BGN 2: Translocations and genetic analysis of other mutants BARLEY GENETICS NEWSLETTER, VOL. 2, II. RESEARCH NOTES
Hauser and Fischbeck, pp. 28-29

II.5. Translocations and genetic analysis of other mutants.

H. Hauser and G. Fischbeck. Technische Universität München, Institut fur Pflanzenbau und Pflanzenzüchtung, 8050 Freising-Weihenstephan, Deutschland.

The collection of reciprocal translocations isolated from the varieties Donaria and Proctor has been increased to the following stage:

From Proctor 3 multiple translocations have been analyzed including chromosomes T 2-3-4-7, T 2-3-6, T 3-5-7.

From the variety Inis 41 translocation lines were selected after x-ray treatment.

The chromosomes involved in 3 recessive mutants were determined by crossing with the all arm tester set of A. Hagberg.

3025/64 small black flecking on the leaves (variety Proctor) localized on chromosome 3, close to the centromere.

2235/64 small kernel, grass like appearance, high tillering (variety Proctor) localized on chromosome 2 (close to T 2-5 d).

1025/64 small kernel, short straw, high tillering (variety Donaria) localized on chromosome 3 (probably s).

Localizations of some other mutants for leaf-flecking and different kernel size will be completed in 1972.

Close phenotypic similarity of some recessive mutants gave rise to crosses with certain marker genes and were proved to be allelic:

Mut 3447/64 (parent variety Proctor) allelic to locus e on chromosome 2

Mut 1969/61 (parent variety Proctor) allelic to locus trd on chromosome 5

Mut 2100/61 (parent variety Proctor) allelic to locus lax-a on chromosome 7

Mut 966/61 (parent variety Proctor) allelic to locus al on chromosome 3.

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