BGN 2: Combination of mutation variability with hybridization in heterozygous hybrids of barley BARLEY GENETICS NEWSLETTER, VOL. 2, II. RESEARCH NOTES
Manzyuk and Kozachenko, pp. 47-48

II.15. Combination of mutation variability with hybridization in heterozygous hybrids of barley.

V. T. Manzyuk and M. R. Kozachenko. Ukrainian Institute of Plant Industry, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Kharkov, U,S.S.R.

Some problems concerning the combination of hybridization with mutagenesis were investigated (Manzyuk and Kozachenko 1971; Kozachenko 1971, in press).

Directed reaction in F1M1 and F2M2 to presowing irradiation of hybrid seeds obtained in the year of crossing were not observed. Radiation induced diverse mutations in M2. Splitting among mutant progenies of heterozygous hybrids was observed. Therefore, selection in the mutant progenies and in splitting mutant families of hybrids must be carried out for several generations. Combination of mutation variability with hybridization makes it possible to increase the diversity of forms in hybrid populations; it may be one of perspective method of obtaining the initial material for plant breeding. The various forms of plants having definite mutant characters appeared in the following generations after selection of mutants. However, splitting for induced mutant characters was not observed in mutant progenies obtained from both hybrids and constant cultivars.

A series of valuable immutable lines was selected from both control hybrids and irradiated ones. This enables us to combine hybridization and mutation in plant breeding.


Kozachenko, M. R. 1971. Mutation variability of barley hybrids and cultivars induced by gamma-rays "Experimentalny mutazii ta selekzija roslyn''. Kyiv, U.S.S R. (In press).

Manzyuk, V. T. and Kozachenko, M. R. 1971. The use of hybridization and mutation variabilities of spring barley. "Genetika i selekzija na ukraine". Materialy II sjezda genetikov i selekzionerov Ukrainy. Kiev, U.S.S.R.

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