BGN 19: Call for manuscripts to BGN Vol. 20, 1990

Call for manuscripts to BGN Vol. 20, 1990

Barley Genetics Newsletter Vol. 20 will be published in the fall of 1990. Manuscripts will be accepted until September 30, 1990.
The contents to be included are as follows:
  1. Special notices
  2. Research notes
  3. Genetic and cytological techniques
  4. Reports from coordinators assigned at the International Barley Genetics Symposium
  5. Current linkage maps
  6. Description of genetic stocks
  7. List of genetic stocks
  8. List of recent publications on barley genetics
  9. Errata
  10. Mailing list
In preparation of manuscripts please read the following rules carefully and follow the instructions.

Rules for Contributions to Barley Genetics Newsletter (BGN)

  1. The information in this Newsletter is of an informal nature to stimulate thought and to exchange ideas among barley geneticists. Before quoting any statements in the BGN, contact the contributor(s) involved with the following exception decided at the Second International Barley Genetics Symposium at Washington State University, Pullman, July 1969.
    "With regard to symbols and stock designations, the Newsletter (BGN) concerned with symbols, stock lists, and linkage maps may be cited without permission..."
  2. Manuscripts should be written -in English and should be brief.

  3. Prepare all linkage maps and/or figures (photos and line drawings) on a separate sheet from the text. This enables the editors to incorporate these items in appropriate places in the BGN. The figures should be prepared in the same way as the manuscript Line drawings and linkage maps should be original, NOT a photocopy.

  4. Typewritten original manuscript and one carbon or photocopy should be sent to the editor. The manuscript should be single spaced with a double space between paragraphs. The manuscript should be typed on white bond paper and follow the general format of previous Newsletters. Keep all typing within left and right hand margins of 3 cm, a top margin of 3 cm and a bottom margin of 2 cm. Do not number pages. Each paper should be prepared separately.

  5. Manuscripts should be prepared carefully and proofread after typing, because the editors do not have responsibility for errors or mistakes, even though editors will correct obvious errors.

  6. A limited number of black and white photographs will be accepted. The photographs should be of good quality. The editorial committee reserves the right to make selection if it is necessary. In order to save cost of reproduction and get better quality, all photos will be reduced for reproduction in the Newsletter. Therefore, please prepare your original picture larger than the size to be printed.

  7. Lined figures: If you would like to keep the original figures, please send a glossy photo of the original to the editor, but NOT a photocopy.

  8. Please give your complete mailing address including the name of the country in all correspondence.

    Send your manuscript before September 30, 1990 to:

    Dr. J. D. Franckowiak
    Crop and Weed Sciences Department
    North Dakota State University
    P. 0. Box 5051
    Fargo, ND 58105-5051
    Telephone: (701) 237-7540
    FAX:(701) 237-7973


    Dr. D. E. Falk
    Department of Crop Science
    University of Guelph
    Guelph, Ontario
    Canada NIG 2W1
    Telephone: (519) 824-4120, Ext. 3579
    FAX: (519) 763-8933

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