Tsuchiya, pp. 100-104

V. 1. Linkage maps of barley, 1982.

T. Tsuchiya, Department of Agronomy, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado 80523, U.S.A.

The first complete linkage maps for seven barley chromosomes were published by Robertson in 1939. The linkage maps have been changed many times since 1939. The changes not only involve the number of genes located in the map but also the gene loci in the map, depending on the researchers' interpretation of the data and/or the newly obtained information (Tables 1 and 2).

Table l. Number of mapped (and associated) gene loci in barley, 1938-1971.
Table 2. Number of mapped and associated gene loci in barley, 1981.

The linkage maps were mainly developed based on the data obtained from conventional genetic analysis until cytogenetic methods such as translocation analysis and trisomic analysis were introduced in the early 1950's (see Literature on review papers on linkage mapping in barley, p. 103-104).

The linkage maps shown in Figure 1 are the most recent ones. Many more genes were associated with individual chromosomes but not located precisely in the maps. These genes are listed in Table 3.

Fig. 1. Linkage maps of barley, 1982

Table 3. List of genes associated but not definitely located with respective chromosome/chromosome arm in barley.

The list of genes most of which were located in the maps, associated with respective chromosomes and/or genetically studied in detail, are presented in Section VII. 1 (p. 110).

There are two lists of literature. The reference on mutant genes listed in Table 1 in VII. 1 are attached to Table 1. The reference number in Table 1 refers to the literature number in this list.

These are by no means perfect or complete. Revisions will be made in the next issue of Genetic Maps. Comments and suggestions by barley geneticists are appreciated.

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