BGN 19: Coordinator's report: Chromosome 3

Coordinator's report: Chromosome 3

T. Konishi
Research Institute for Bioresources
Okayama University
Kurashiki 710, Japan.

Three loci for esterase isozymes (Est1, Est2, and Est4) are tightly linked as a complex locus (Kahler and Allard, 1970; Nielsen and Frydenberg, 1971a), and located on chromosome 3 (Nieslen and Frydenberg, 1971b). Recently, Konishi and Matsuura (1987) found that Est4 locus is linked with the cu2 locus with a recombination value of 23.8 ± 1.79% and localized at the terminal of the long arm of chromosome 3. The recombination value was estimated to be 25.2 ± 4.08% after recalculation, using F2 and F3 data in the same combination (Konishi and Matsuura, 1990).

Furthermore, a new isozyme locus, Aat3 for aspartate aminotransferase-3, was found to be linked with uz locus with a recombination value of 3.2 ± 0.78%, suggesting that Aat3 locus is located near the centromere of chromosome 3 (Konishi and Matsuura, 1990).

The orientation of 18 loci on chromosome 3 was estimated by a computer program for the maximum likelihood method developed by Jensen and Jørgensen (1975), using data obtained in our institute (see the references in BGN 17:110). The result is indicated in Fig. 1.


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