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Introductory pages:
Foreword (p. iii)
Acknowledgments (p. iv)
Front cover diagram (p. iv)
Table of Contents (pp. v-vii)
I. Special notices: 1. The Fifth International Barley Genetics Symposium (p. 1)
2. Tentative Plan for the 5th International Barley Genetics Symposium (pp. 1-2)
3. Call for contribution of manuscripts for Barley Genetics Newsletter, Vol. 15, 1985 (p. 3)

II. Research Notes

1. Location of a hordein G locus, Hrd G, on chromosome 5 of barley. V.P. Netsvetaev and A.A. Sozinov, pp. 4-6

2. Isochromosome for the short arm of barley chromosome 6. G. Künzel, pp. 6-8

3. Additional information on genetic analysis with acrotrisomic 1L1S and four marker stocks. A. Shahla and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 8-9

4. Genetic studies with acrotrisomic 5S5L in barley. A. Shahla and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 9-10

5. Additional information on the association of zbc2 for zoned leaf with chromosome 5 in barley. A. Shahla and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 10-11

6. Telotrisomic for the short arm of chromosome 5 (5S) in barley. Azizeh Shahla and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 11-12

7. Breakpoints localized to chromosome arm or region in 26 translocation lines of barley using Giemsa C-banding. Ib Linde-Laursen, pp. 12-13

8. Crossability relationships between certain species in the Hordeae. R.A. Pickering, pp. 14-17

9. Regulation of protein synthesis by heat shock in barley (H. vulgare L.). N. Marmiroli, M. Odoardi Stanca, B. Giovanelli, V. Terzi, F. Tassi, F.M. Restivo, and C. Lorenzoni, pp. 17-19

10. A semi-dominant short awn mutant in Morex. R.T. Ramage, pp.19-20

11. Assignment of a short awn mutant to chromosome 4. J.L.A. Eckhoff and R.T. Ramage, pp. 20-21

12. Zebra striped leaves: Problems in gene and stock designation and proposed new symbols for zoned or zebra mutants in barley. T. Tsuchiya, pp. 21-24

13. Acrotrisomic 5L5S in barley. Azizeh Shahla and T. Tsuchiya, p. 24

14. Hybrids between Hordeum vulgare and Agropyron intermedium var. Trichophorum. George Fedak, p. 25

15. Presowing selection of male sterile barley plants for the production of outcrossed seeds. Duane E. Falk, pp. 25-27

16. Preliminary.evidence of the extent of genetic diversity in parallel populations of Composite Cross Five. David Luckett and Abid Sharif, pp. 28-31

17. Genetic analysis of a mutant resistant to barley yellow mosaic virus. Yasuo Ukai, pp. 31-33

18. New brachytic mutant of spring barley variety Aramir. I. Szarejko and M. Maluszynski, pp. 33-35

19. Two new dwarfism genes on barley chromosome 1. I. Szarejko and M. Maluszynski, pp. 35-38

20. Nuclear DNA content in root and callus cells of haploid and diploid barley. J. Maluszynska, E. Kurczynska, M. Gaj and M. Gaj, pp. 38-40

21. Callus induction and plant generated from some diploid and tetraploid barley. A. Hang and J.D. Franckowiak, pp. 40-41

22. New telocentric chromosome in chromosome 4 in barley. A. Hang and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 41-42

23. Additional information on the primary trisomic analysis of sf (female sterile or gigas) in barley. J.W. Shim, A. Shahla and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 42-43

24. Chlorophyll-deficient chimeral frequencies in EMS, phytohormone and visible light alone and combination treatments. A.S. Khalatkar and Y.R. Bhargava, pp. 43-48

25. Normal x "uzu"-type crosses in Hungary. A. Palagyi, pp. 48-49

26. Induction of high tillering mutants in two-rowed barley. Avinash Chandra, K.H. Makde and V.L. Kajale, pp. 49-51

27. Inheritance of cu4 for curly 4 (spiral neck) mutant in barley. T. Tsuchiya, pp. 51-52

28. Telotrisomic analysis in Triplo 7S in barley. A. Shahla and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 52-53

29. Telotrisomic analysis of the gene f8 (chlorina) in barley. A. Shahla and T. Tsuchiya, pp. 53-54

III. Genetic and Cytological Techniques, p. 55
1. The use of male sterile stocks in linkage analysis. T. E. Haus, pp. 55-56

IV. Reports from Coordinators, p. 57
1. Overall coordinator's report: Revised list of coordinators in barley genetics. T. Tsuchiya, pp. 57-59
2. Chromosome 1. S. E. Ullrich, pp. 59-60
3. Chromosome 2, p. 60 (no report)
4. Chromosome 3, p. 60 (no report)
5. Chromosome 4. T. E. Haus, pp. 61-62
6. Chromosome 5. Jens Jensen, pp. 62-65
7. Chromosome 6, p. 65 (no report)
8. Chromosome 7. George Fedak, pp. 65-66
9. Genetic Stock Center, Fort Collins, Colorado U.S.A. T. Tsuchiya, pp. 66-67
10. Trisomic and aneuploid stocks. T. Tsuchiya, p. 67
11. Translocations and balanced tertiary trisomics. R. T. Ramage, p. 67
12. Inversion, p. 67 (no report)
13. Desynaptic genes. R. T. Ramage and J.L.A. Eckhoff, p. 68
14. Autotetraploids derived from anther culture of winter barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). W. Friedt, pp. 68-69
15. Pest resistance genes. See VIT.3 (no report)
16. Ear morphology genes, p. 70 (no report)
17. Eceriferum genes, p. 70 (no report)
18. Chloroplast genes, p. 70 (no report)
19. Male sterility genes. E. A. Hockett, pp. 70-75
20. Anthocyanin genes. B. Jende-Strid, pp. 76-79
21. Lysine and hordein genes. Report will be prepared for BGN. 15, 1985, p. 80 (no further report)
22. Semidwarf genes, p. 80 (no report)
23. Earliness genes, p. 80 (no report)
24. Haploid barley, p. 80 (no report)

V. Current Linkage Maps of Barley, p. 81
1. Linkage maps of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). T. Tsuchiya, pp. 81-84
2. Linkage maps of barley. Bodil Søgaard, p. 84
3. Problems in linkage mapping in barley. T. Tsuchiya, pp. 85-88

VI. Description of Genetic Stocks, pp. 89-99
Introduction, p. 89
1. List of BGS numbers newly assigned in 1984. T. Tsuchiya, pp. 89-99

VII. List of Barley Genetic Stocks, p. 100
1. List of genetic stocks with BGS numbers. T. Tsuchiya, pp. 100-139
2. Masterlist of barley genes. Bodil Søgaard, R. A. Nilan and D. von Wettstein, pp. 140-172
3. Supplementary list No. 1 (to masterlist of barley genes): Genes for reaction to Erysiphe graminis hordei (powdery mildew). Bodil Søgaard and J. Helms Jørgensen, pp. 173-182

VIII. List of Recent Publications on Barley Genetics (not included)
1. 1983 Publications, p. 183
2. Supplemental list of publications in 1982 and previous years, pp. 183-186

IX. Errata, p. 187

X. Mailing List (Supplement) (not included)
1. New subscribers - Libraries, p. 188
2. New subscribers - Personal, p. 188
3. Address change - Libraries, p. 189
4. Address change - Personal, p. 189

XI. Index for Volume 14 (not included)
1. Index for Sections II and III, pp. 190-191

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