BGN 12: Report from the Meeting of Coordinators for Genetic/Linkage Studies and Genetic Stocks BARLEY GENETICS NEWSLETTER, VOL. 12, IV. REPORTS FROM COORDINATORS
Moseman and Tsuchiya, pp. 98-99

IV. 25. Report from the Meeting of Coordinators for Genetic/Linkage Studies and Genetic Stocks.

The following are notes which I took regarding coordinators for genetic/linkage studies and genetic stock collections:

1. Genetic/Linkage Studies

A. Overall coordinator, chromosomes 3, 4, and 5 no changes.

B. Chromosomes 6 and 7 - Kasha and Fedak would like to resign but agreed to continue until replacements can be found.

C. Chromosome 2 - It was moved, seconded and passed that R. Wolfe would be asked to assume the responsibility for chromosome 2. T. Tsuchiya will contact R. Wolfe.

D. Chromosome 1 - S. Ullrich, Washington State University

2. Genetic Stock Collections

A. No changes for:
1. Genetic Stock Center in Fort Collins. T. Tsuchiya
2. Trisomic and aneuploid stocks. T. Tsuchiya
3. Translocations and balanced tertiary trisomics. R. T. Ramage
5. Desynaptic genes. R. T. Ramage
6. Autotetraploids. W. Friedt
7. Pest resistant genes. J. G. Moseman
9. Eceriferum genes. U. Lundqvist and B. Søgaard
10. Chloroplast genes. D. von Wettstein and K. Kristiansen
11. Genetic male sterility genes. E. A. Hockett

B. 4. Inversion - Dr. Nilan agreed to put out one more report and then a replacement should be found.

C. 8. Erectoides, laxum genes - This will be changed to "Ear morphology" genes. G. Persson has resigned, U. Lundqvist and A. Hagberg agreed to assume the responsibility.

D. It was agreed that translocations (A. Hagberg) would be dropped and all translocations would be handled by Ramage under Collection 3.

The following collections were added:
12. Anthocyanin genes - Barbro Jende-Strid, Denmark, agreed to serve as coordinator.
13. Lysine and hordein genes - Hans Doll, Denmark,was suggested as the coordinator. T. Tsuchiya will contact H. Doll.
14. Semi-dwarf genes - Mary Boulger, Oregon State University, agreed to be the coordinator for this group of genes.
15. Earliness genes - A. Gustafsson, Sweden, agreed to serve as coordinator.
16. Haploid genes - Ken Kasha agreed to serve as the coordinator.

Prepared by J. G. Moseman and T. Tsuchiya

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