BGN 19: Overall Coordinator's Report

Overall Coordinator's Report

Udda Lundqvist
Svalöf AB, S-268 00
Svalöv, Sweden

Only a limited number of coordinators' reports have been received. I want here to take the opporunity to stress the importance for the barley geneticists that the coordinators should try to give a report every year. For many of us this current information is of great importance and help in genetic investigations in barley.

Recently I received a letter from the Coordinator of Chromosome 4 (Dr. Haus) that he has retired and is not working with barley genetics any more. I call on all barley workers if they know anybody who is working with genes on chromosome 4. It is necessary to find somebody to replace Dr. Haus. I also want to take the opportunity to thank Dr. Haus for all his efforts to keep chromosome 4 up-to-date.

Dr. R.I. Wolfe has requested that he be replaced as Coordinator for Chromosome 2.

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