BGN 12: Supplementary list No. 1 (to master list of barley genes) BARLEY GENETICS NEWSLETTER, VOL. 12, VII. LIST OF BARLEY GENETIC STOCKS
Søgaard & Jørgensen, pp. 168

VII. 3. Supplementary list No. 1 (to master list of barley genes): Genes for reaction to Erysiphe graminis hordei (powdery mildew).

Bodil Søgaard (1)and J. Helms Jørgensen (2)

(1) Department of Physiology, Carlsberg Laboratory, Gamle Carlsberg Vej 10, DK-2500 Copenhagen Valby, (2) Agricultural Research Department, Risø National Laboratory, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark.

The present list of about 150 symbols for genes for reaction to powdery mildew genes is prepared from the gene symbols listed by Nilan (1964), to which we have added the gene symbols that we have found in the literature since about 1960.

The list is arranged so that all Reg- symbols are mentioned first (cf. Moseman 1975, BGN:87-88). Then the location on the chromosome and -arm is given (- means unknown), followed by the synonyms that are known or that we consider likely, and by an appropriate recent reference. The Reg- symbols are followed by the M1-, JM1-, Pm, and Er symbols with a Reg-synonym and/or a reference. Within each group of symbols the list is arranged according to locus designation and according to allele designation, both in numerical or alphabetical order.

genes Reg 1a1 to reg 1p (page 162)
genes Reg 1q to reg 6k (page 163)
genes reg 6- to M1-as (page 164)
genes M1-Ao to M1-(Mu2) (Page 165)
genes M1-mw to Jm1nsn (page 166)
genes Pm 1a to ern (page 167)

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