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Vol. 2

T. E. Haus, Colorado
R. T. Ramage, Arizona
T. Tsuchiya, Colorado

Department of Agronomy
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521, U.S.A.

April 10, 1972

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The Barley Genetics Newsletter appears to be successfully launched. The quality of the contribution to Volume 1 ensured its favorable reception. Contributions to Volume 2 are even more impressive. For this, the Editorial Committee expresses its gratitude to the various contributors.

Suggestions for improvement of the Barley Genetics Newsletter will again be appreciated. It is our concept that the Barley Genetics Newsletter should be kept as informal as possible. Its primary funtion should be to serve as a forum for expression of ideas and information before they are ready for publication in formal journals. We again solicit submission of communications concerning barley genetics to the Barley Genetics Newsletter.

The information in this Newsletter is of an informal nature to stimulate thought and to exchange ideas among barley geneticists. Before quoting any statements in the BGN, contact the contributor(s) involved, with the following exception decided at the Second International Barley Genetics Symposium at Washington State University, Pullman, July 1969:

"With regard to symbols and stock designations, the Newsletter (BGN) concerned with symbols, stock lists, and linkage maps may be cited without permission".

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Financial support for publication and distribution of this issue of Barley Genetics Newsletter by the following agencies are greatly appreciated.
1. National Science Foundation Research Grant GB 30493 for "Maintenance of Barley Genetic Stock Center" to T. Tsuchiya, Department of Agronomy, Colorado State University, Colorado, United States of America.

2. Financial support from Europe was arranged by:
Drs. G. Fischbeck and H. Gaul (Germany)
Drs. A. Gustafsson and A Hagberg (Sweden)
Drs. J. Sandfaer and D. von Wettstein (Denmark)

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Historical linkage map of chromosome 2 in barley is reproduced from the original map prepared by D. W. Robertson (Robertson, D. W. 1939, Genetics of barley. Jour. Am. Soc. Agron. 31:273-282). Because of insufficient data available at that time, three maps were prepared.

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