BGN 19: Coordinator's Report: Trisomic and aneuploid stocks

Coordinator's Report: Trisomic and aneuploid stocks

T. Tsuchiya
Department of Agronomy
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado 80523, U.S.A.

Trisomics and other aneuploids are continuously grown in the greenhouse for increase of seeds and our own experiments.

Fifty seeds of each of seven primary trisomics and eleven telotrisomics in the SE16 background were deposited to the National Seed Storage Laboratory (NSSL), USDA-ARS, Ft. Collins for cryopreservation. One hundred to 200 seeds of each of primary and telosomic trisomics will be deposited to USDA, NSSL for regular storage at -18 °C.

By combining two 8-paired barley lines, 9-paired barley lines were established. From the original 9-paired barley lines which were hybrid condition, several rather uniform lines were isolated. In a year or so we will have several uniform 9-paired barley lines for various tests. Until we establish homozygous lines, seeds are not provided to other workers. When materials are ready, it will be announced in BGN.

IV.11. Translocations and balanced tertiary trisomics.
IV.12. Desynaptic genes.
IV.13. Autotetraploids.
IV.14. Eceriferum genes.
IV.15. Chloroplast genes.
IV.16. Genetic male sterile genes.
IV.17. Inversions.
IV.18. Ear morphology genes.
IV.19. Anthocyanin genes.
IV.20. Haploid genes.

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