BGN 12: Stock list for the eceriferum mutants VI BARLEY GENETICS NEWSLETTER, VOL. 12, VII.
Lundqvist & Wettstein, pp. 169-172

VII. 4. Stock list for the eceriferum mutants VI.

Lundqvist, U., Svalöf AB, S-268 00 Svalöf, Sweden and Wettstein, D. von, Department of Pysiology, Carlsberg Laboratory, G1. Carlsberg Ve; 10, DK-2500 Copenhagen Valby , Denmark.

The eceriferum (cer) genes control the synthesis and excretion of the epidermal wax coating. To date 1355 induced and 4 spontaneous mutants have been localized by diallelic crosses to 72 loci. All alleles in locus Cer-yy are dominant; the allele Cer-n969 is also dominant, while other alleles in this locus are recessive. The mutants in all other loci are recessive.

The present list is a continuation of the stock lists published in Barley Genetics Newsletter Vol. 1, p. 97, 1971, Vol. 3, p. 110, 1973, Vol. 5, p. 88, 1975, Vol. 7, p. 92, 1977 and Vol. 9, p. 135, 1979, and comprises 159 new alleles.

corrections to stock lists II, IV, and V (page 169)
stock list, Locus cer-a to cer-q (page 170)
stock list, Locus cer-r to cer-zk (page 171)
stock list cer-zq to Cer-yy (page 172)

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