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I. Special Notices (pp. 1-3)
1. Call for manuscripts to BGN Vol. 13, 1983. pp. 1-2
2. Supplemental guidelines for contributors of Barley Genetics Newsletter, pp. 2-3

II.  Research Notes
1.  Barley mutants with long-shaped and globe-shaped grains. T. Sodkiewicz and A.G. Gorney, pp. 4-7
2.  Coheritability estimates in barley. Avinash Chandra and K.H. Makde, pp. 7-10
3.  The rupture of radiation inducing bridges in barley. Avinash Chandra and K.H. Makde, pp. 11-13
4.  Linkage studies of genes Gle 1 and Hrd F in barley chromosome 5. V.P. Netsvetaev and A.A. Sozinov, pp. 13-18
5.  Value of crossing-over between linked genes mo5 and n in barley. O.T. Tazhin, pp. 18-21
6.  Variation in expression of tri and somatic instability in P-4 barley. R.A. Finch and M.D. Bennett, pp. 22-26
7.  Cytoplasmic male sterility in barley. XIII. Nuclear genes for restoration of msm2 cytoplasm. H. Ahokas, pp. 26-28
8.  'D' Hordein, a new group of prolamin storage proteins in barley. P.R. Shewry, J.M. Field, S. Parmar and B.J. Miflin 28-29
9.  Locating a six-rowed gene v5 on chromosome 4 in barley. T. Fukuyama, pp. 29-31
10. Primary trisomic analysis of the gene yst3 in barley. T. Tsuchiya and Azizeh Shahla, pp. 31-32
11. Telotrisomic analysis of the gene ac2 (albino seedling) in Triplo 1L in barley. Azizeh Shahla and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 32-33
12. Telocentric chromosome for the short arm of chromosome 7 (telo 7S) in barley. A. Shahla and T. Tsuchiya, p. 33
13. An unstable balanced tertiary trisomic in barley. A. Shahla and T. Tsuchiya, p. 33-34
14. Chromosome constitutions in the progenies of haploid initiator mutant, hap/hap homozygote in barley. T. Tsuchiya and A. Shahla, p. 34
15. Additional information on the characteristics of telotrisomic 3S in barley. T. Tsuchiya, R.J. Singh and A. Shahla, pp. 35-36
16. Origin and evolution of cultivated barley: Wild barley from Western Szechuan and Tibet, China. Qiquan Shao, Li Chang-sen and Baschan Chiren, pp. 37-42
17. Telotrisomic analysis of three genes with newly obtained telotrisomic, Triplo 3S, in barley. R.J. Singh, A. Shahla and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 42-44
18. Relation between kernel row number and crude protein content of the grain in barley. S. Yasuda and I. Moriya, pp. 45-46
19. A barley plant with 2n=24 chromosomes. An Hang, J.D. Franckowiak and A.B. Schooler .
20. Autotetraploids: Field performance of tetraploid and corresponding diploid stocks. W. Friedt, pp. 49-59
21. Genetic components and correlations between kernel yield, protein and amino acid content of F1 crosses between five male-sterile barley cultivars and six mutants for reduced root growth and spike number. S.O. Fejer, R.G. Fulcher and L.P. Lefkovitch, pp. 59-63
22. Supplementary list of Giemsa C-banded karyotypes of 2- and 6-rowed barley. Ib Linde-Laursen, pp. 63-65
23. Attempts to locate powdery mildew resistance gene Ml-(La) to a barley chromosome. H.P. Jensen, J. Helms Jørgensen and Jens Jensen, pp. 65-68
24. Supplementary and new evidence on the location of five enzyme loci on barley chromosomes. Gunnar Nielsen, pp. 68-69
25. A vegetative dwarf mutant in barley. D.E. Falk and K.J. Kasha, pp. 69-72
26. Effects of cycloheximide treatments on prophase and metaphase cells of a (2X) Hordeum vulgare X (2X) H. bulbosum hybrid. W.G. Wheatley and K.J. Kasha, pp. 72-74
27. Chromosome elimination in bi-nucleate cells of a (2X) H. vulgare X (2X) H. bulbosum hybrid. W.G. Wheatley and K.J. Kasha, pp. 74-77
28. Primary trisomic analysis of Zbc for zebra Colorado gene. Elizabeth First and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 78-79
29. Genetic control of crossability between Chinese Spring Wheat and Betzes barley. George Fedak, p. 79

III. Genetic and Cytological Techniques
1. Utilization of sexl and msg6 stocks for hybridization in barley. D.E. Falk, E. Reinbergs and K.J. Kasha, pp. 80-83

IV. Reports from Coordinators
1. Overall coordinator's report: Revised list of coordinators in barley genetics. T. Tsuchiya, pp. 84-86
2. Chromosome 1. S.E. Ullrich, p. 86
3. Chromosome 2 (no report)
4. Chromosome 3 (no report)
5. Chromosome 4 (no report)
6. Chromosome 5. Jens Jensen, pp. 87-90
7. Chromosome 6. K.J. Kasha, pp. 90-92
8. Chromosome 7. George Fedak, p. 92
9. Genetic Stock Center, Fort Collins, Colorado U.S.A. T. Tsuchiya, p. 92
10. Trisomic and aneuploid stocks. T. Tsuchiya, p. 93
11. Translocations, tertiary trisomics (no report), p. 93
12. Inversion (no report), p. 93
13. Desynaptic genes (no report), p. 93
14. Autotetraploid. See II. 20. p. 49-59  (no further report), p. 93
15. Pest resistant genes (no report), p. 93
16. Ear morphology genes (no report), p. 93
17. Eceriferum genes. See VII. 4. p. 169-172. Stock list for the eceriferum mutants VI.  (no further report), p. 93
18. Chloroplast genes: Progress report III on diallelic tests between mapped chloroplast genes and chloroplast genes in stock collection at Copenhagen. D. von Wettstein and K. Kristiansen, pp. 93-94
19. Male-sterility genes (no report), p. 94
20. Lysine and hordein genes (no report), p. 94
21. Semidwarf genes. Mary Verhoeven, p. 94
22. Earlines genes (no report), p. 94
23. Haploid barley. K.J. Kasha, pp. 95-96
24. Report from the International Committee for Nomenclature and Symbolization of Barley Genes.  J.G. Moseman and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 96-97
25. Report from the Meeting of Coordinators for Genetic/Linkage Studies and Genetic Stocks. J.G. Moseman and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 98-99
26. Report from Editorial Committee of Barley Genetics Newsletter. T. Tsuchiya,  p. 99

V. Current Linkage Maps of Barley
1. Linkage maps of barley, 1982. T. Tsuchiya, pp. 100-104

VI. Description of Genetic Stocks. T. Tsuchiya, pp. 105-109

VII. List of Barley Genetics Stocks
1. Alphabetical list of barley genetics stocks. T. Tsuchiya, pp. 110-132
2. Master list of barley genes. Bodil Søgaard, R.A. Nilan and D. von Wettstein, pp. 133-160
3. Supplementary list No. 1 (to master list of barley genes): Genes for reaction to Erysiphe graminis hordei (powdery mildew). Bodil Søgaard and J. Helms Jørgensen, pp. 161-168
4. Stock list for the eceriferum mutants VI. U. Lundqvist and D. von Wettstein 169-172

List of Recent Publications on Barley Genetics (not included)
1. Supplemental list, pp. 173-174

IX. Errata, p. 175: 1. Robertson, D. W. 1963. Barley Genetics I:159-180. Should read: 1. Robertson, D. W. 1964. Barley Genetics I:159-180. (no other errata)

X. Mailing List (Supplement) (not included)
1. New subscribers - Libraries
2. New subscribers - Personal
3. Address change - Libraries
4. Address change Personal

XI. Index for Volume 12 (not included)

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