 60-63
23. Primary trisomic analysis of an incomplete dominant zebra mutant, zbc, in barley. T. Tsuchiya and Ruth Baldivia, pp. 63-64
24. Allelic relationships of the shrunken endosperm, high lysine mutants sex1a, and Risø 13, 29, and 86. C.E. Fastnaught, R.F. Eslick and S.E. Ullrich, pp. 65-66
25. A novel compensating partial tetrasomic diploid plant of barley. R.J. Singh and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 66-68
26. A balanced unstable metacentric trisomic for chromosome 3 in barley. R.J. Singh and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 68-69
27. Origin and characteristic of telotrisomic for 3S (Triplo 3S) in barley. R.J. Singh and T. Tsuchiya, p. 69
28. Results of acridine dye treatment of Steptoe barley. A.L. Hodgdon, P. Arenaz, and R.A. Nilan, pp. 69-71
29. Preliminary studies on identification of telocentric chromosomes in telotrisomic barleys by Giemsa N-banding technique. R.J. Singh and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 71-74
30. Half-seed determination of hordeins associated with known Ml-a alleles conferring race-specific resistance to barley powdery mildew. C.T. Hash, Jr. and T.K. Blake, pp. 74-76
31. Curly mutant in two-rowed barley. Avinash Chandra and K. H. Makde, pp. 76-78

III.  Genetic and Cytological Techniques
1. New techniques for evaluating lysine content in hordeins. T.K. Blake, pp. 79-83
2. An improved Giemsa N-banding technique for the identification of barley chromosomes. R.J. Singh, pp. 84-85

IV. Reports from Coordinators
1. Overall coordinator's report. T. Tsuchiya, p. 86
2. Chromosome 1. R.F. Eslick, p. 86 (no report)
3. Chromosome 2. G.W.R. Walker, p. 86 (no report)
4. Chromosome 3. R. Takahashi, p. 86 (no report)
5. Chromosome 4. T. E. Haus, p. 86
6. Chromosome 5. Jens Jensen, p. 87-88
7. Chromosome 6. K.J. Kasha, p. 88 (no report)
8. Chromosome 7. G. Fedak, p. 88 (no report)
9. Genetic Stock Center in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. T. Tsuchiya, p. 88
10. Trisomics and aneuploid stocks. T. Tsuchiya, p. 89
11. Translocations and balanced tertiary trisomics. R.T. Ramage and C.L. Crandall, pp. 89-90
12. Inversion. R.A. Nilan, p. 90 (no report)
13. Desynaptic genes. R.T. Ramage and J.L.A. Eckhoff, p. 90
14. Autotetraploids. W. Friedt, pp. 90-94
15. Pest resistant genes. J.G. Moseman, p. 94 (no report)
16. Erectoides, laxum genes. G. Persson and U. Lundqvist, p. 94 (no report)
17. Eceriferum genes. U. Lundqvist and B. Søgaard, p. 94 (no report)
18. Chloroplast genes. D. von Wettstein and K. Kristiansen, p. 94 (no report)
19. The genetic male sterile barley collection. E.A. Hockett, pp. 94-95

V. Current Linkage Maps of Barley.
1. Revised linkage maps of barley, 1981. T. Tsuchiya, pp. 96-98

VI. Description of Genetic Stocks. Tsuchiya, pp. 99-107

VII. List of Barley Genetics Stocks (no report)

VIII. List of Recent Publications on Barley Genetics (not included)

IX. Errata
1. Correction of barley genetics literature 111-112
2. Errata in Barley Genetics Newsletter, Vol. 10 112

X. Mailing List (Supplement), pp. 113-115 (not included)
1. New subscribers - Libraries.
2. New subscribers - Personal.
3. Address change - Libraries.
4. Address change - Personal.

XI. Index for Volume 11, pp. 116-117 (not included)
1. Index for Sections II and III

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