BGN 19: Ditelotetrasomics for the short arm of chromosome 3 (ditelotetra 3S) in barley

Ditelotetrasomics for the short arm of chromosome 3 (ditelotetra 3S) in barley*

S. Wang and T. Tsuchiya
Department of Agronomy
Colorado State University
Ft. Collins, CO 80523, U.S.A.
*Supported by USDA-CSU Cooperative Research Project No. 18-82HW-6-8 and CSU Hatch Project.

Several ditelotetrasomic plants for the short arm of chromosome 3 (2n=14+2 homologous telocentric chromosomes of 3S, ditelotetra 3S) were found in the selfed progenies of six-rowed plants of monotelotrisomics, Triplo 3S. These ditelotetrasomic 3S plants were grown together with monotelo 3S and diploid siblings in the greenhouse. The morphological measurements for various plants were made with the results shown in Table 1.

Table 1.Morphological measurements for various plant organs of ditelo 3S, monotelo 3S, and diploid sibs in barley.

Generally, ditelo 3S showed no qualitative difference in morphology from monotelo 3S and diploid siblings. However, ditelotetrasomic 3S plants grew more slowly and had a smaller plant size. Pollen fertility estimates for diploid siblings and monotelo 3S were 98% and 91.9%, respectively, and ditelo 3S was 92.7%. Seed set values were 95.3%, 76.1%, and 57.1% for diploid sibling, monotelo 3S and ditelo 3S, respectively. This showed that ditelo 3S had fairly good pollen fertility, but seed set was rather low.

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