BGN 12: Telotrisomic analysis of the gene ac2 (albino seedling) in Triplo 1L in barley BARLEY GENETICS NEWSLETTER, VOL. 12, II. RESEARCH NOTES
Shahla & Tsuchiya pp. 32-33

II. ll. Telotrisomic analysis of the gene ac2 (albino seedling) in Triplo 1L in barley. (1)

Azizeh Shahla and T. Tsuchiya, Department of Agronomy, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado 80523, U.S.A.

(1) Supported by USDA/SEA Competitive Research Grant 5901-0410-9-0334-0 and USDA/SEA Cooperative Research Grant 12-14-5001-265 and CSU Hatch project.

For associating the marker gene ac2 (Robertson, 1937) with a specific arm of chromosome 1 in barley, a balanced tertiary trisomic line with the lethal gene ac2 (Ramage and Tuleen, 1964) was used in crosses with the telotrisomic plant with 2n = 14 + 1 telo 1L (Triplo 1L). The chromosome number of each plant was counted in root tip cells in the F2 population to separate diploid and telotrisomic plants and the segregation ratios were observed (Table 1).

Table 1. Segregation ratios in F2 generation from crosses between 2n = 14 + 1 telo 1L and marker gene ac2.

The segregation ratio in the total population did not fit a disomic (3:1) ratio. Because the number of plants analyzed in the F2 generation was rather small, the result is not clear. More data is needed to find the accurate arm location of this marker gene although the data suggest that ac2 may be located in the short arm (1S). This result is in conflict with the result from three point test by Søgaard (1977).


Ramage, R. T. and N. A. Tuleen. 1964. Balanced tertiary trisomics in barley serve as a pollen source homogeneous for a recessive lethal gene. Crop Science 4:81-82.

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