BGN 19: An International Network for Barley Genetic Resources

An International Network for Barley Genetic Resources

An international barley working session was convened by the International Board for Plant Genetic Resources (IBPGR) to strengthen collaboration between the important barley collections of the world and to explore strategies for building up of an international barley genetic resources network. The meeting was held at the Zentralinstitut fur Genetik und Kulturpflanzenforschung (ZIGuK), Gatersleben, German Democratic Republic on Friday, 21 April 1989 and representatives of Plant Gene Resources of Canada, ZIGuK (which is the European Barley Data Base), the Barley Germplasm Centre of Okayama University, the Nordic Gene Bank, and the USDA barley collection attended.

Members recommended a strategy for the complete exchange of passport data between the major world data bases (European barley data base, US and Canadian data bases, Barley Germplasm Centre of Japan, and ICARDA) which should be effective by January 1992. Members also supported a pilot project for the establishment of a barley core collection across European collections and they have proposed preliminary action for the establishment of an international data base for genes. A call was launched for more coordination on restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) studies of the barley genome.

To create a truly international barley network, regional meetings for barley genetic resources will have to be organized which should culminate in the convening of an International Workshop for Barley Genetic Resources just before or after the next International Barley Symposium (July 1991). The working session formed an Interim Committee, chaired by Dr. Chr. Lehmann from ZIGuK, which will seek funds from potential donors for the realization of their plans of action. The Interim Committee has asked IBPGR assistance until the convening of this International Workshop. The report of this meeting will be published by IBPGR and will be distributed by September 1989.

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Mr. P. M. Perret
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