BGN 2: Induced mutation variability of spring barley hybrids and their parents BARLEY GENETICS NEWSLETTER, VOL. 2, II. RESEARCH NOTES
Manzyuk and Kozachenko, pp. 46-47

II.14. Induced mutation variability of spring barley hybrids and their parents.

Y. T. Manzyuk and M. R. Kozachenko. Ukrainian Institute of Plant Industry, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Kharkov, U.S.S.R.

A comparative study of mutability induced by gamma-irradiation of three simple hybrids of filmy spring two-rowed barley and their parents was carried out (Kozachenko, 1971, in press; Manzyuk and Kozachenko 1972, in press).

The air-dry hybrid seeds obtained in the year of crossing and seeds of the parental cultivars were treated with 10 kr of Co60 gamma-rays. Various morphological, physiological, pigmentary and open-flowering mutations in F2M2 and in M2 were obtained.

The role of hybridization in increasing the level of mutability in barley was shown in this study. The total mutability and frequency of majority groups of mutations after irradiation treatment were higher in hybrids as compared with their parents. The most objective method of mutation frequency estimation seemed to be estimation of number of mutations per 100 M2 families and per 100 M1 plant progenies. 14.14 mutations per 100 M1 plant progenies were induced in the cross Kombainer x Medicum 52-84 (7.04 and 9.79 in the parents, respectively), 23 99 in cross Kharkovsky 306 x Iljinezky 43 (17.90 and 11.36 in the parents), 13.95 - in the cross Yubileiny x Yuzny (9.23 and 10.67 in the parents). Different total mutabilities of investigated barley cultivars were observed irrespective of the methods of their development. Various forms had different spectra of mutations. The definite relations between frequencies of various mutation groups were not found. Therefore, the efficiency of either method of mutagenesis is to be determined directly by the frequencies of a definite group of induced mutations.


Kozachenko, M. R., 1971. Mutation variability of barley hybrids and cultivars induced by gamma-rays. "Experimentalny mutazii ta selekzija roslyn". Kyiv, U.S.S.R. (in press).

Manzyuk, V. T. and Kozachenko, M. R., 1972. Induced mutability of different barley hybrids and their parental cultivars. "Voprosy genetiki, selekzii, semenovodstva, selekzii i genetiki, 10. Kharkov, U.S.S.R. (In press).

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