BGN 2: New symbols alloted and revision of previous symbols BARLEY GENETICS NEWSLETTER, VOL. 2, IV. REPORTS FROM COORDINATORS
Tsuchiya, pp. 156-162

IV.11. New symbols alloted and revision of previous symbols.

T. Tsuchiya, Department of Agronomy, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521, U.S.A.

This report includes two items; (1) New symbols alloted, and (2) Revision of previous symbols. Included are only recent results. There may be some missing results and/or mistakes in citation. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

We have noticed many mistakes in the previous summaries and reviews. These will be included in the next issues. We would like to make as many corrections as possible. If readers noticed any mistakes or strange descriptions please prepare a note and send it to T. Tsuchiya, Colorado State University. They will be compiled and published in Barley Genetics Newsletter.

1. New gene symbols allotted.

Table 1 is the list of new gene symbols alloted to new mutants since the last summary by Robertson (11).

2. Revision of previous symbols.

Since the last summary (Robertson, 1971), allelism tests showed that several genes having designated symbols found to be allelic to other genes. Several new mutants have also found to be allelic to previously designated genes. Table 2 is the list of these cases.

Table 1. List of new gene symbols allotted to barley characters since 1969

Table 1. (continued). (p. 158)

Table 1. (continued). (p. 159)

Table 2. List of genes allelic to previously established other genes.

Table 2. (continued). (p. 161)


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